Top 10 Hottest Footballers in the World

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Football (or soccer) is probably the one and the only sport that is loved by boys and girls alike. Boys, of course, watch it for the teams, the play, the skills and every other paraphernalia that comes along with a sport. But girls, on the other hand, enjoy this sport just as much as the guys and the one reason for that is the hot footballer. It will be wrong in stereotyping and saying that every girl watches it just for the footballer and not as a sport itself and wrong to say that boys watch it only for sports. Girls too like to watch and play football but that fact that the sport has produced so many hot and sexy players is just an added advantage. Today, almost all countries share their love for this sport and so footballers come from every and any country in the world. But the European and South American countries have a stronghold over this sport. The boys in these countries can start football training from a very young age if they want to take it up professionally and thus, by the time they are 16, they are accepted into big clubs. Due to the training, even at a young age, the players have to work hard to maintain their skill, speed, technique and physique. And we are absolutely not complaining about it! Everyone’s opinion on the hottest player can vary but generally, some football players are just a league above. So here is a list of the top 10 hottest footballers-

10. Sebastian Larsson


Coming from a cold Scandinavian country? Must be pale! But oh no, not this player. Sebastian Larsson is a football player hailing from the cold country of Sweden. He is 28 years old and currently plays for the team Sunderland in the English Premier League and for the national team of Sweden. He is what one can call, a perfect Scandinavian guy with blond hair and deep blue eyes. He has played for the teams of Arsenal and Birmingham City in the past. He plays the right winger position. Although he isn’t a very famous player, he stole our heart the minute we saw him.

9. Yoann Gourcuff


Young, tall, handsome and French – what else does one need? Yoann Gourcuff is a 27 year old French footballer from Brittany, France. Sports run in his family as his mother, father and elder brother have all been associated with some or the other form of sport. He currently plays for the team Olympique Lyonnais in Ligue 1. His beauty is not very typical as he has some seriously curly black locks and dark brown eyes to go with them and a smile that could melt hearts! He is a very promising player with many trophies in his bag including the Player of the Year in France in the year 2009.

8. Mario Gomez


German footballer Mario Gomez is handsome not only because he looks handsome but because his charming personality adds a certain amount of hotness to his beauty. This 28 year old player comes from a Spanish family that lives in southwest Germany. He has played for the German giant Bayern Munich and currently plays for Fiorentina. One reason why Gomez is loved by many people is that he is very outspoken about social issues like homosexuality in football players etc. His Spanish-German looks have given him the perfect combination of hot and haute!

7. Adnan Janujaz


Cheekbones that can be seen from the moon is what we think is Adnan Janujaz’s best feature. This young player from Brussels, Belgium, is only 18 years old and is already making big news. After impressing the scouts in Brussels, the English giant Manchester United signed this young fellow in 2011. He presently plays as an attacking midfielder in the club. His young age gives him a certain cute factor which is missing in the older, hotter players. He is one player that everyone must look out for as he is fast zooming ahead on the highway of success.

6. Ricardo Kaka


The smoldering hot Brazilian Ricardo Kaka seems to just get hotter and better with age. Coming from Gama in Brazil, Ricardo showed keen interest and skills in football from a very young age and at 19, he was playing for the Sao Paolo team. He currently plays for the Italian team AC Milan and has always played for Real Madrid in the past. He siffered a life threatening accident when he was young but he came out of it and he believes it is the blessings of god that saved him and so he gives tithe to church every year. Even at the age of 31, he plays with as much passion and skill as he did at 19 and that is something which makes him all the more attractive.

5. Lionel Messi


Hailing from Argentina, the young Lionel Messi is probably loved more by Barcelona. He moved to Spain, leaving his home country behind at a tender age of 11 to train at the youth center of FC Barcelona. His talents gained him quick success and fame and today he is said to be one of the best footballers of his generation. Short in stature, he makes up for it by being immensely talented and cute! Messi plays for FC Barcelona and for the Argentinean national team. He has won many awards in the span of his career and by the looks of it today, he is still to win many more.

4. David Villa


There is something about Spanish men that make then extremely hot, David Villa, being no exception. The 32 year old Spaniard is a heart-throb all over the world. He is from Asturias, Spain and currently plays for Atletico Madrid. In the past, he has also played for Barcelona. The goatee, the spiked hair and the angry young man look go so well for David Villa that he is often named as one of the hottest players of the world.  He is lovingly called El Guaje in Spain, which means The Kid. But this kid is kid no more as he has taken the world by storm with his good skills and looks.

3. Iker Casillas


As we were saying about Spanish men being as hot as the Spanish summer, we have another example to prove it- Iker Casillas. Born in Madrid, he has shown his utmost love and devotion to his city by playing only and only for Real Madrid his entire life. He is the goal-keeper of Real Madrid and Spain and a very skilled one and has won the teams many matches. Our love for Iker Casillas shot up especially after watching him kiss his girlfriend Sara Carbonera, a journalist who was reporting the Spanish winning the FIFA World Cup. Our hearts went aww and Casillas became all the more hot!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo


There isn’t a soul who knows football but doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer who is known all around the world today due to his excellent skills, technique, speed, physique and looks. An overall win, one can say. Coming from Madeira, Portugal, Ronaldo started his football career at the age of 8. By the age of 18 he was already playing and becoming the star of Manchester United. Presently, he plays at Real Madrid, which was his dream team. Massive amounts of hard work and dedication is what goes into the making of Ronaldo as we see him. Strict diets, workouts and schedules later, we see the hot Ronaldo that we all drool over.

1. David Beckham


Call us old, but no one can match the amount of charm, beauty, hotness and sensuality Beckie got into football. The English footballer who is now 38 years old has aged like fine wine. He has played in all the big clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, Paris Saint Germain and LA Galaxy. Blessed with good looks and amazing skills, Beckham became the most loved footballer of his time and still is. His hard work is definitely one thing worth praising. Happily married to Victoria Beckham, he is now a father of 4. And for us, with that charming smile of his, David Beckham is the hottest football player.


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