Top 10 Lessons our First Love teaches us

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We all have experienced that feeling… of first love, that amazing and memorable feeling, which we will never be able to forget, till our last breath. Because, we never were that person, until we fell in love for that first time. We become something new, while experiencing that sweet feeling. One thing is absolutely correct; our first love would surely be the reason for our changing in some way or the other. We suddenly start thinking of someone other than us, we start dreaming even in the morning, our priorities change, we imagine ourselves in all romantic songs and just blush!! Those sweet memories, that first feeling, that first realization of love, that first love proposal and acceptance, they are all the best part of everyone’s life. Whether you are together now, or you broke-up with your first love, you will never be able to forget those experiences and you will feel them sweet when-ever you recollect them. We learn many things from our first experience in our first love and through our first love. But there are 10 lessons which we learn in any case, they are….

10. Some learn to get over

learn to get over

This is possible only for the people who broke up with their first boy-friend/girlfriend.  I feel that people feel and get hurt very deeply only for their first break-up, after that intensive sadness and depression; they tend to become strong and even if they face a similar situation in future, will never break down as the first time. As we know that people learn from experiences, we become harder when we experience that heart break and in the process of forgetting that person or the bad memory, we will become tough and generally become stable also, we will never take a chance again to fall for someone so easily .so we can say that our first love teaches us  how to be stable, patient and makes us strong.

 9. We get to know our faults!

As I have narrated above, it is true that whatever we are to our partners, we learn from them step by step, and that learning process is initiated when we are with our first love. we also know that everything won’t be the same, like we expected it and gradually in the process we point out their faults and learn our faults. If we dare to accept our faults and change ourselves then we are with them happy, forever! But, if we cannot, then, we split-up… So, we get to know ourselves better in our first relationship.

So we get to know what our negative traits are and maybe alter ourselves!

8. You will learn that you are and should be your fist preference!

Hmm. This must be a well-known fact for every one of us. In the initial stage, when we first fall for someone and at-last succeed in our first love, we will dedicate our time completely to them. We think of them, do whatever is approved by them, we don’t want to hurt them… and the list continues….. At some point of time we realize….and blame them for our position as of now! We say, YOU ARE THE REASON FOR MY SACRIFICING SO AND SO!!! WAIT GUYS, have you ever said it?  I guess yes!! So, if you would not have tried to impress them in the first place and would have done what you love to do and asked them to be like what they wanted to be, would this kind of situation arise? I don’t think so.  So, this major and most important lesson is what our first love teaches us.

That person, reminds us of our priorities, our interests and what all we have forgotten in the process of falling in love. So, I understood one point , process of falling in love for the first time mesmerizes us  and we forget our interests and focus on our love, but as the time passes, we want to be what we actually are, not what we have become in the process of impressing someone.


 7. We learn to concentrate on our career!

Being in love for the first time is amazing, we forget time, we forget our responsibilities, we are just in that magical world of love,, with our partners.. Human tendency is, once we get something we like, that thing loses its importance in our life, maybe we need a critical situation where we again realize its importance and along with that, set our priorities. This process is initiated when we have gone deep in love with someone and finally realize that we have forgotten the world and our basic responsibilities. We blame that someone for this and then, sometimes we even loose that person. Some maturity is essential for us to understand our priorities and even to know that we shouldn’t blame someone who love us so much for our faults. Forgetting responsibilities is our fault and , not setting the priorities and not being clear about our objectives and letting our partner know about it is also our fault… see, we get to know many things in the process of being in love for the first time.

If we realize our priorities and explain them to our boyfriend or girlfriend , our career interests would not be hindered and along with that our love will also support us… so agree that first love teaches us something more than just love?

 6. Do not expect from your loved ones!

Yes, we generally expect so much from our  partners. We might truly be in love, and, out of love get too possessive and impose certain conditions on them. But that is not how you show your love!!! So, when will we learn this? When we are crazy about someone and out of this world that is when we fall in love for the first time. All these are the lessons we learn from our first experience and first love is the only source. If you learn these and are strong about your love, you stay together forever.

Do not expect too much from them and turn out to be a rule book for them. They may be true in love, but our obsession might irritate them and you know that too much of anything can be injurious!!!


 5.  How to trust


Love is trust and deep trust is love. So, if we cannot trust a person, that means we are not in love with that person. Instead, we are just attracted to that person. Trust completes love. We find that person as our substitute. No secretes, no apologies, no need to express our desires… everything is understood just looking into the eyes of that person or when that special one looks into our eyes. That is love. Trust is the reason for love…This is the most important feeling we should realize and experience, and the only way to know this is to love someone unconditionally and truly.

 4. We learn to express ourselves better

After sometime, we realize that when we don’t like a thing we should say it, when you feel something is wrong, express that feeling, and don’t over analyze issues. This is a very important lesson, because ego clashes and communication gap would put us in a situation, where we completely become unfamiliar to a person and we lose our love.

Being in magic for a while, would land us in a different world, wherein, we, after losing that spell, may sometimes criticize our partners  . So, just learn to express your opinions prior and that too in a polite way, not in a sarcastic way which would hurt the other person.

Respect the opinions of the other person also, isn’t it an important tip for success in relations? How would you know? only when you experience these situations!

So, we learn that listening, talking and having patience are very important.

 3. Is it love ?

Yes, we definitely get to know what love is. Especially, what true love is? What is the difference between attraction and love? How does it feel when you are in infatuation, is it like the feeling of love or is it something different? So, our first love develops an instinct in us which would signal us and guide us about love and infatuation.

You value the person you love lot more than your first crush. You can do anything and everything just to see your love and be loved by your love. These are mere words. But when do you get to know the reality of these words? Only when you love someone, only when you are loved by someone.

 2. What kind of a person do you need as your partner?

So, we know that we all have certain imaginations about our dream partner. But when we fall in love, we forget to tally those qualities we have formulated with this person. New qualities replace our previous list. We get an idea about what we are and what kind of person suites us.

So, we get to know ourselves better. Isn’t it awesome? Being with your first love explains you many things and also changes you in many ways. That person influences you a lot.

That mere relation, clears our misconceptions about love, gives an idea about our personality, and pulls out new qualities hidden in us….

So, if at all you breakup, you have a clear idea as to what kind of a person you need and our previous experiences will not let us fall for any other so easily.

 1.  How to love

Till then , we have never experienced our heart racing so much, our life prioritizing someone else this much, our mind being mesmerized in their thoughts , our eyes searching for them, and the list goes on…So how did we get to know this is love? How can we feel these things happen?… this is all because of that single person, who taught us how to love…who made us know the definition of love and made our life beautiful and different.. We felt this feeling of love for the first time because of that person…..

So we can say that First love makes us mature, lands us in new situations and sometimes we realize many things … That first love influences us in many ways and we get to know ourselves better….

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