Top 10 Lies Kids Tell their Parents

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Just like their adult counterparts, children sometimes lie too. When your survival is at stake, honesty is not always the best policy. We have all tried to wriggle out of a tight spot with the help of a lie, something that begins right from childhood. Here are some of the most frequently told lies by kids of all age groups, from little white lies to maybe some bigger ones, depending on how big the trouble they are in is-

10- ‘Yes, I’ve brushed my teeth’


This is such a common lie, I’m sure all of us have said this one sentence (untruthfully) at some point or the other. Except, of course, for those of us who are true hygiene freaks. A common white lie that most kids and even teenagers tell their parents, brushing teeth definitely deserves a spot on this list. Sometimes we lie about having brushed our teeth because we were too lazy, sometimes because we were running late, or sometimes simply because the water was too cold. If you are planning on using this white lie on your parents, make sure you at least chew a strip of chewing gum for the sake of those around you.

9- ‘I have taken my bath’


Very similar to the previous point, and spoken for similar reasons too. This lie is most common during winters when taking a bath in the mornings is next to impossible. If you come from the kind of family which follows a strict ‘no bath-no breakfast’ policy, this lie would have been your only recourse. Generations of kids have perfected the art of lying about taking a bath, they have learned how to enter the bathroom and turn the shower on so that it sounds like they’re having a bath, how to take a sponge bath to divert suspicion etc etc. General life advice- please spray on some deo if you plan on heading out without taking a bath.

8- ‘I’m done with my homework’


A favorite of younger kids and preteens of the age where parents are still overly concerned about the studies of their children and schools believe that homework helps build character. Let’s be honest here, for a second- doing homework is a total drag. Nobody wants to spend seven hours in school solving math problems and then come back home and solve more math problems. This is the biggest reason why most kids lie about having completed their homework. For the most part, kids quickly complete the written portion of their homework and completely ignore the ‘learning’ part before they run out to play. It is a truth universally acknowledged that ‘read pages x to y’ and learn this or that poem means No Homework.

7- ‘But everyone scored low on this test. Everyone in the class’


Remember those days when you had to get each test signed by your parents? Remember how nervous you felt when you got a four or a five out of ten (or worse)? Yes, it was this very fear which prompted most students to use the line ‘I  wasn’t the only one who did not do well.’ Variations of this lie include ‘but the marking was very strict’ and ‘they asked questions not covered in the class.’ Collective blame on the teacher, examiner and the world in general to avoid being punished by parents has been done since tests were invented, and will continue to be done till tests continue ruining the happy childhood of previously truthful students.

6- ‘He started the fight’


A common sentence heard in the playgrounds, in school, at home with siblings and pretty much everywhere else where you put two or more kids together. If every kid says this (and every kid does), it is only logical to assume that half the kids are lying through their teeth. The reasons for speaking this lie are simple- to avoid punishment and live up to the ideal that fighting is bad. It has been instilled in us right from the very beginning that physical fighting is wrong and will land us in hell if we engage in it. So it is but natural that kids use this little white lie to worm their way out of punishments.

5- ‘I attended my coaching classes’


So most kids take coaching for some subject or the other after school, right? Parents know that, they pay for these classes. But what most parents don’t know is that most kids occasionally bunk some of these classes and chill with their friends. Who wants to attend seven hours of school and then attend More classes? Not a lot of students, let me tell you that. So it is only natural that every once in a while, one will want to forget about calculus and while away time in some shady café with a bottle of coke. But that is not something a lot of parents understand, so we are forced to resort to lying about having attended classes when in reality we were off doing something totally unproductive but relaxing.

4- ‘I didn’t do it’


I did not break the vase. I did not smear lipstick all over the couch. I did not eat up all the chocolates. I did not answer back to the teacher. I did not punch him. I did not cheat in the test. I did not this, I did not that. You get the gist. ALL kids have lied, at some point or the other, about not having made some minor mistake, not having been responsible for some misdemeanor or the other. I did not do it is the lie that perhaps encompasses in itself a lot of other lies.

3- ‘There won’t be any boys at the party’


In a lot of conservative societies, mixing between people of the opposite sexes is frowned upon. Extremely silly, I know, but the gender distinction social mixing exists. It is especially true where girls are concerned. In a lot of sheltered households, the interaction that girls have with members of the other sex is strictly limited to school (that is, if the girls do not attend all-girls schools) It is in such societies that girls have to lie about interacting with guys, or vice versa. Attending gatherings where there might be mixing of guys and girls is not very easy for everybody in orthodox households. So the result is kids lying about who they are going out for a movie with and who is dropping them home, simply to avoid raised eyebrows in the family.

2- ‘I have never smoked’


As we grow up, our lies grow with us. We learn how to hide stuff we don’t want our parents to know. We learn how to lie blatantly when confronted with proof of our misdemeanors. Smoking is one such misdemeanor or transgressive social behavior. Good kids are not supposed to smoke. Most kids, however, have tried a cigarette at some point in their lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are chain smokers, just that they have taken a drag of a friend’s cigarette simply to see what it felt like.

1- ‘I have never touched alcohol’


Like smoking before it, most college going kids have sipped alcohol, if only to see what they taste like. That they tell their parents something else is a different story. A lot of students prefer not telling their parents that they have experimented with alcohol in college, or even that they have tasted cocktails. After all, parents don’t need to know everything. Alcohol thus forms one of the most frequently told lies by kids.

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