Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World

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Despite the recurring economic recessions, some facilities and amenities still enjoy a large share when one has the money to splurge; there are unlimited possibilities that literally shoot beyond the sky. Initially, an aircraft was only a means of transport and acted as a carrier that took an individual from location a to location .However, now they are not only means of transport but also of luxury and indulgence. Basic amenities are not enough to satisfy passengers and every arena such as Entertainment, food, drinks, leisure and relaxation has to be carefully delved into .Airline companies have gone that extra mile by bringing in innovation in terms of facilities and services provided within the aircraft. Nowadays multiple international airlines are competing with each other through their first class and business class to gain a competitive advantage over the other. Choosing to travel by air, by business or first class is a luxury which simply has to be undertaken when embarking on a trip of a lifetime. Here are the top 10 luxurious aircrafts in the world

10. Air New Zealand

air nz

Air New Zealand is an airline company that is continuously committed towards constantly improving its service and amenities and in turn enhancing their quality. You can see them constantly making endeavors to progress by coming up with new classes of service, more routes and new destinations along with a tantalizing and unique cuisine. It isn’t a surprising that this airline has always had a top ranking when it comes to travel experience and satisfaction. The fact that they pay attention to every detail doesn’t fail to impress. Their “cuddle class” is a class that consists of a row of three seats that can convert to a bed. Its innovative One-up feature allows you to bid for an upgrade, a week before you actually take a flight and thus avoid paying for the luxury that you enjoy

 9. Jet airways

 jet airways

This is the only Indian flight that has managed to make it to a list of luxurious airlines. However you can bask in their luxury only in the elite class private cabins which offers around 26 sq feet of space for the comfort and convenience of passengers. Their gourmet cuisine and fine variety of champagnes make passengers forget the fact that they are travelling. Some other features of the airlines include 23-inch TV set which provides you with a plethora of over 200 hours of movies and programs to choose from. The suites also enable passengers to extend their seat to a 7-foot long bed for further relaxation and rest.

8. Swiss Air


Apart from ultimate pampering and lavish atmosphere, Swiss has always had a reputation for their courtesy and efficiency. It’s no surprise that many have described this airline as similar to having a ”bed above the clouds” because of its extremely flexible seats that allow passengers to adjust the seat according to personal preference for e.g. – one may choose to convert his bed from a soft and impressionable water-bed like texture to a firm and steady one. Another interesting aspect of this airline is that they are equipped with cameras that enable you to watch the world in front of the aircraft as well as below it. Even their foot rests have inbuilt multi-speed foot massagers so that passengers can relax while they are reading or watching shows on the well-equipped multimedia system. Also the in-flight Menus are created by incorporating cuisines from various regions of the country and the offerings are specially made at the Haus Hiltl in Zurich.

7. Virgin Atlantic


Virgin manages to live up to its name of customer delight even through its airlines. They will leave no stone unturned to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.  They pamper you till you please through their roomy beds and also come up with a “Snooze Zone” that creates a soft sleeping atmosphere by turning down the light to dim and reduce distractions. Its top notch service is pretty evident through their in-flight internet, mood-lit cabins, leather seats, power outlets, and a video touch-screen. Apart from the above they also provide you with customized menus and a plethora of entertainment options.

 6. Thai Airways


This airline is bound to treat you king-size and you can take back an unforgettable royal first Class experience. Along with their super comfy reclining flatbed attached with all the personal amenities that you would require during the duration of the flight. The friendliness and courteousness of the staff is impeccable and you will be amazed with the amount of Personal attention that you will get from boarding the flight till you disembark it. This airline boasts of the widest seats in comparison to all the other airlines by providing a staggering 10.6” personal TV screen. The in-flight entertainment caters to every individuals needs and likes by showcasing a well kempt library of over 100 movies, 150 TV programs, 500 music albums, 16 channels and 60 games. Along with this it also provides internet access, and cellular connectivity to ensure that passengers don’t feel isolated from other people while they are flying

5. EOS Airlines


Although these airlines may not be as famous as the other ones on this list, it’s definitely worth a mention. Although it has a low capacity of around 50 people, it manages to provide each of the passenger with around 21 sq feet of space to his/her own. Satisfaction and delight is guaranteed with a money payback policy on dissatisfaction or complaints. Although it hasn’t been running very well, they managed to incorporate the look and feel of a 5 star hotel into an airplane. Each of the private area includes two retractable tables, lumbar pillows, power outlet for your entertainment and other needs, a guest seat and a high surrounding wall to provide ultimate privacy to passengers. Apart from reaching your destination you can also relax, work, dine or sleep. Additionally, they serve a five-course gourmet meal to add to all their luxurious services

 4. British Airways


With luxurious king size beds and a renowned spa, travelling has never been so relaxing. British Airways leaves no stone unturned when it comes to pampering you and providing you with luxurious rest even when you’re miles above land. The cabins for first class passengers are almost a private room wherein passengers can work, play, eat, relax and sleep. A Rolls-Royce aircraft engine is one of the highlights of this flight and takes them a level higher up. Their first-class “demi cabins” enable you to use them as a multi functioning space for work, entertainment, dining and rest.

3. Emirates


Privacy in a plane is now possible when you’re flying with Emirates. Their private cabin not only gives you your own personal space within an airline but also equips it with a private dressing room and shower. For entertainment, you’re spoilt with a variety of over 500 channels for your viewing. Emirates always make their passengers feel like a million dollars. Providing quality rest and relaxation seems like their priority after they came up with a unique feature of providing quiet cabins. It has crossed boundaries of excellence in terms of in-flight cuisine, in-flight entertainment, and excellent overall service. This airline also provides 2 separate washrooms to passengers travelling in first class and access to services like private shower, Jacuzzi, massages etc. It is also a public buzz that Emirates is soon to announce hookah and shisha lounges for first class passengers

2. Qatar airways


Providing you with an in-flight menu filled with lavish options such as foie grass, caviar etc, and your taste buds is not the only ones who are going to be pleased. Not only will you feel satiated with the 10 course meal but also enjoy deep tissue massages, facials, and Jacuzzi sessions. They also make their passengers feel connected with family, friends or loved ones by providing texting and internet browsing services. Their amenity kits are also specially designed by Prada. However the pampering isn’t limited just within the airline. Qatar Airways provides a BMW limousine service for passengers before arrival or at departure terminals apart from providing them with a more than comfortable, entertaining and well serviced waiting lounge.

1. Singapore airlines


Within the Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines, you will find yourself at the epitome of indulgence. With sleeping beds linen , a sleeper suit, bedroom slippers and bedding exclusively designed by  the esteemed designer Givenchy, you know that Singapore airlines offers the finest of the finest. Even all your meals are exclusively served on tableware that has also been designed by Givenchy. For the 17th year in a row—ever since T+L inaugurated the World’s Best Awards—Singapore Airlines has been readers’ overall favorite. This year, the airline came out on top in every category: cabin comfort, food, in-flight service, customer service, and value.

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