Top 10 Major effects of Divorce on Children

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Divorce is the separation of a married couple due to any unavoidable circumstances. It leads to an independent life on the part of both the husband and the wife. People resort to divorce when they realize that things don’t seem to be working out anymore, also when it gets tough to avoid the repetitive arguments. Well it is like a normal decision for them but they do not realize the after effects of it upon their children. Children are most severely touched by such issues. They are the ones who are separated from both of their parents. Either they stay with the mom or the dad. Children who see their parents going through a divorce may have been affected by it up to a great extent. Here follows a list of some major effects of divorce upon children.

10.Missing out on one parent


Children whose parents have been divorced stay with either of the parents. Well we all know how necessary parents in our lives are. And it is also true that both of the parents have their own independent roles. They can’t replace each other. Being brought up by a single parent makes the child miss out on one of the parents. The child either lacks love of the mom or the dad. Looking at the other children they start missing their own parents and feel emptiness in life.

9. Poor performance in academics


Sometimes the child is affected by the divorce to such a great extent that it leaves them devastated. They don’t seem to concentrate on anything and specially their career. This situation leaves the child in a perplexed state. They are mentally tortured and avoid engrossing themselves in anything productive. They spend days mourning over this issue. This being unusual for them they do not know how to deal with it. They behave in an unusual manner.

8.They avoid being social


Divorce is not a common issue. Not everybody’s parents get divorced. Realizing this fact children start feeling they are the odd one out. When they see their friends with both the parents they start realizing what they are missing in life. This fact curbs them from trying to be social. They mostly turn out to be introverts. They avoid social situations as they don’t feel comfortable in them. Being asked about parents hurts them all the more. This can lead to loneliness. They even end up not making many friends. Feeling the only odd one’s out they may stick to themselves only. They become less expressive too.

7. Not adapting to changes


After the divorce either the husband or the wife moves out. In case children have to move out with them too this leads to another problem for them. Having moved out they have to adapt to a whole new place, new school, new friends. Children being young don’t seem to adapt well to these changes. They seem to miss out on their old life. A whole new environment all of a sudden affects their mental state. They seem to be lost all of the time. It’s a hardship for them to adapt well to these things.

6. Emotionally sensitive


Once you have seen your own parents getting separated it leaves you disheartened. Children become emotionally sensitive. Such a situation moulds their mind in a way that even smallest of issues affect them to a great extent. They seem to fear abandonment. They may even stop trusting their own parents. especially do not be openly critical of the other parent. This may affect them all the more severely. Having to start with a new way of life gets them stressed out. Their emotional build up takes some time to recover after such things.

5. Belief in marriage fades away


When children see the result of marriage into a divorce their own belief in marriage fades away. The never ending arguments or the behavior of their parents leads them to believe that marriage is not a right step in life. They prefer staying independent and ultimately they take the decision of never getting married themselves. Having seen the consequences of marriage makes them hard hear ted towards marriage and they never seem to accept it. They take it as an unnecessary ritual of the society and turn a blind eye towards marriage.

. 4. Hatred towards parents


When children experience the different changes they have to go through after divorce they start feeling disturbed and feel hatred towards their parents. A single decision on their part makes the children believe that their parents don’t love them and they are just a burden. This changes the relationship between parents and the children. No matter how hard you try explaining anything to the children they stick to their own thoughts. They even keep silent about their feelings but genuinely never show love towards the parents.

3. Leaves the child astray


It really is difficult for a single parent to manage a child alone. Children at their growing age need a proper routine. Both the parents are required for this purpose. As a single parent is unable to look after the children they go astray in life. They take their own decisions. They do whatever they feel like. They are seen to go more into negative things like drugs too. As no one is there to stop them they are free to do whatever they want. On the other hand the parent does not know how to manage a child all alone. This leads to the children becoming spoiled. The life of the child is ruined.

2. Reduction in standard of living


Often divorce results in a substantial cut in the standard of living. Children have to learn to cope up with that. They may have to learn to make compromises at a young age. This can even lead into the child not being given the proper facilities they require. They may have to miss out on their desires. Therefore during divorce the financial status should be such that the child is not having to compromise with his or her necessities or this may lead to a negative result on their part.

1.Feelings of guilt


When parents get divorced without giving proper explanations to the children it may lead into the child feeling guilty. They start assuming themselves to be the reason behind this. This can lead to mental pressure or stress on their part. They blame themselves for all the issues. Therefore parents should always make it a point to giver proper explanations to the children before divorce. They should be told that they are not the reason behind this. Be sensitive towards your child’s emotional needs. Remember that it is hard for them to go through this unexpected change and so deal sensibly with them.

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