Top 10 Must Have Winter Accessories for Women

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From Paris to New York, London to Milan, fashion is running in front of our eyes, so you must be interested in the Winter Trends. We women are stealers of the best looks from podiums. Who doesn’t want to be in trends every season? Not one woman will say no.  We love to admire all those fashion shows because designers bring us every season something new, something that we must have. So, here are the Must Haves for this winter! As you browse through the list you might just get the hang of what you might be missing in your closet this winter or all the cool stuff that you could be doing with your winter essentials!

10. Head Case


Don’t leave your ears out in the cold — go for a hat with ear flaps. It’s one fashion trend that everybody accepted and we’re all agree with it: BEANIES. Spotted everywhere, designers seem to really love topping off their looks with knitwear this season. The beanie gives you an attitude which agrees with a full spectrum of styles this fall and invites you to step outside your comfort zone. Let’s encourage creativity! Don’t forget about floppy knits, baseball caps and fedoras and when you are in doubt, put a beanie on it.

9. Cardigan


Would you like to inject your wardrobe with some adorkability (adorkableness? adorkablosity?) this fall? Look no further than a quirky cardigan! Whether embellished with sequined owls, printed with cute little hearts, or trimmed with lace, these sweet sweaters add interest to any outfit and will have Zooey Deschanel seething with jealousy. Oversized or boyfriend style cardigans are a popular choice. These styles of cardigans work particularly well in chunky or thick knits. Look for oversized cardigans with deep V-necks and with slightly longer hemlines. Wear oversized cardigans with jeans and a tee for a casual weekend look.

Cardigans can sometimes be shapeless, so change this by adding a belt. A belt cinched in at the waist is great for creating an hourglass silhouette. Choose a skinny belt and wear with a light to medium knit cardigan. Wear it over a pencil skirt for a classic corporate look.

A simple way to update your cardigan is to team it with a fashionable scarf. The right scarf can work wonders. Wear a chunky snood for warmth, or add a silky scarf worn open and draped for something more chic.

A buttoned up cardigan is a great way to work a preppy look. This look works best on cardigans with higher, rounded necklines. A collar peeking out of the top would also make an on-trend statement.

8. Happy Feet


Your toes will thank you for extra-warm, cable knit socks to wear with winter boots or simply for lounging around. Once you’ve worn a pair of knitted socks, it’s hard to go back to doing without it. It is very easy to adapt a sock pattern to fit your foot exactly, and there’s nothing quite like it. The sock will fit snuggly; will be warm and comfortable in those chilly nights. And the skin on blister prone feet is in much better shape. Although it seems like a big deal for something that will go on your feet and will get sweaty and worn out relatively quickly, it is definitely worth it!

7. Black Blazer


A black blazer works no matter what the look. While its roots are in office wear, a blazer kicks back nicely over a fitted hoodie and boyfriend jeans.

With the LBD: Paired with a little black dress and you’re ready to paint the town red.

With plaid: You might find yourself avoiding double collar outfits when it’s hot. But come cold season, you will definitely be making this look work. You could even add a beanie!

Paired with a blazer and skinny jeans, a tee (even an oversized one) can look really sexy.

6. Skinny Jeans


Choose a pair of skinny jeans in a goes-with-anything color like black or dark blue and you’ll be in the clear. Running errands? Tuck them into a pair of boots. Lunch with the girls? Wear them with ballet flats and a leather jacket. And if you’re heading out for a night on the town, pointy-toe heels and a drapey top will be your go-to look. Also, bright, bold colors in every hue abound with these jeans, making choosing the right shade a bit of a challenge. This is particularly true in the winter months, when dull, drab neutrals tend to be the default. Instead of giving in to this old way of thinking, look to brighter colors for winter skinny jeans. Any woman with a few of these must-have colors in her wardrobe can create a striking winter outfit.

5. Cashmere sweater


Nothing says off-duty prep like a crewneck cashmere sweater and blue oxford combination. Not your cup of tea? The wardrobe mainstay also goes with everything from skirts and printed trousers to leather pants and shorts.

There are lots of fantastic, fabulous ways to wear cashmere, which is one of the season’s big sellers. It’s easy to understand way, though. Cashmere is soft, cozy, and incredibly stylish. One of the most well-known ways to wear cashmere is, of course, the cashmere sweater. A soft vee neck sweater of cashmere wool worn over a crisp white button-up continues to be a chic, classic look. It’s particularly ideal if you’re going for timeless, slightly preppy fashion. However, these days you can also find an abundance of cashmere cardigans, capes, and shawls, in a riot of different colors, patterns, and designs. Take your pick!

4. Well Fitting Trench Coat


While other wardrobe items may be more flashy or fun, the trench coat remains a closet cornerstone that always feels current. One way to wear it would be with bold separates. The outfit mixes bold statement separates with classic wardrobe pieces. You could wear a quirky black sweater with bold red trousers, patent heels, and reflective sunglasses. The classic beige trench coat will tie it all together.

With the LBD: Go back to basics by teaming your trench coat with a simple black dress. Strappy black sandals, oversized sunglasses, and a ladylike handbag will complete your look. You could easily wear variations of this outfit and still be in style year in and year out.

Casual Off-Duty look: A khaki trench coat teamed with a striped top, black skirt, and tan ankle boots looks effortlessly chic. It’s the kind of outfit that’s ideal for hitting the city streets in.

3. Printed Scarf


It will surprise you just how many ways to wear printed scarves there are. For such a cheap, stylish and versatile accessory, you definitely don’t wear yours enough! It’s time to be trying to show it off more by looking for ways to wear printed scarves – and investing in some great new patterns!

Brighten up black: One of the best ways to wear printed scarves is to add a statement pop to an all-black outfit. Whether it’s a work suit or a chic little black dress and jacket, the right scarf can light the look up, and make it utterly irresistible. A bright red scarf is perfect for rocking the contrast look, or if you prefer patterns, try zebra or leopard print. Just loop around the neck and you’re ready to go – it’s super easy, and oh-so-chic.

Dressing up day jeans: Skinny jeans and a loose floaty plain top have been wardrobe staples for the past couple of seasons, but sometimes it needs something else. Black skinny jeans, a brown leather belt and a floaty white top might rock the monochrome look perfectly, but add a red tartan scarf, and it feels utterly catwalk-ready. Don’t forget some kickass boots and an oversized bag, too.

Prep up your coat: You could be finding yourself spending most of the days wrapped up in a thick coat and as many layers as you can find. Not exactly trend-setting…but adding a scarf can transform the look. First, choose a classic, warm coat in a bright color (black and darks are Winter-territory!). Then, choose some thick scarfs to wind around the neck of the coat, keeping the warm air in and letting you show off some of your great fashion sense.

Hair Scarf: It’s a cute new way of adding scarves to your hair – it adds a bright flash of color, and it’s so easy to do. Smaller, thinner scarves tend to be better for this look – keep heavier scarfs for either tying around the head as a headband, or wearing on the neck. Your go-to style for festival hair, as it hides a multitude of sins!

2. Leg Warmers


If you haven’t already invested in a pair (or two!) of leg warmers (woolly leggings), there’s no better time than the present! This leg-loving accessory isn’t just for dance class. Pair leggings with over-sized sweaters and thick, long-sleeved shirts or tunics that are long enough to easily cover your hips and buttocks. Leggings look best when worn with roomy tops. Don’t wear them with short, tight sweaters or shirts that do not cover your buttocks. Likewise, avoid shirts and sweaters that are so long they fall past your mid-thigh region.

Choose leggings that are either darker than the colors in your top or in a solid black or dark gray. Leggings in colors lighter than those in your shirt or sweater will make your legs appear thicker and larger than they actually are. Choose longer leggings that reach to just above the ankle to make your legs appear even slimmer.

Wear leggings instead of tights beneath dresses that fall either just above or just below the knee. Be certain the leggings match one of the main dark colors in the dress. Leggings can also be used to wear with mini-skirts–especially denim mini-skirts–during the winter months. Pair the mini-skirt with a sweater, layered shirts or a casual sweatshirt.

Choose boots with sturdy, low heels. Not only will the boots provide warmth and protection when you’re outside in cold weather, they perfectly complement the snug fit of leggings.

1. Wedge Boots


Warm and chic—two qualities we look for in cold-weather footwear—come together with the perfect pair of boots. Low wedge style is excellent for trolling the weekend farmers’ market, while stacked-heel versions are appropriate for dressy occasions.

Why do we love boots so much? They can have a rugged country look, an equestrian vibe or a sleek urban air. On chillier days they make dresses and skirts wearable. They give polish to jeans and add a down-to-earth feel to more delicate pieces. Boots increase your versatility of clothes and every woman should own a pair or two!

Jeans: The number one way to wear your boots this fall is with jeans. So easy and classic! To create a balanced fall look when it’s still not super cold, try a vest for a cute layered look. Then add an over-sized necklace in a pretty color to add a bit of softness and femininity, as well as drawing attention up toward your face.

Socks: Socks layered underneath boots can be a cute look for fall and winter, in addition to keeping your tootsies nice and warm. However, adding another line down there at your knee can easily cut the line of your leg up in weird places. Don’t let more than an inch of your socks show to avoid weird color blocking and sectioning of your legs. Keep the socks a neutral color so they add a little something but don’t draw a lot of attention. Keep the attention up at your face where you want it with a patterned top.

Skirts: Pencil skirts are a great combination with boots, but you have to be careful with the proportions. Choose pencil skirts that hit at, or right above your knee so that you have several inches of open leg. Don’t let the boots and skirt touch! Or A-Line shaped skirts are another great option. But again, make sure there is space between the hem of your skirt and the top of your boots.

Dress: Dresses and boots are a great pairing for fall, and an exposed bare leg is a perfect transitional look. Use a scarf to add a bit of bulk toward the top of your outfit to balance out the heavy boots at the bottom. Don’t be afraid to pair black and brown – they’re both neutrals so they go together just fine!

Tunics: Tunics and leggings are a really versatile pair. This outfit would be perfect in the spring and summer with a pair of sandals, but also looks great in the fall and winter with a pair of boots. Since there is a lot more leg showing than with the tights and knee-length dresses, go with dark or black leggings to create a long thin leg line.

With all these wardrobe tricks up your sleeve you are now good to go be chic and stylish this winter!

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