Top 10 Natural Ways To Increase Your Height

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It would be the dream of every individual to be sufficiently tall. Though kids don’t know it in their childhood that a good diet gives them a tall physique, eventually every one dreams of being equal to their life partner’s height. If you ask a girl what height should her fiance be, comically  60% percent would say 6 feet. That’s right, a dream target height.  Mostly, it is the parents who encourage their children to take up various sporting activities so that their kids would be both healthy and tall. In medical terms, height growth is associated with thyroid gland present in the neck . So , when you exercise regularly, the gland releases a growth hormone which increases your height.

While most would merely consider it as linked to genes and not even try to indulge in natural ways to grow tall , some would go a step further and actively take part in sports . The general height growth age for girls is upto 18 years and for boys is till 21 years . Some people would relate height to confidence and so not being equally tall as their friends or colleagues would demotivate them . They end up trying step -up , steroids , ayurvedic medicines and other height increasing medicines . These may help to some extent 1 inch at the most (after the growth period) . But do keep in mind that there could be other side effects like excessive body hair growth , oral changes , menstrual problems , decreased sperm/ovaries count  . Here are the most natural ways to increase your height .

10. Jogging


Briskly raising your foot in a backward motion and positioning your clenched fists in front of your chest , give a slow motion to your arms and legs . This could continue for an hour or half , early in the morning so that you get sufficient amount of vitamin D from sun . Dog lovers – can have your dog accompany you in a nearby park or in and around your colony . If you are music lover , a cell phone and headphones would make your perfect friend while jogging . Track pants and T shirt , shoes are mostly preferable . You could also keep a health tracker or calorie burnt recorder like S health app , myfitnesspal app, pedometer ON in your cellphone .

9. Stretching exercises


There are many tutorials available on you tube , starting from warm up exercises ,Bend and touch your feet with your palm , kneeling lunge , rotation , Torso , press up , ankle over chest , Achilles tendon stretch , Hamstring stretch ,  quad stretch exercises . Most of them would be doing the exercises with us for 50 sec each 20 times .This would be more encouraging and improves your body flexibility . Also basic neck , shoulder , wrist stretching exercises could be practiced to relax your body . Or you could even go to a Gym with an exercise mat , ball and a tread mill readily available there .

8. Healthy Food


Make sure you eat all vegetables ( lettuce , carrot , spinach , beans and all green leafy vegetables ) on a regular basis in your daily meal . Drink milk with complan , Boost  what ever it is that adds taste and nutrients to it .  Eat fresh fruits like water melon , musk melon,  papaya , bananas , oranges etc and have an egg every day . Almonds , pistas , olives , nuts and other proteinaceous foods are recommended .Eat healthy stay fit and that’s how you grow tall .

7. Pull ups


Find a suitable attic to which you can fix your pull up rings or a location to fix a bar . Jump and hold on it with your palms . Gently raise and pull your whole body up with your arms . Loosen up your body and Swing to and fro . Overhand grip , underhand grip , weighted pull , chin up , one hand , behind the neck pull up , bent knee are all different types of pull ups. Legs , arms and hip will elongate over some time . Pretty much also guarantees good looking biceps and healthy body .

6. Running Races


Compete with your friends in running races just for fun or an inter school marathon competition . Sweat out. Who knows , you could be the next Usain Bolt :) and represent the country in Inter National events like Olympics . But definitely , you will end up having sexy long Legs . Also it is a cardio  , respiratory fitness tip and strengthens your bones . Fastest human running speed ever recorded is 44.72 km/hr . It has a psychological edge to it as boosts the confidence levels of the runner . It is a therapy for coping up with depression and drug addiction and keeps you happy , increases you memory power too . Do not drink water immediately after running and gasping as it leads to choking .

5. Shuttle / Badminton


Well , Saina Nehwal who is the face of Indian women’s badminton is 5 ft 5 inch tall . Playing  games like this increases your chances of growing tall . As you stretch your entire body to hit a cork over a net , to your opponent on the other side of it. Vertical jump , forehand , backhand  all these help you stretch out and grow taller. This racquet game is to be played in an indoor court as the cork is too light to be blown away by the wind .

4. Skipping


Jump with your feet together over the skipping rope . This is a lot fun when played with friends 2 of whom hold onto either side of it and 2 -1 could skip over it . The synchronization is all the fun part . Also the long has to be flung high and low enough to skip . Alternate leg skipping , side skipping , front- back skipping , Criss-cross skipping where right arm goes to the left part of the body and vice versa are also different ways of skipping. A 120 -130 every day with a certain time limit would make you a lot tall .

3. Throw Ball/ Volley ball


In this game ,  a group of people on either side of a net , throw a ball by jumping and hitting it with palm , a forearm pass or a bump . For a tinge of refreshment , you could play it on the beach with all your friends . The fresh sea breeze on top , combined with the beach sand bottom gives a kick start to the sport . It is played in different variations foot volley , beach ball , throw ball, buka ball , rattan ball with foot , knee , chest , head to touch the ball ( rubber ) . It is also a body stretching sport which when played regularly is sure to make you tall.

2. Cycling


Get your bicycles out of the hiding area and sweat it out . Yes , in the first few days you can feel your legs aching , eventually pains will subside . Be it cycling for a cause or race , mountain biking and physical exercise , it is a muscle stretching exercise mostly for legs . It is also pollution free and a fitness mantra . The calories you burn , will generate required amount of energy useful for metabolism and thereby increase your hunger and height . Shorts are most preferred by bikers while cycling .

1. Basketball


Who doesn’t know the Basketball champion Michael Jordan whose height is 6 ft 6 inches . Well ,this sport involves you to shoot the ball into a hoop placed at the higher point (10 feet high ).You need to dribble the ball,  blocking it from opponents , from your court to the opponent team’s court , passing the ball safely among your team , finally on reaching the hoop , jump and aim it into it . Both arms and legs stretch a lot in this game .


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