Top 10 Places Where You Must Protect Your Stuff From Getting Stolen

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Imagine going on an important project regarding some business commitment. You have saved just about enough to fulfill your business commitments as well as enjoying the place with some sightseeing and bringing a couple of things back for the wife and kids. All is going just about fine, when suddenly you stop to board a decent looking bus in order to get to the place where the meeting is ought to take place. All is still going fine, you reach your destination and disembark the bus. You pay the conductor with some leftover change in your pocket. You head towards the Hotel where your company has arranged the stay, and just as you are about to pay for the 2 grand a night suite, you realize that your wallet is not where it was supposed to be. You start unpacking your stuff in the lobby itself, but much to you displeasure, the wallet is nowhere to be found. What to do now…? Well, calling the police seems the only legit thing to do, and do immediately do it. The Police arrive at the scene, and without much delay and sticking to true professionalism, the police officer immediately begins asking you some questions. On hitting a particular note, you immediately realize being struck by that man in the blue Hawaii shirt and off white colored trousers. You also realize his hand giving you a pat on your back for an unwelcome collision. You realize that all this happened in sync with the time of his disembarking the bus owing to the arrival of his stand. You know the culprit, but can you actually do something now.? Unfortunately, No.
Well, here comes the end of what could have been an amazing trip. This, my friends , is a tragedy that one faces in his/her life. Things getting stolen from places that we’d least expect them to get stolen from are nowadays some of the usual happenings in one’s life. Although we cannot actually help it, but as the saying goes ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. Hence, this my friends , is a guide to 10 of the most common places from where things get stolen, and hence is basically an indicator for you guys to be careful at such places.! So, Here we go!

10) Temples and other religious places-


Temples and places of worship are some of the major places where things may get stolen. Taking you footwear off at the entry of a temple/place of worship is a normal practice followed in many religions across the world. This gives an opportunity to potential thieves to steal your footwear, specially the fancy footwear worn by women. Hence, it is advisable to wear normal, sophisticated footwear and not fancy footwear when going to pay visits to a temple. It would also be advisable to deposit your shoes in exchange for a token that usually comes at dirt cheap prices. This prevents for loss of footwear and is a regular practice followed at many temples nowadays.

9) Outside bank ATMs and banks –


Some of the least expected places where you’d expect to get your money or other kinds of stuff stolen are bank ATMs. Many predators keep eyeing people who come out of such places and in the blink of an eye, do their misdeed. Women are especially vulnerable in places are like owing to the fact that men do not expect them to put up a good fight and hence give into the predators demand easily. Hence, it is advisable to always be careful around such places and if the nearest ATM to you house does not have a guard keeping a check on it, then it is recommended that you get one after speaking to the concerned bank and if not possible, then try avoiding going to such places alone. Also, it is advisable for banks to put up CCTV cameras in such places in order to get live-streamed feeds of such places and hence act immediately in cases of emergency.

8) From vehicle parkings -


Vehicle parkings are also some of the most common places where your belongings can get stolen. Bikes and cars can get stolen from such places specially during late hours. It is also a common occurrence for petrol getting stolen from bikes and cars that have been parked in community parkings. Hence, it should be made sure that a watchman guards such places that hold such highly valued things at all times. It is also recommended for people to lock their cars and bikes before heading out elsewhere in order to avoid their belongings getting stolen.

7) Schools and colleges –


It is a well known fact that children at such young ages do have the tendency to steal things that they know their parents would not buy them. Many things can get stolen from your child’s bag if he does not keep a good check on it. Hence, it is advisable to not carry things such as mobile phones or too much cash when going to school or college. It is always advisable to be in a trusted group of people with whom you are familiar on a decent level.

6) Picnic Spots –


Crowded picnic spots are some of the most common places for your belongings to get stolen from, provided you do not keep an eye over them. Crowded picnic spots provide a suitable atmosphere for pick pockets and thieves to commit their misdeeds and easily run away unwatched, owing to the large number of people present at such places. Hence, it is always advisable to keep your mobile phones held tightly in your hands. Also, always keep your bag(if you have one), in front of you rather than hanging it by your shoulders and making it sling on your back. Also, only keep a fraction of the amount that you have in your wallet. Let the rest stay in your ATM card or elsewhere.

5) Functions and gatherings –


Functions and gatherings are some of the most common places and some of the least expected places from where your stuff can actually get stolen. I say least expected mainly because of the fact that in such functions , most of the people are known to you(provided you are the host) and hence it is because of this unsuspecting behavior that the culprit goes scotfree. Hence, it is always advisable to keep all your expensive stuff in your cabinet or with yourself whenever there is a function on the way. This way you can avoid it from getting stolen.

4) Offices-


It is a very common occurring to share your personal and financial information, like you ATM card pin with your fellow colleagues owing to the fact that you may sometimes trust them with things. However, this is one of the major causes of credit card fraud and hence you should always keep your private information private. Also, keep an eye on your peon since it is not something unusual if you leave your watch or some money on your desk and on returning find it gone.

3) Hostels and other shared rooms –


hostels are some of the most common places for things to get stolen mainly because of the fact that hostels usually accommodate students and owing to their age, they tend to be quite careless about their belongings. Hence, it is always advisable to lock your rooms and safety your belongings before moving out of your hostel rooms.

2) Shopping-


markets and malls witnessing large crowds of shoppers are now some of the most common places for things to get stolen from. Whilst shopping, one usually carries with himself loads of cash and stuff and owing to the crowd present in such places, these can easily be stolen if one is not careful with them. So, it is always advisable that while shopping, you should always take note of the number of bags that you have and the amount of money you have shelled out. Also, try keeping your money in safe places and always keep a check on those places.

1) While travelling-


The most common and the most expected scenario for getting your stuff stolen is travelling. It is not an uncommon happening to get caught amidst a big crowd during travelling, specially in a bus or a local train. Hence, it is always advisable to keep a track of the people around you whilst travelling, to also keep a check on your luggage and to be careful with you money.

So! These were 10 of the most common places from where your stuff can get stolen. Hence, in order to avoid such a happening happen with you, always try being on your toes when you are in such places and thereby avoid getting your valuable belongings robbed.!

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