Top 10 Rags to Riches Stories of Famous people

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There’s a famous saying that goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” As far as inspirational quotes go, that’s one of the best known ones. It simply means that when you come across arduous paths in life, instead of being dejected by it, you make the most of it. We often wonder the truth behind such proverbial statements, and how far they are applicable when it comes to reality. This list today is dedicated to all those people who are a living testament to that statement. These people who are well known faces all around the world, with millions to their names and things like fame, success at their finger tips weren’t always that privileged. They weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But instead struggled, worked hard and overcame many hardships to become who they are today. Truly inspirational, the stories of these people are sure to inspire you and make you believe that you can make lemonades out of the lemons life throws at you.

10) Nicholas Sparks:


Everyone is familiar with this well known author of romantic novels that has millions of girls swoon over his books and cry along with his novels. But not many people know that Nicholas Sparks came from a poor household, and lived almost south of the poverty line as a kid. Middle of three children, his father was a student when Nicholas was a kid and his mother didn’t work, and thus they had very little to live on and as he quotes, “we weren’t exactly living the high life when we were little.” All this changed for him when he wrote his first novel The Notebook in 1996 and got an advance of 1 million for the book. And just like that overnight his dreams turned to reality and Nicholas Sparks became a household name.

9) Leighton Meester:


She is well known for playing the rich upper eastside-er and queen bee Blair Waldorf in the hit show Gossip Girl. Though her current worth is approximately somewhere around 5 million dollars, that was not always the case. In fact her childhood was much the opposite of her on screen role of Blair Waldorf. Leighton was born when her mother was still serving time in a prison for drug possession. Yes you heard me right, this starlet was actually born in prison! Her grandmother helped care for her. She got into acting and modelling at a young age, but her breakthrough came when she was cast in Gossip Girl where her portrayal of a rich girl received critical acclaim. Does anyone else see the amazing work of irony in that?

8) Eminem:


Born as Marshal Bruce Mathers the third, his childhood has been tough. His dad left him when he was only 6 months old and since then it’s been him and his mom moving around from one trailer park to another till they finally settled down in Detroit.  He lived in a trailer park with his mom in the poor part of Detroit and attended school where he was often subjected to bullying. Always fascinated with rapping he got his big break when Dr. Dre decided to produce and mentor him. Since then Eminem’s success and stardom has risen and his talent has made him the King of Hip-hop. From living in a trailer park to being worth 120 million dollars, he has sure had an inspirational leap.

7) Jim Carrey:


This well known funny man wasn’t always the great star we know him to be as. He had to quit school at the age of 15 to help support his family who went from being lower middle class to poor when his dad lost his regular job. He worked as a janitor and his family lived out of a van. He never finished his high school as he always had to work to support his family and take care of his chronically ill mother. If not for show biz he states that he would have probably been working at a steel factory. Well thank god for the show biz stars, because comedy as a genre would be incomplete without our very own Jim Carrey.

6) Mark Wahlberg:


He is a testament to all those badass villains that Hollywood is well known for. Right from the young age of 13 he started abusing cocaine. Since then he developed a street creed and was called as Marky Mark by his street gang.  Assaulting old men, bullying people and hurtling racial slurs at them and blinding a man were an everyday part of his life. Just like his brother and sisters before him he ended up going to prison for 50 days. That experience was when he decided to turn his life around, and lead to the making of the academy award nominated Mark Wahlberg as we know now. Talk about a thug life!

5) Coco Chanel:


Coco Chanel is a name that all fashion houses and fashion lovers all over, know and respect. It’s the sacred name as far as fashion is concerned. Before she was an international icon Coco grew up in poverty and her dad had her put into an orphanage after her mother died since he was a poor street peddler. It was in that orphanage that the nuns taught her how to sow, a skill which helped create the fashion god.

4) Walt Disney:


Walt Disney is the name responsible for all of our childhood. He is a name that stands for inspiration and all that is magical. As a kid he had an idyllic life and grew up on a farm in Missouri. After farming failed, he had to move with his family to Chicago where he made drawings and sold them for some extra money. After coming back from the war he started working for an ad company where history was created; as that was the place where he discovered his love for cartoons and animation.

3) Ralph Lauren:


Ralph Lauren himself is a brand name which represents privilege, luxury, style and elegance. But before he was a well known fashion designer he was a poor Jewish immigrant. He dropped out of school and worked at a glove factory to help his family. As a kid he would always dream about being a millionaire and famous. Looks like Ralph got everything he wished for.

2) J.K Rowling:

This one name alone is responsible for creating an entire fandom all over the world. Worth 1 billion dollars she is one of the richest people of England. But that wasn’t always the case. Before Harry Potter happened, J.K Rowling lived in a mice infested house with her baby daughter on a meager alimony income of 100 dollars whilst battling depression. The manuscript for Harry Potter was rejected thrice before finally being accepted and creating history.

1) Oprah Winfrey:

Before she was one of the richest women worth almost 2.7 billion dollars, Oprah spent the first six years of her life in rural poverty with her grandmother. She had a tough childhood and went back to live with her mother at the age of six but was neglected due to the long hours that her mother worked. She suffered from poverty, abuse both sexual and physical but eventually emerged on the other side to become an inspiration not only to an entire nation but to the world all over. No one has managed to make lemonades as well as Oprah has and thus she tops our list today.

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