Top 10 Reasons why Breaking up is not a Big Deal

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Break ups are one of the worst emotional traumas that a person can go through. One never really gets over a breakup. You just moves on. On one side when your friends support you at such crucial heart breaking time, your conscience says you have lost it. Why do people have to be so down, feeling bad about their break ups? Shouldn’t we just move on like a famous brand of watches and sunglasses show in their advertisements? I would say everyone has their part of ups and downs and breaking up with your long relationship is just another thing of the list. It doesn’t matter if it tops the charts but what matters is the problem in your hands is no big deal. There are many bigger difficulties which need your attention at the moment. Here are top 10 reasons why you should get over your break up and carry your life forward. So stop this woefulness and move on!

10. Not worthy


You are the most special person on this planet. No one can be as good as you because you are the best. So why bother when he leaves you in between? Let it go and seek for reasons when you can indulge in self-adjustment. Right from the beginning when he treated you like shit and till the day you had it all with, you failed to realize that he was not worthy of your togetherness. So chuck him and spend some quality time with yourself and others around you. He was not your worth but why waste your time over him, crying and pouring your heart out.

9. Revenge


You can find ways to have the fun element in your life which was missing. There will be many reasons why you would want to seek revenge. And there are many ways to seek so. May be you should mix some hand wash in his favorite wine bottle and see the fun. It would be a repeat of the famous How I met your mother’s episode where the female protagonists mixes hand wash, ketchup and a million other things in the ‘Ted Mosby’s’ favorite wine bottle. Would not it be fun just to see your ex-boyfriend cry and smile at the same time thinking about whatever has happened to his drink? Think about it!

8. Cry it out


It is true break ups are painful and you tend to cry a lot. But do you know that crying is good for your eyes. It cleanses your eyes like no other fluid will ever do. What could be a better way than using organic cleansers to prevent your eyes from getting all dirt soaked-up? But be overcautious. Too much weeping over the person would result in dark patches beneath your beautiful eyes and you will end up asking for medications about it. Cry in limit. You should have the primary motive of cleaning your eyes out and not spoiling them.

7. No excess expenses


I need a Cadbury dairy milk silk every day, honey. Do you mind buying it for me? Have you often heard it from your girl? Does she pester you to buy every other stuff next door? Or have you already left her because of such habits? It is in some rare chances that you get a girl who prefers being chivalrous and will prevent you from spending unnecessarily on all of her stuffs. Sometimes they even get a recharge done on their own. I have a friend who calls her boyfriend her ‘financial support’. You must be thinking how someone could have a friend like that. Do not worry, she is just an acquaintance. So you get the picture!

6. Saves time


Come over and pick me up. I am all alone. Let us go to the market today for shopping. Seriously do you have a personal life of your own? Do you mind when your time is getting consumed for no good reason? Then do not croon over such messy break ups. As a popular quotation goes, it all happens for the best.’ Follow it religiously. And think of all the times and moments which you would have to yourself only. You would not have to share it with anyone else against your wishes. Time for some gaming!

5. Indulge


You will have a reason to get over the fight and the after effects. Go to a bakery and spend all of your money. Have pastries which you never had before. Try out weird ice cream flavors. Go to a spa and get a treatment done. Have a chocolate therapy ordered for you. You have innumerable options to spend and indulge. Go for shopping and buy all those clothes which your boyfriend/girlfriend had restricted you to buy.

4. Do all the stuff you’ve been neglecting


How many times have you been neglecting your family just because you were busy with your partner on phone? Have you been procrastinating about the travel plans to accommodate for your boyfriend? Now you do not have any excuse for procrastination. Go out with your family on a picnic spot. Check out the new lounge with your friends. Wish a friend for her new job, ask for a treat. You will realize you have been missing life too much.

3. Flirt


Did you always see the better guys when you were out with your boyfriend? The situation could apply equally well to the guys as well. But you could not just because you had something unnerved with your partner. Now since you have broken all the ties, you are free like a gypsy. Go out and explore all the other good looking guys and girls. A mutual friend, a neighbor, the girl next door, a long lost school/ college friend; he or she could be anyone. You had your eyes opened up all the time. Now is the time to open your brains as well. Get them running.

2. Bigger problems


Life has always some bigger problems in store for you. Do not take it for granted nor take it to be the end of the road. Your break up is not the only problem in your hands. You could take months to cope up or you could be a wiser person and have a look at other problems of your life. You might have a few bills pending. Your relatives would be in need to see you. The crux being, you do not have to lament over your break up. Give it some time and let it go.

1. Better mates


Have you always been looking for the perfect soulmate for yourself? Well, the notion seems to be pretty obsolete now but if you are still in the clutches of such an idea, and continuously failing; may be it is time to chuck it. You will definitely have a better guy/ girl waiting for you around the corner. You will ultimately and untimely find her/ him at some occasion. You just need to have your eyes opened and tears shut.

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