Top 10 Reasons Why Fame is Over-Rated

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Gaining popularity, being known by a large number of people, always being under the limelight is something a lot of people go after. A celebrity status, recognition on a large platform or maybe the respect and admiration is what attracts them and these people form a significant portion of mankind.

One cannot really feel what it is like being famous or popular until they themselves are on that position but they do think it feels great that’s why many spend their whole life chasing after fame. Sometimes they work hard for it, sometimes they broadcast everything they do and sometimes they even do scandalous things purposely just to gain the public eye. But is fame really that good or is it just some other trivial thing people have given too much importance to. Is fame over rated? Here are 10 reasons why it is and why it is not a good idea to become famous.

10. Public scrutiny


You might have worked hard day and night to get at that position and you might even get what you were looking for but while being under the public eye one cannot avoid their scrutiny. Sure people will praise you, flood you with a million compliments but nobody said there aren’t going to be any negative reviews. Many times people can get really mean and completely bash what you do even though it’s none of their business. And once you are out there known and recognized you will never be able to escape this surveillance by a terrifying number of people.

9. Lack of Privacy


You might believe in kiss and tell and love to share your life matters with the fan following of yours but there still are certain issues that you would like to keep under the wraps. Not just issues but even on a daily basis a person needs some privacy and space of his own where he can be or do whatever he wants to without being judged or questioned, especially by people who aren’t even a part of his life. But that privacy is something one surely has to forget about and once you are famous all kinds of weirdoes and paparazzi will keep poking and intriguing in your most personal matters. Trust me they will even get into your bathroom and click a thousand pictures if given the chance to do so!

8. Stay cheerful even while being disturbed


A celebrity is having a quite dinner with a family member or having some private time with friends and suddenly what they see is a group of people accumulated in front of their table. Asking for autographs, to get clicked with them or ask questions and then naturally they expect them to respond cheerfully to each one of their requests. Look annoyed or refuse to entertain them and then they got to welcome some more of scrutiny for being an introvert or a reluctant person.

7. Dealing with the stupidity


Media does play a crucial role in sucking out as much information as they can from every possible source and then keeping it in front of the public. But at times all they ask and say is lame and stupid things. They would see a famous personality eating out at a café and would come up with questions like “What are you doing here sir/mam? It’s an eating joint, obviously I’m having a meal.” “Do you like eating over here?” “What rubbish, I do that’s why am here and how come it’s your business anyways?” Not just this but the torture can go several notches up and they might actually be asking you “How do you feel?” after you have just returned from a funeral of a close one. And whom will you complain it to? Just got to deal with this.

6. Doesn’t ensure wealth


People often relate fame with wealth and one of the most important reasons for why they want to be famous is because they want to get rich. But that really isn’t a true fact. One can get unmatched fame but still not be near to being rich or might gain wealth only during the initial phase of fame and turn broke soon. In fact there are a lot of artists who gained immense popularity but ultimately died in almost total obscurity. Nick Drake, a singer and a songwriter in early 70’s gained critical acclaim and recognition for his music but couldn’t succeed commercially. So linking fame with wealth has certainly over rated it.

5. Always look good


Being under a thousand cameras is not an easy task. These cameras will snapshot each and every possible angle of you and project it to a huge audience. And needless to mention the audience always expects you to look good. Be it when you are at an airport after a 10 hour long flight or picking your child from school, you have to look camera perfect with no stain on your outfit and no blemish on your skin. And dare not even think about putting too much weight or losing it to look extremely skinny.

4. Prone to misbehavior


Achieving fame can also at times generate safety issues and make one prone to unwanted attention and felony. Yes, most of the celebrities and the rich and famous people always roam around in their circle of security with a bunch of bodyguards always there to protect them but reading news clippings of how a famous personality got mobbed by an unpleasant crowd or even assaulted by a stalker is also not rare. Undoubtedly frame has got an ugly and even scary side too.

3. Can’t make anonymous mistakes


Nobody is perfect and making mistakes is in human’s nature. Getting famous doesn’t mean that one will stop making mistakes but it sure means that each and every mistake of theirs will be brought in public notice and highlighted. A poor choice of outfit, an outburst of anger or mistakes in a relationship, every single thing comes under the scanner, get talked about for months and gets forever marked in internet blogs and search engines. Whereas when a regular person makes the same mistake, it is simply a mistake.

2. Expectations and being a role model


When you are successful and famous an audience is always behind that success for making you achieve that popularity that you are enjoying. But that audience also starts feeling that somehow you are answerable to them and owe them to set up good examples. They look up to you and think of you as a role model. And this brings with itself lots of expectations to always do right and take every action in public interest. We all read daily how Miley Cyrus is bashed for turning insane and what not. But ultimately it’s her life and she should not be answerable to those millions of people for her life choices.

1. Fame can’t give happiness


The number of people striving to attain a famous lifestyle is just too high. But of what use is all the fame in this world when you are still unhappy? You may work too hard to get in the limelight, to get people recognize you, paparazzi doing rounds around you but one day this craze will fade out. Maybe that’s why so many popular artists and sports personalities commit a suicide. Kurt Cobain, Lucy Gordon, Jiah Khan, these are just a few names but their stories can assure that fame is definitely over rated.

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