Top 10 Reasons to be Forgiving

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“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself” – Tony Robbins.

Forgiveness truly is not something we give to another person but what we give ourselves. It makes us a better person, a calmer person, endows us with calmness, inner peace and happiness. Holding grudges for others only kills our happiness and makes us harsh and sad within. When we forgive people who have hurt or harmed us, we release a force from within our hearts that has been holding us with negativity for some time. Forgiveness is essential since it is the relationships we share with people that makes our life worth living, and often to save those gems of our life we need to let go the faults and follies of those people, this is done by forgiveness. Below is a list of Ten Reason to be Forgiving –

10.  Something within our capacity

something within our capacity

Forgiveness is not something difficult. It does take a large heart and a lot of courage to be able to forgive, though we are all naturally blessed with these qualities. We can easily forgive people only if we want to. All it takes is the desire to let go and be a better person. It is completely within our natural capabilities. When we are hurt, we obviously don’t want to talk about the people who are the reason for it, we don’t want to talk to them either. That time our wounds are fresh, we are  hurt and therefore angry. But as time passes by, anger cools down and we are able to think and analyze the situation better. This is the time when if we want, we certainly can determine to let go the past and forgive them.

9.  An act of strength

an act of strength

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  - Mahatma Gandhi.

When we forgive others it is something we do that involves courage. Making mistakes is an easy thing, it only requires being careless and insensitive and so is getting angry, it only requires holding grudges and getting hurt. But forgiveness is what makes one strong and wise. Forgiveness requires inner strength to let go of things, love people in spite of their drawbacks and therefore overlook their mistakes and emerge as mature human beings.

8.  For the sake of all the good things they have done

For the sake of all the good things they have done

When we are angry with or hurt by anyone, we often forget all the good things that ever happened between us. But when we consider forgiveness we must not forget the good past. Bonds build up over a period of time. The people close to us are the only  ones capable of hurting us emotionally. And these are the people with whom we spend the most wonderful and memorable moments of our life. We must not forget all those good things that happened between us after someone hurts us once. They may not intend to hurt us, or may not realize the outcomes of their actions while doing them. But once we are hurt, and they ask for forgiveness, it shows they have the realization of the fault they committed and we must try to forgive them, for the sake of all the good things they have brought to our life before.

7.  Gives happiness

gives happiness

 A very simple reason to answer the question, “why should one forgive?” is “it gives happiness”. The happiness here is two way, it not only makes the one who is at fault happy but also the forgiver, happy. Forgiveness of course takes off the burden from the person who seeks it and thus makes them calmer and happy. Also the one who forgives attains a sense of peace and happiness as all the grudges and wounds that  held him for by not forgiving the other person are released into positivity and unity.

6.  A virtuous act

A virtuous act

Forgiveness no doubt is a virtue that  man can have. It is an act of kindness, goodness, courage, wisdom, maturity and love. Forgiveness comes to only well-formed human beings. They are the only ones who are capable of understanding  and appreciating the value of forgetting mistakes and uniting again. Forgiveness is a  virtuous act. One must forgive therefore, since by learning to forgive they learn a wonderful virtue.

5. Letting go

We must learn the art to let go

In life we must learn the art of letting go. Every other while life takes turns and leads us into situations where we have to let go. Sometimes we have to let go relationships, sometimes people, sometimes dreams, sometimes emotions, sometimes past and sometimes mistakes. Without learning this art we cannot survive well and happily. It is an integral to be a happy human being. So, forgiveness is crucial for living a good life as we necessarily must learn to let go, of which forgiving people is a part.

4.  We too can make mistakes

We too can make mistakes

Do you remember the last time you hurt someone and asked for forgiveness? Surely, it was not long back. Mistakes are a part of human life. We all make mistakes, since none of us are perfect. So, we must not forget this when we consider someone else’s mistakes. When we ourselves have made mistakes and sought for forgiveness, what right do we have to expect others not to do it? We all are equally bound to make mistakes, learn our lessons, ask for forgiveness, and get it.

3.  Relationships make life beautiful

Relationships make life beautiful

Relationships are what make us what we are. It makes our life worth living. What do we live for if not people around us? We may say that we live for ourselves, but no one really does. What our own self is made up of is the set of people we love. They make our life, they make our world. But behind all this beauty of relationships lies the darkness of faults, mistakes and fights. When different people exist together, hurting each other at some point of time or the other is quite obvious. But one must not let these things take over the beauty of relationships. Mistakes shall be forgiven and forgotten, since the people are much more important and significant in our life than the little mistakes they may make. Forgiveness only makes a bond stronger .

2.  We become better people

We become better people

 “Anger makes you smaller while forgiveness makes you grow beyond what you are”.

Forgiveness is something that we give to ourselves more than something which we give to the person at fault. It makes us a better person by enhancing our character with the wise art of forgiveness. It polishes thehumane side of our personality and bestows us with a virtue we can own proudly. Forgiveness gives us happiness, restores sacred relationships, gives us satisfaction and peace and thus makes us a better person.

1. Inner Peace

inner peace

Forgiveness provides us with inner peace. The more we hold on to grudges the harder things become for us. Holding up to old things, grudges, past, the sense of revenge, wounds, losses and so on, only makes us worse from inside. To be happy, satisfied and loving it is essential to have inner peace. The more we tie up tightly to bad past instances, the harder it becomes to attain inner peace. It is therefore necessary to let the past not be able to keep us taken. We may take time, but we must be able to allow ourselves to forget the past with time. Little things can pile up to be great losses. Great things can pile up to split us into little pieces. So we must try to learn to forget and forgive both little and big mistakes that others do, if not for them then for the sake of our own inner peace at least.


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