Top 10 Reasons Why Gamers Love Video Games

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Video games are all the talk these days. No matter where you go you’ll find people crazy about video games who spend a lot of money buying games, not just the youngsters but the adults as well have gone crazy with video games. Gamers will play a video game and forget about almost all other relevant things in life as they completely absorb the characters of the game. People have fallen so badly for video games that they hardly think once before buying an extremely expensive game. This is the story of those who love games but those who don’t play games keep wondering what is so interesting about video games? Why do people love video games? Almost every person who doesn’t play video games asks this question. Here are the top 10 reasons why the gamers love gaming so much.

10. Be what you want to be:


In everyday life it is often impossible for people to do what they want or to be what they really want to be, sometimes because of the pressure from life and sometimes because of the circumstance. A person has two outlooks in life, first is the kind of life he has and second is the kind of life he wants. A desire for a different life is always there in every person’s heart, and through virtual games people are given that opportunity to become what they’ve always wanted to become. They are able to put themselves in the shoes of various different characters and live inside the game from the character’s perspective. Everyone wants to be the bold risk-taker who jumps into action and protect the beautiful lady from the bad mugger but due to fear they can’t be the hero they want to be. Everyone wants to raise a voice against the unmoral things happening in the society but find it impossible. However, the games provide them with the opportunity to do various brave acts and feel good.

9. Challenge Accepted:


There are many people who love challenges. Whether they are given a riddle or a puzzle they’ll be keen to solve it even though it gets them nothing. The video games have always had this unique element of challenges. There are people who are a hardcore fans of the Prince of Persia series just because of the amazing, unique puzzles which appear from time to time. The tasks which seem really tough and impossible to do often require a trick and discovering it really makes the gamers feel good about themselves as it builds up their self-confidence.

8. Explore the world:


Fans of the Assassin’s creed series might notice that the cities, oceans, landmarks, colonies and all the scenery is made almost exactly as what it was in the respective time frame. People who usually have a dull repetitive life and don’t really have the choice of vacations due to work or other stuff can come home and enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul in a game or any other place. They can free play (roam around doing side missions) in the city of Chicago or travel with Dante in the depths of Limbo. One can enjoy both realistic and unrealistic worlds and explore them. The developers take extreme measures to make the environment as user friendly and authentic as possible. This really relaxes the mind. Without spending any money a person is able to explore the world.

7. Excitement : 


Who doesn’t want excitement in life and video games can provide it. These days video games are not about sitting at the end of the computer and fighting the opponent but many other latest ways of playing video games have been invented; such as new generation consoles and more interactive methods of playing.  Some people enjoy FPS (First Person Shooting) games while some may enjoy the action/adventure kind. The point is that games provide the brain with the excitement it needs to cope with the hectic life without ending up in depression. Studies show that a great amount of dopamine (the chemical which deals with the sense of achievement) is released in the brain when a person plays a video game.

6. Frustration:


There are many people who are sick of their life. They hate other people, they hate their jobs, and they hate the burden life puts on them. This builds up stress inside a person and unfortunately relieving that stress in the real world usually ends up as a crime. Here games provide people with a platform to take out all the pent up anger they have inside them. They can take a bazooka and destroy a building like they do in Battlefield or butcher zombies with a chainsaw and no one gets hurt other than the zombies of course. Thus many people love games so that they can take out the frustration they have.

5. Control


Control is a part of human nature, people want control. They want to control their lives, families, life partners, they want to control their social circle; basically they want to control everything. But very few people on mother Earth get that control while the others live their lives manipulated by those who have the control. The games provide people with a life they can control, with choices they can make and they always have the option of loading a save point so everything remains in their control. This makes those happy who are really tired of following people in real life and for once even though inside a game they can do whatever they feel like doing.

4. Skill Development:


Another big reason to love video games is the great load of information one gets from them. They can teach history, geography, English (for those who are not native speakers) and many other skills better than they are taught at various institutes. They improve hand eye co-ordination. It has been proven by scientists that video games help take better decisions in a small amount of time. Playing video games can also lead to a person having an eidetic memory by working on too much information at once. Video games develop in a person what is called a “thinking outside the box”. Thus a person can gain a lot of knowledge and many different awesome skills from video games.

3. Socializing :


Introverts are people who, either by choice or not, don’t socialize as much as the others. The reasons might be bullying, shyness, or even a mental disease. These people who find it really hard to make friends can really easily make friends online in a multiplayer game. They can socialize with people who have similar hobbies as themselves. Through these games they then arrange different kinds of off meets where they meet and know about each other. Thus gaming is providing friends to a kid who stopped believing in friendship when he was bullied as a child or to a guy who is disliked by his mates. In fact these days, people fall in love over a game and find their life partner.

2. Interactive storytelling:


Novels, movies, TV shows all are different ways of storytelling. In a novel you might have to picture what is going on in your head. In movies you can only see the things happening but you can’t control those things. In games however, which are also a mean of storytelling, you can interact with things. You can feel as if you are the protagonist and go through the story from his point of view. Thus experiencing the story first hand while taking the decisions yourself. Doing everything yourself thus enjoying the story more deeply. And the scientists are really hooked up on making this experience as realistic as possible introducing different much more interactive gaming tools like ‘Kinect’ or ‘Omni-directional treadmill’. The days of virtual reality are also not quite far way.

1. Its fun:


It’s fun. Fun is the very foundation of the existence of video games. Different people have different hobbies which they enjoy; similarly people who enjoy games play video games. Following a story with amazing visuals, artwork, breath-taking action, exciting music and having everything under your control. Getting challenges, gaining experience points, leveling up are all the fun aspects of video games. People love games because they enjoy them.

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