Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Cry

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The only thing boys should fear more than losing their jobs is a girl’s drop of tear. It can give you an instant heart attack if you are not prepared well enough to defend yourself from the storm of a girl’s tear. Especially when it has brought along the wrath of a girlfriend it is sure to doom you in its peril. A drop of tear becomes the weapon of girl when she is on the verge of losing the argument. Sometimes it is the proof of striking the sentimental chord. The more you try to understand a girl, the more will you be confused. So, prepare yourself to learn some of the reasons why girls shed tears more often than boys.

10. An emotional film:


Every time you see a dull movie, you might find it too boring to resist. But for the sake of your girlfriend you have to cling onto that seat and give a shoulder to cry on. Girls are emotionally very strong but during a soppy movie, they give up on their tear glands. Movies are made to strike that emotional chord but boys might find it as lump in the throat. When caught in midst of such situation, keep tissues in handy and try not to laugh at her emotions or you might be left at the mercy of god.

9. A world without a loved one:


Life is sometimes too harsh on us. It enforces upon us the reality that none of us are immortal and our loved ones leave us in the middle of this mysterious world. The one who gave us support to hang on, the one who taught us to face the reality and fight. When that one person leaves us alone, it is too hard to hold on the tears. Girls being more emotionally attached in a relationship, cry their heart out and it is your responsibility to give her a tight hug and say that when you are with her, nothing will go wrong.

8.Crying for no reason:


When it is not manipulation and any frustration, it can just be a sincere emotion. You will go mad understanding her and her mood swings. Girls respond different to different situations and you might find it awkward to see her ushering in tears for no reason. But that is the only way out. It is difficult to find out what is going out in her head. So better not to bother her more when she says she have no reason for crying. Just give her a company and be an earful to all her little worries.

7. Anger:


Unlike men, women anger sprouts very rarely. But when it sprouts, it is no less than a volcano eruption. But when is recounting her tale of her ogre boss or having a horror time with the veggie hawkers, keep calm and try to act opposite to her instincts. She might just cry and blame you for everything but this might be the frustration oozing out. Freeze for a moment and try not to entangle her in more tears.

6. Happiness


It has been long since you met your love of life and you suddenly feel warmth of his hand in a busy road. Or your hard work has finally been paid off and you got a promotion. These are the situations which makes living worthwhile.  Since there is a sudden outburst of emotion, there can be no other way to speak than to let flow these tears of joy… These are not the sign of weakness but a joyous heart inside prancing like a pony. It jumps out in form of tears to show the world what this moment means for the girl.

5. Hormonal day out:


It is that time period when hormones play their heart out. They make the girl go insane. It is that time period when nothing can soothe a girl except being patient to her wails and give in to her demands. In this time being she is at the epitome of her emotional outburst and can give you a sudden dive into her waves of tears for mundane things. But do not even try to mock at her emotions. Just give her a company and sympathize with her for the time being.

4. Manipulation:


Whether it is a father to give in to her little princess demand or it is a teacher who stops his hand on the onset of tears on the face of a little girl’s face, it has always proved that men generally fall on their knees on the set off of tears. Sometimes it is the girlfriend’s tear that has stopped a battle from commencing into a world war. Girls from the early childhood learn that their tears can become a weapon if necessary. But it is really tricky to differentiate the fake ones from real. So, better watch out for it and the only way out could be backing off.

3. Memories:


Wish I could relive the school days… Wish I could bunk classes while having a proxy attendance in class…The memories are hard to part with. But some memories give us a silence awkwardness to live with the whole life. We always reminisce about the past and wish to have a time machine and go back and change the moment we never want to think about. These memories play in slow motion in front of our eyes and pave in way for tears to flow. It is better to initiate a conversation when she is wrapped up in the past. They are nothing but a harsh truth in our life and it’s better to forget them and move on.

2. Attention:


Attention is the word that every one yearns to have in some phase of one’s life. But sometimes attention becomes so demanding that the person tries every possible means to grab it and flaunt it. Then, comes the other facet of one’s personality. Mainly girls vying for attention stoop down to many tactics to gain attention and make their works done.One of this is be fooling guys with the mask of tears. Sometimes it is the tool for initiating a spark in a long term relationship where the girl gets to know whether her love still cares for her. No guy can ever break this net and survive…

1. Falling out with partner:


When was the last time when you fought with your girlfriend and brought her to tears? It might not be pleasant memory to remember but she is the one who was more hurt than you.

When in love everything seems to be going perfect. But even tiffs with partner are a part and parcel of being in love. Boys being too hard on their part try to show their rage by kicking the things out of the way. But girls being emotionally hurt cannot show their anger on mere non living stuff. They feel the brunt of being alone and cry their hearts out. They try not to show their rage in public but try to dissolve their pain in mere drops of tear. I don’t say not to have an argument. Fights are the true spice along the way of love. So have a healthy fight before you bow down and speak those magical three words to her and resolve all tiffs.

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