Top 10 Reasons Why Humans Are The Most Uncivilized

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Man sits on the crown of the list when we speak of legendary creations. The human race is believed to be the most unique and important creation in the entire universe. It is natural that things improve as time advances. Sadly this isn’t the case when it comes to the homo-sapiens. It is no secret that animals rely on their instincts to act, plants sadly, do not even have that, however man is blessed with the power of thinking, yet he has left no stone unturned to lay the path of self destruction and walks on it with utmost pride. Although he sits amidst comforts, man still hasn’t left his primitive mannerisms. It’s unfortunate that today the human race is turning out to be worse than animals. Here are top 10 reasons why humans are the most uncivilized creatures.

10. Goes against Nature


In spite of being blessed with all the intelligence that would make other species go green with envy, man has lost all his intelligence and has destroyed nature beyond recognition for the sole purpose of his selfish motives. It’s funny how the human race is touted to be the smartest of all living beings and they ruthlessly cut trees just to make placards with “Save trees” written on them. In a bid to make life more and more comfortable, man has done more harm than good, this resulting in a constant rise in air, water and soil pollution. By the looks of it man is on a mission to destroy everything that is natural and make everything a byproduct of his thinking, just to give him an ego boost. Sometimes (rather most of the times!) it seems like men back then were more civilized than their successors, if not anything at least they were in tune with Mother Nature.

9. No respect for life


A continuation of the previous point, man has lost all the reverence for life and that is the reason he isn’t thinking twice before destroying anything. Whether it is chopping off of trees, killing of animals or destroying mountains, in the name of progress man has managed to achieve its exact opposite.

8. No sense of discrimination


Man being a sense bound animal, has made sense gratifications his prime priority. Sadly, to fulfill his sense based pleasures, he has lost his distinctive power of discrimination. It is unfortunate that he is unable to identify what is right and what is wrong. What’s even worse is the fact that even after being well aware of a few things; he still goes on to pursue them. For example it I no secret that alcohol, cigarettes and drugs cause harm to the body, yet man consumes them and then slowly gets addicted to them.
When an animal acts on its instincts and a man is dictated by his sense bounds demands, then I hardly see a difference between man and animals.

7. Pathetic living conditions


Blame the government, lack of education; lack of awareness and ten thousand other things, but the living conditions for a few unfortunate ones is distressing. Lack of basic amenities like potable drinking water, hygienic shelters and clean clothing has thrown us leaps behind our ‘progress program’. A closer look and you don’t see much of a difference in the living conditions and the living conditions now. Sad, but true.

6. Human rights? What’s that?


There’s no dearth of human rights organizations in the world, yet a lot of inhuman activities are on a steep rise. Today’s civilized men will not an eye lid before harming his fellow human beings. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the news dailies and there’s nothing but crime all over. Murder, homicide, rape, bombings have become a very common thing these days. It is a shame on mankind to resort to such things. It’s obvious that one plant is incapable to harm the other plant, irrespective of the specie it belongs to, animals kill other animals to satisfy their hunger, but they have not fallen down to a level where they’d kill a member of their race. But the so called intelligent man has exceeded all levels of stupidity by killing his fellow human beings. Shame.

5. I, Me, Myself


We, along with our uncivil ways have also left behind the mantra of sharing and caring. Man has become so self-centered that he just forgotten that apart from there is a world that exists. With all the technological advancements and comforts, man has become a slave to his desires and he is just not bothered about the others. No matter what happens, he wants to and tends to fulfill his destructive desires by hook or by crook.
Hook or by crook reminds, animals live by this and they are not at fault because they’re not blessed with the kind if intelligence man is blessed with. And yet with all the intelligence, man is becoming uncivilized day by day.

4. We have moved away from our roots


No matter how much we modernize ourselves, nothing can change the fact that religion has taught us the way of life. Whether it is taking bath early in the morning or whether it is worshipping women in the form of Durga Ma or Mother Mary. All the chaos in the world because somewhere down the line we’ve forgotten our roots, forgotten our true identity and have foolishly aped the West (foolishly because, we’ve picked up only the negative qualities of the Westerners). We must be proud of the power of understanding that we’ve been blessed with, but it is really heart breaking to see that we haven’t exploited this unique gift at all.

3. We’ve undervalued ourselves miserably.


Rather we value money more than anything else. Yes, money is really important for our survival, but making it the sole reason of our existence is horrible. Many a few human beings have put the entire mankind to shame by being consumed by greed. So much so that man hasn’t hesitated to take up horrific steps in order to fulfill his monetary desires. So blind has man become, that he fails to understand the difference between right and wrong.
When man cannot differentiate between right and wrong, he has stooped too low for him to make up for it again.

2. Civic sense, let’s have more of it


It was only man who had the power and ability to be sophisticated, but the ‘intelligent’ yet ignorant man has never shied away from behaving in an unsophisticated manner. Whether it’s spitting on roads, defecating and urinating on the roads or pathetic road sense, man has gone back to his old ways of animalistic living. The only solution to get back the lost civilization is by implementing stringent rule and proper implementation of them.

1. Have we forgotten that we’re humans?


The root cause of this problem is that we’ve failed to identify ourselves. We don’t stand for anything.  We have completely eliminated morals and ethics from our lives. Blame it on the cut throat competition or on the fight for existence, we are going about in our day to day lives without applying the distinct power of discrimination. Somewhere in this mad rush of survival we’ve forgotten that we’re fortunate enough to exist as a human being. This problem HAS to be addressed at the grassroots level if not the consequences would be catastrophic.

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