Top 10 Reasons not to have Kids

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One always wonders when to have kids. However, we want you to think whether one should have kids at all or not. In the busy city life with all sorts of financial and social pressures plunging over you, you need to maintain a personal space too. Having a kid somehow disturbs that personal space and leads to an added burden. Noisy babies and hectic schedules one has to look after can get tough. All this should definitely make you re-think your decision of having a baby.

We are thus, here to give you top 10 reasons for not having kids:

 10. Enjoy personal space

enjoy personal space

Imagine a world where your honeymoon period seems to last eternity. Unlike your friends, you do not have to spend your night before an important interview, changing nappies and feeding the baby. Every time you feel like doing something wacky, you do not need to have a hawk eye to check the baby alert. You do not have to compromise your personal space under the social, filial and moral obligation of being a parent.

9. Reduce mental pressure

reduce mental pressure

To solidify this argument of mine, I would ask you to honestly answer this question, “Do you like hearing babies cry?” obviously not! Then why produce one! Yes, these babies look adorable and cute to no end, but being practical and not all sentimental will help us realize the hitherto unseen benefits of being childless. The sitcoms, movies etc. regularly show glimpses of a tired, lethargic mom and dad. The mental pressure that one has to bear while raising a baby should be avoided; we already have so much to cope up with.

8. Get pampered

get pampered

We all like to be pampered like little babies. If that is the case, why reduce your probability of being pampered? Once you have a baby, all you are bound to feel and ponder upon is the fact that you now should pamper your little baby and not yourself. With a baby in your arms, your own life and priorities take a back seat. So, if you do not have a baby, you can indulge in pampering yourself recklessly, without feeling guilty about it all. You do not need to buy a chocolate for another person, when you can gorge into it yourself and feel the ecstasy of life.

7. No moral righteousness

no moral righteousness

In our morally scrupulous world, we ought to have values instilled in our babies since the very beginning. In order to achieve this, you have to yourself uphold all the moral lessons you have learnt at school and be a role model for the child. However, this tends to put shackles around you and make you a tight individual who is no longer ready to let go. You do not want to be a dull dad or monotonous mom. By not having a child, you can easily drive all this away.

6. No school hassles

no school hassles

Now imagine this situation; you have a child who is bad in academics, sports, extra-curricular and everything else that basically matters for a student, you are bound to be called again and again by the school authorities for numerous complaints. In case your child turns out to be a bully, the case gets even worse. Moreover, by the time you have kids, you are done with school and who wants to get into those hassles and compulsions? However, if you go all bold and courageous, and conceive a child, you are going to be in a soup!

5. You stay financially sound

be financially sound

Inflation like anything, economy shutdown, increased taxes and all sorts of financial crises ought to make you reconsider your decision of having a child. In today’s world where money talks and unemployment rate is increasing consistently all over the globe, raising a child is no cake walk. From the basic hospital bills to school fees to outings, you have to have enough money for another life, literally. So, jeopardizing your financial position just to have a kid when you are subconsciously aware that you will not be able to provide for that kid, is not a wise decision.

4. Avoid forced professions

avoid forced professions

A child needs a nanny and a tutor, to name a few. Now you can always hire these people, but that does not lift the onus of nurturing a child and being its all-in-one parent at all. As a father or mother, you are bound to be a good care taker of the baby and an expert in teaching, no matter how many Fs you got in high school. The dependence on nanny and tutor from outside has to be there lest your life go helter-skelter, but to have an intimate bond and to pass on the family values onto the posterity, you need to have family conversations and teachings for which you have to have some skill possessed all of a sudden by divine powers. But, the silver lining to this dark cloud is that you can always drop the very basic idea of having a child and avoid various forced professions and being a multi-tasker.

3. Keep the Spark alive

keep the spark alive!

Once a couple has a baby, the number of romantic dates, candle-lit dinners, late night sentimental conversations go down drastically. Due to an added relation, the old relationship somehow takes a back seat and comes to a standstill. Married couples often complain about having lost that spark in their relationship post-kids. This seems legit too as now the couple has to divide the time into three parts instead of two which creates a problem. To keep that spark alive, better eradicate the very root of this problem, do not have kids. As how does it make sense that you are giving birth to a new relationship, but that is built upon the grave of the initial one?

2. No labor pains

say no to labour pains

The horrible pain the mother has to bear while giving birth to a baby is beyond imagination. The condition of the mother cannot be compared to anything on this planet. The position of the father is no better. Watching his wife undergo that intensity of pain surely sends chill down the spine of the father. To add to his misery is the fact that he has no first-hand experience of that pain. Being in a painful state is no person’s dream in their sanity. So just sneak out of this whole baby-business and enjoy a pleasurable life.

1. Have Sex

have sex

Once you have a baby, the sexual intimacy suffers the most brutal death. The continuous wailing of the baby in the middle of the night makes it impossible for the couple to make love to each other. This slow poison leads to ultimate death of the couple’s sexual life. In order to prevent this sexual barrenness, you ought to stop thinking about reproducing and live life your own way, without any restrictions and code of conduct to follow.

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