Top 10 Reasons to Never Steal your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

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Best friends often swear by this that they will never let a guy come in between their friendship. No matter whom the guy is and how he makes them feel but nothing can break their friendship or lessen the affection they have for each other. But sometimes it becomes hard to keep promises, especially when your best friend’s boyfriend is super cute and adorable! Being your best friend’s partner you are ought to spend some time with him too and also at certain times you two can be together with no best friend around. And naturally if you spend a lot of time with someone you risk developing a soft corner for them and may ultimately fall in love with that person. If that is what is happening with you too then stop, at this very moment. No matter how hard it may seem but recall what you said to your best friend about keeping her before any guy and the trust you two share. How would she feel when she gets to know that you are after her boyfriend and are trying stealing him away from her? It will destroy her and even you won’t be able to stay at peace. So here are 10 reasons why you should NOT fall for the temptation and stay away from stealing your best friend’s boyfriend.

10. Leads to Awkwardness


Love triangles are always filled with complications and lots of awkwardness. What earlier used to be fun-loving times can now pop up all sorts of tensions and issues. And there is sure going to be a lot of awkwardness between everyone involved. If you are the reason behind your best friend’s breakup it will disturb two of yours friendship and if her former boyfriend is your current one then trust me, the situation can’t get worse than this.

9. Morally incorrect


Setting an eye on what’s not yours is a bad thing and when we are talking about boyfriends it is ethically a crime. Your best friend has meant the world to you and stealing her boyfriend is a pathetically selfish act and if you are a person with a good conscience, you will know it’s not correct and you should not do it under any circumstances.

8. Can cause Embarrassment


If you dream of snatching away your best friend’s man and fly away to a dreamland with him then you might need a reality check over her. You still got to live around the same people who will judge you and judge you bad for doing this. You might become the butt of jokes in your entire school or in your friend’s circles which will bring about embarrassment for both you and your new found love. People can say pretty mean things just to have a laugh. A loser, cheater or a backstabber, you never know what they will start calling you. So if not for your best friend, then for at least for your self-respect you should NOT do this and spare everyone from embarrassment.

7. Fills you with Guilt


When one is blinded by a new love they don’t ponder upon things around them but get lost in their own love bubble. At such a time it becomes hard for them to differentiate between right and wrong or think how things can turn in a longer run. But sooner or later there comes a moment of realization. And that will fill you with guilt and remorse. You will find yourself blameworthy for cheating over your best friend, acting selfish and stupid and ruining over some beautiful bonds.

6. There’s no going back


We all make mistakes, some minor some major. And when one fine day we realize about them we start walking on our guilt trip. At such times one is willing to do anything to get back to the past and undo certain actions. But what’s once done is done. There is no going back from there. You have to learn to live with the consequences of your deeds and when the deeds include stealing best friend’s boyfriend, the consequences are ought to be harsh.

5. You can’t have a happy relationship either


What can you say about the quality and the longevity of a relationship that started with sneaking behind your best friend with her boyfriend? And here we are talking about a guy who dumps his girlfriend to be with her best friend. What kind of person does that make him? Not a loyal one I am sure. And a relationship involving an un-loyal man can never prosper. What he did to her tomorrow he might be doing the same thing to you by moving on to another woman. Moreover even you can’t be able to enjoy your romance knowing what you did to your best friend. So instead of having such a relationship, you better not have one and let your friend enjoy hers peacefully.

4. Will destroy the friendship


True friendships are hard to find and once you have that they are worth cherishing for a lifetime. But you also got to protect that friendship from time to time as even the strongest of bonds can get bruised. Getting close to your best friend’s boyfriend is bound to affect the friendship between you two and not just affect but it can destroy it completely making it impossible to rekindle. So you have to think about that precious bond you share with her and how important it is for both of you to have that. Can you let anything hamper that intimacy and closeness that you have adored for all this time?

3. Will break the Trust


Human bonds and especially friendships are built on the foundation of trust. Within best friends this trust is the strongest and almost unshakable. However certain unfavorable conditions can cause serious damage to it which is often un-repairable. And if the situation involves taking each other’s boyfriends trust is the thing that gets the worst hit. Your best friend will never be able to trust you again no matter how sorry you feel afterwards and what you do to make up for it. Once gone, the same kind of trust can never be developed again.

2. It will break her


A confidant, a companion, well-wisher and what not. She has been and meant so much to you and so do you mean to her. Seeing her getting hurt and devastated is one of your worst nightmares. And the thing that you are going to do to her can break her completely. What happened to “Mess with her I break you” attitude of yours anyway? Now you can’t be messing with her heart and feelings for your own good. Think about her.

1. You will lose your best friend


People who have a best friend in their life who can stand up for them whenever they can’t are truly lucky. Or one can say a life without a best friend is a life wasted. And when you have got one you shall acknowledge her importance and shall do every possible thing to never let her go. But falling for her boyfriend and then trying to steal him from her will surely make you lose your best friend. And no guy can be worth that.

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