Top 10 Reasons why the Next Generation would laugh at us

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Not because the coming generation would be too modern or we are too backward. It is simply because our ways of life would be too different from each other. We always tend to be a step ahead than our previous generation so that we can claim that we are more advanced and certainly the generation coming forth us would do the same. The beauty and burden of “time” lies in the sarcastic ways it adopts to shift authority from one generation to another. Something in vogue is bound to get outdated at some point of time, and it is very probable that a custom or a conduct that used to be absolutely normal, might become an object of laughter. Let’s check out the ten things that’ll fall prey to the test of time, and for which the future generations would laugh upon us-

10. Arranged Marriages

arranged marriages

If the institution of marriage doesn’t collapse in the coming decades, and the concept of wedding still prevails then the notion of arranging the conjugal life of two individuals i.e. arranged marriage would receive most humiliating laughter of the forthcoming generation. Here “arranged” automatically signifies getting married to a person who strictly belongs to your caste and community, and must be in compliance with the parameters that your elders have set. The gen-next would be a generation relying more upon logic than emotions and baseless customs, hence, a concept that limits your options of a probable partner, a concept that restricts you from independently thinking for a life that is yours and a concept that imposes a major decision upon you that you should have taken would be entirely unacceptable by the next generation.

9. Considering homosexuality a Taboo


The gen-next is going to be independent, rational and inconsistent with the obsolete faces of taboos. In fact, it’s safe to presume that taboos won’t exist in the latter half of this century. In such scenario, having partners of same gender would be compatible with the social norms. Homosexuality won’t be an issue, and the unnatural of today would be the natural of tomorrow. So, naturally, abstaining from accepting homosexuality would bring our generation in a questionable or laughable position in front of the next generation.

8. No sex education

sex edu

“Then how did you people get to know about sex?” that would be the question that our kids would be asking to us and we would stay mum with a retrospective smile. Sex education would be such a common thing in the forthcoming education system that the mere thought of obtaining such information from self chosen and “unmentionable-in-front-of-parents” sources would create amusement and laughter at the same time for the future lot. It would be hard to grasp that openly talking about sex was restricted or indecent.

7. Carrying paper money

paper money

In the forthcoming era of plastic money and internet banking, who wouldn’t find it worth a laugh that once upon a time people used to stuff their wallets with paper currency. The days when people used to carry briefcase of bags for heavy transactions and when something like fake currency existed, would be an alien imagination.

6. Education system


Noting down your teacher’s lecture word for word, submitting handwritten homework’s, giving exams on an answer sheet and also throwing chalks upon your teacher. These feelings would be hard to grasp for the future gen kids. An education system where the teaching videos would be available on the school’s website and in the age of smart classes, the former education system and the face of the earlier classroom teaching would be ridiculed.

5. Life without internet


Now this would be something that would make us look like war victims of some underdeveloped village in front of the gen-next. The oncoming list of basic necessities would include-apart from food, cloth and shelter- internet as well. And an exclamation mark with sprinkles of sympathy and laughter would eclipse their faces when they would know that we “survived” a major share of our life (which also includes our schooling) without internet.Yeah, you heard it right kid…no Google, no Facebook, no Wikipedia an obviously no easily accessible pornography. We didn’t book our movie or travel tickets online and there used to be something called “looooooooooooong queue”.

4. Wars over religion


Religion is such an over hyped concept in our society. The coming generation will be so much globalized that for them ‘religion’ will be a trivial thing to think over. But once they get to know their history, they will surely be amused knowing that there was a time when people raged a war just because a mosque or temple was demolished. The gen-next shall come up with a more modern outlook. Religion won’t be a parameter for them to classify people in any social context. It shall all depend on how advanced and progressive you are to fit in the modern society.

3. Letting “Godmen” exist

god men

Well, this is something we deserve to be mocked at. A country where people worship The Third Eye of Nirmal Baba, Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev and god knows what else kind of baba’s and maharaj’s and so blindly lose in their faiths that they fail to figure out the actual truth. Moreover they would be even more amused to know that it was these god-men of our country who were involved in charges of sexual assault, land grab, corruption and the list goes on. Any person who comes wearing white or saffron robes and speaks a few spiritual stuff, people start believing he is no less than a ‘god’. Nothing can be more hilarious and stupid for them than this bizarre concept.

2. Equating virginity with dignity


Losing virginity shall not be a big deal for the next generation since it would no longer be a “What, you lost your virginity?” kind of thing for them. And with this trend falling in, they would be really amused knowing that there was a time when virginity defined the character of a person. The society was very much conservative with this entire concept of ‘virginity’ and many would even fear to speak of it in public as if it was a sin.

1. Stray animals on the road


In the generation of polished roads and systematized traffic, a mere thought of finding a cow right beside your car’s window would tickle ribs if not take you aback with shock. Sharing the same traffic with stray animals is and has been an annoying but a normal thing in a country like India…but generations later, with improvement in the efficiency of authorities, stray animals would hopefully find themselves within the boundaries of some farm. And picturing a whole lot of jam packed cars and a cow giving birth to her child on the middle of the road would be a ROFL moment for the next generation.

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