Top 10 Reasons why we still love F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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It started in 1994, technically ended in 2004  and now after 9 years we still have sitcoms trying to reach the F.R.I.E.N.D.S mark. The loyal fans till date swear that no other Sitcom can ever have the healing effect and no other gang on TV can make you smile the way those six can. To introduce the gang we have a stupid yet warmhearted Casanova, Joey Tribbiani. Next is mother hen of the gang, Monica Gellar-Bing with the highest level of Obsessive compulsive disorder. Sarcasm and intimacy issue are the deals of Chandler Bing. Rachel Green is Materialistic and ballsy, Dr Ross Gellar is the brainy one but is the guy with heart of gold. And lastly  the Craziness. weirdness and strength of Phoebe Buffey completes the picture .  For those who haven’t seen the show yet, this article may sound vague but for the fans, every reference will evoke a memory.

10.The first true ‘ensemble’ show

      The first true ensemble show

This show had the distinction of being the one show in which each of the six main character has a strong background, strong back story and a story line with equal prominence for each of them. The  TV shows mostly tend to focus on few of the characters with other leads turning into side actors. In F.R.I.E.N.D.S we see that every character has a story going on and that is why when we think of the sitcom we imagine all of them together.


9. Bonds


The idea that girl friends are all bitchy, jealous and gossipy and are back stabbing their beautiful female friends. This show has three gorgeous girls who don’t put a knife in each others back but have their backs whenever the world is mean. The guys in the show are each tough, nervous and geeky but they help each other whenever the need strikes.


8. I’ll be there for you

I ll be there for you

Its like you’have always been in second gear.
when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month
even your year, I ll be there for you…

Your mother warned you there’ll be days like these
But she never told when the world has brought you down on your knees 
Ill be there for you…

The lines of the theme song makes you literally yearn for a friend who can makes these words come true. The one who will help you in need who will stick around and who will know you and in-spite of all the know-ing , will still love you. FRIENDS gave faces and life to those friends and today you always have them around you. If not in flesh and blood they become a part of you and watching the show you live with the characters vicariously.

7. Quirky weds crazy to beget lunatic

Quirky weds crazy to beget lunaatic

Phoebe  has a layer of quirkiness with another layer of craziness wrapped in childlike innocence. She sings made up songs about Smelly Cat, Pervert Parade , you get the gist. Joey has a heart but is dim and this creates fun moments with his pet line “how you doin”. Ross married once to a lesbian and had a child, second to Emily but divorced because he said Rachel name at the ceremony, married Rachel in Vegas and has 3 divorces in his kitty before hitting the big 3 0 ! When these characters meet with girlfriends/boyfriends/jobs and the coffee the pandemonium created is priceless.


6. 20’s life in New-York.

20's life in new york

Said to be one of the best cities of the world, the tourism shows will take you to Madam Tussaud and statue of liberty but with FRIENDS you get to see the life which any tom-dick-harry can have in the city. The show starts with characters in their mid twenties and we see them enter into thirties. The jobs and life is shown as real as possible with hiring and firing and hook-ups and break-ups. The realistic approach with hilarity woven right in every inch of it, life seems pretty awesome in the big apple


5. Guest  Appearances.

Guest appearancec

The 10 seasons saw the main lead plummeted to glory and this was evident by the huge celebrities wanting to be a part of the show. We were thrilled to see Brad Pitt play the former fat friend of Ross and one who hated Rachel to the core. This was when Jennifer was dating him. We like to see our favorite eye candies entwined in the show. There was Christina Applegate and Reese Witherrspoon played Rachel’s two spoilt sisters. Julia Roberts as Susie Underpants and chandlers friend as a child who avenges him for a prank, George Clooney as the smooth man-nurse, Bruce Wills as father of Ross’s student and girlfriend and Alen Baldwin ( described as  You’re like Santa Claus… on Prozac… in Disney Land… getting laid).as over enthusiastic date of phoebe. The guest list is long one but you get the gist.


4. Makes you feel like you belong

4.Makes you feel like you belong

The cast and story makes you feel like you belong, for no character is perfect. In fact they are total mess but they make you embrace that messed up face of their life. Ross is crazy about dinosaurs and he is not ashamed to be geeky and makes it a part of life, joey is stupid but he has a heart of gold, Monica likes control and shows us that being a little control freak is okay. Chandler has insecurities but he faces the world nonetheless. And with Phoebe you fell in love your crazy side. Life lessons from this series is that, Guys its okay to be you however crazy you are just find crazier friends and life will be smooth.


3. ‘Welcome to real world, it sucks, You are gonna love it ‘

Welcome to real world, it sucks, you are gonna love it

Her the series  focuses on the troubles that will come with life. At college level the common belief is that we will meet someone, fall in love and be together happily ever after. The show in its pilot episode had the line, “welcome to the real world, it sucks’ The transition with every relationships be it love or family or friends or roommates or bosses life is shown throwing punches left right and center. The adorable thing here is that the gang doesn’t stand tall always, they take the punches, fall down, pull each other up and dust themselves ready for life again. This makes it easier to relate to them for the phoniness is minimum with every character facing trouble one way or the other.


2. They stick together.

They stick together

What do you want from your friend? That they be rich/tall/strong/smart ? 99% of being a friend is just sticking around. The 10 year see lot of heartbreaks in the show, the way the stress is handled here is one thing that makes you go áweeeee’. The money crisis or girl trouble of joblessness or family loss, the internal fall out, everything is put aside when a friend calls out for help. The one thing due to which the show still airs regularly even today is that it focuses on pure friendship.


1. Its Funny

Its funny

When we talk about comedy shows FRIENDS enter the discussion. The one liners and the situations are priceless and will make you smile for sure. Even the reruns are appealing for you tend to find something you missed out in the previous watches. Some of the one liners are “You can’t just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do?” , “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”,” Aahh. Unagi.– ‘Aahh. Salmon Skin Roll.” But it hurts my Joey’s Apple. The “how you doin” “We were on a Break” and “Oh.. my…Gwaad”  are trademarked to Joey, Ross and Janice.

FRIENDS has been a deeply loved experience with a loyal following till date. The odd mix is surely not the coolest people of New-York but they raised a whole lot of hell in the 10 years. And that is why we still love them.

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