Top 10 Reasons for the Success of Twitter

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Twitter has been grown in popularity in the past 2 years enormously and everyone from your favorite celeb to you favorite restaurant is busy Tweeting. What started as a small social networking site that was basically about writing what you feel like in 140 characters and tweeting has not become so much more than that. Even after these years, Twitter has still maintained its uniqueness and has been very popular and successful. But what are the reasons for it’s huge success? We list out top 10 reasons for the success of Twitter

10. Discounts and Contests


Discounts & Contests

Festive season is around the corner and you can expect many brands and e-commerce websites busy with their promotion and contests on Twitter. With loads of discounts and free stuff to get rid of, this is a win-win situation for the company as it increases the number of followers for their account and they get rid of the things cheaply. They have special discounts for people who follow their Twitter throughout the year. In a way, this has helped people who’re not interested much in tweeting their thoughts but interested in saving some money stick to Twitter.

9. Fewer advertisements


Fewer Advertisements

One thing with every social networking site does when it becomes slightly popular and starts getting the internet traffic is that it shoves promoted content and advertisements in the user’s face when he clearly didn’t sign up for this. Users tend to spent more time on a site that has less adverts and this has helped Twitter. With Twitter, the advertisements and promoted content has been surprisingly low key. Sure, the site still does shove s promoted tweet or two on your timeline but it still hasn’t gone the Facebook way with many advertisements. Here’s hoping it does stay that way for a long time!

8. Sharing of interesting links


Sharing Links

The internet is filled with loads of interesting stuff that has the ability to fascinate everyone with those particular interests. It is virtually impossible to check many website on a daily basis and learn new things. From this point of view, the link sharing on Twitter has become an important feature in the success of it. You would rarely see a popular website that doesn’t that a ‘Tweet button’ these days and the sharing has become very easy as a result of this. With so many journalists having their own Twitter account nowadays linking of many must read articles or must watch videos has become a habit for many Twitter users.

7. Real time updates


Real Time Updates

If you look at what events on Twitter were discussed the most, you would find a lot of them are sports events such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, the Olympics or a football game. This is due to many people live tweeting about the game as it is going on and tweeting their thoughts about a good goal or a good play in the game. It’s not just live sporting events that has been a feature but many things such as the election of the new Pope or the Delhi election results for that matter that have been updated in real time and the users seem to engage in this the most.

 6. User Freedom


User Freedom

Every social networking site has its set of weirdo(s) who spoil the fun and misuse the gift that is the social media. Twitter has its own fair share and such account usually gets reported or banned sooner than later. But, even with certain restrictions, user freedom on Twitter is the most among all other social networking sites. One can still post NSFW content without it being reported as when you choose to follow some, you accept whatever he/she is tweeting. Should one not like what they’re seeing, it is always easy to hit the unfollow button or report it in extreme cases. User freedom has definitely helped twitter grow and increase its popularity.

5. Celebrities


Celebs on Twitter

One of the main reasons people wanted to be on Twitter was because their favorite celebrities were on it and busy tweeting. From Kim Kardashian to Kobe Bryant, you name a celeb and there’s a good chance he/she would have a Twitter account. In a way, a lot of credit for the success of Twitter has to go to the celebrities as, with them their fans also came and that increased the number of users. It’s not just the celebrities from the reel world, people like Barack Obama and even the Pope has to give in and get a Twitter account sooner than later.

 4. Breaking News Portal


Breaking News Portal

Traditional print media is dying a quick death and new media is taking over. You get push notifications on your mobile if there is major breaking news from the various news applications that you download on your smart phone. Twitter has become a major source of breaking news as one can receive real time updates through the timeline. I found out about the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the Boston marathon bomb blasts as the news broke on Twitter in real time. So many people wake up and log in to their Twitter to check what’s making the news and it’s become a habit for them now.

3. Mobile Clients


Twitter on Mobile Phones

Mobile apps have literally changed the world ever since the iPhone revolution started. Earlier, unless you were near a computer or a laptop with an internet connection you would be out of loop of what’s going around the world at that very moment. But, with apps it became a lot simpler to connect with people and be in the loop. Twitter was already easy but with Twitter mobile clients it became even easier to Tweet and it became more addictive. You could ‘tap to tweet’ from your mobile device from literally any location with an internet connection in the world and that helped Twitter reach the popularity it is at right now.

2. Easy to use


Easy to Tweet

The main Universal Selling Point of Twitter is that it is extremely easy to use. You have 140 characters to express something and that’s about it. Sure you can add pictures and links to that but most of the business is still about expressing yourself in just 140 characters. It’s different. For something like Facebook, you always had Orkut which was similar to Facebook but Facebook was a great upgrade to that. Unlike here where you still do not have an alternative for Twitter and may never will. The feature of a Re-tweet is the only real feature apart from a Tweet itself and hence with this being an easy tool to use, Twitter became very popular.

1. Vent


Without shadow of a doubt, this the most important factor behind the success of Twitter. Twitter acts like a medium where people could just vent out their frustration on just about everything going on in their personal life or around the world. With people having an option to be anonymous, there’s no one to judge on here and you can tweet about how your life is unfair or how other guy’s life is. Teacher threw you out of her class? Tweet about it! Dad refused to buy you a Xbox? Go tweet about it, your boss is being a major pain in the ass? Tweet about that too! Being able to vent out your frustration takes the top spot in reasons for the success of Twitter.

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