Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Vote

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There are as many as 123 democracies in the world which means that voters across 123 different nations of the world have the power to exercise their voting rights to elect their leaders. Surprisingly, global voting trends show that not more than half of the total voters exercise their voting power. Some think their vote does not make a difference, some think all candidates are alike while some are too engrossed in their personal lives to care about the country. However, voting is not that bad an idea and there are various arguments to support it. Given below are top 10 reasons why one should cast his vote:

10. VOTE, to not let others decide for you

vote for yourself

Let’s face this obvious truth – whether you vote or not – someone will still be elected. If you don’t vote, some others still will and they will select the representative of your area, who will not just represent them but you too. Why should you let some other people decide for you if you yourself have the power to? Under the electoral law, all citizens are equal and your vote is just as important as anyone else’s. So, express yourself rather than quietly accepting the decision of others.

9. VOTE, because your vote counts


Many people, who do not vote, believe that their vote won’t count anyway, so they shouldn’t take the labor to visit the polling booth. However, in today’s world of extreme competitiveness, very close contests, last vote results and coalitions – EVERY vote counts. Your vote becomes even more important in local elections because the total people voting are much less. Who knows if your vote becomes the deciding vote of the election? What if you convince a few others to vote your choice and your candidate eventually wins by that margin? Vote, without assuming it as worthless, for you never know what may come.

8. VOTE, for getting the feel of a responsible citizen

vote for the feel of a responsible citizen

Now here’s a simple reason to vote in the next elections – VOTE TO FEEL GOOD. Believe it or not, voting does make you feel a bit more dignified, a bit more responsible, a bit prouder and a bit happier. Yes, for all those youngsters, it does give you that ‘cool’ tag too. It is a time when you feel connected to a bigger society and it’s great to be a part of it. Just take up your responsibility, vote for your favorite and feel proud about it – it’s as easy as that!

7. VOTE, as it’s free, anonymous, easy and fun!

its fun

You should definitely vote in the next elections if you’re tired of all of that paid voting in TV reality shows and polls, and wish to express yourself freely without caring about its expenses. Plus, it is anonymous and you are not inviting any animosity even if you dare to go against the majority. The whole process of elections is quite systematic, hassle-free and easy. You just have to register, get your card issued, carry it to the booth and vote. The polling booth is not always a dull place. You can get to meet new people, share your opinions, interact with the staff and you can actually spend good time on the Election Day.

6. VOTE, so you can complain later!

vote to complain

Now, voting undoubtedly gives you the right to complain in case your representative deviates and his decisions are doing no more good to the general public. On the same time, if you do not vote, your right to complain gets snatched away morally. You should care enough to vote for electing a more responsive government because a legislator always has to stand accountable to the people who vote him into that position.

5. VOTE, as you care about your future

vote for your future 2

The representatives we elect via elections are the ones who make laws for us, laws which affect our lives in every sphere. Not just laws, our legislators formulate policies and schemes for the welfare of the masses. The future of your kids lies in the hands of your leaders. They determine the quality and cost of their education as well as take vital decisions over health services, medicare and private insurance laws. They also decide the minimum wages, insurance policies, workplace safety laws as well as safeguards available to children and women. Therefore it becomes imperative on our part to choose the right leaders so that they take the right decisions for us.

4. VOTE, as you care about your security

vote for your security

Our representatives take daily decisions to maintain law and order in the area under their legislation. Crime prevention and enforcement of law is their responsibility. They also safeguard the interests of minorities and promote peace in society. Security is their chief concern so it is in our very own interest to choose representatives who are capable of discharging their duties well.

3.  VOTE, as it is your duty

duty to vote

There is one very important and obvious reason to vote in elections – simply because it is your duty to make your constitutional republic work. Choosing representatives is the very essence of democracy and you must respect it. Maybe it is of little relevance to you but ask those who suffer at the hands of an authoritative regime. Right to vote is something that many people have struggled for. Now when you have it, you should consider it your duty to make this system work.

2. VOTE, because your money is at stake!

vote for ur money

All legislators, local leaders, state officials, ministers, presidents and governors are managing not theirs but your money. This is the money you pay as taxes to them every year. Your legislators decide the annual national budget indicating how much money is to be invested, how much tax is to be levied as well as sector wise distribution of money. Since we care about our money, it is important for us to elect representatives who are not corrupt and can manage our money judiciously in the greater interest of the masses. They should be wise enough to formulate good financial policies which bring economic prosperity to your state.

1. VOTE, to choose your national brand

vote for your national brand

Here comes the biggest reason for you to vote your favorite candidate in the next upcoming elections. It is your state, your country, your nation. YOU have both the right and responsibility to choose the one who becomes the face of your country at the global level. You choose your own national brand. You choose who leads your country ahead of all others. Every country is seen in the light of the head of state. And you have the power to decide what your country looks like to others. So just gear yourself up for the upcoming elections, make your choice and VOTE for him/her!!

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