Top 10 Reasons to Watch Sherlock (BBC)

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The latest kid on the block that has taken the TV world by storm not just in its own homeland but the world all over is none other than Sherlock. This British television crime drama called Sherlock airs on BBC and is based on none other than our very own Sherlock Holmes. A little background for those who feel lost as to who this enigmatic character it is that we refer to. It is a detective created originally by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle revolving around the genius, narcissistic private detective Sherlock Holmes and his trusted partner in crime Dr. John Watson. Since then Sherlock Holmes has been adapted into movies, plays and TV shows innumerable times. And the latest one to join this long list is the series Sherlock created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.  It aired its first season in 2010 and since then airs once every two years with all 90 minute long episodes. (Talk about the agony this fandom goes through!). Currently its third season premiered to 10 million viewers. So this post here today is to help you decide as to why you should watch the show and join the madness. Take it from a fan who is completely Sher- locked, if this post doesn’t sound convincing enough, watch it anyway.

10) London:


This show is entirely based in London as the character of Sherlock Holmes is a resident of London and his famous albeit made up address 221 B Baker Street is known to us like our own.  This show brings about a welcoming change from the streets of America as usually seen in most of the TV shows and gives us a glimpse of the London life. It takes us through the grey rainy streets, gives us a ride in the black taxi cabs, and takes us inside the famous red telephone booths. You often see the character having a cuppa tea and using words like twonk, twit, which are truly British in nature. If a London lifestyle is what you are craving, then Sherlock is definitely the answer.

9) Modern twist in the tale:


Though it is largely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, it gives a contemporary and modern twist to the entire tale. It goes back in time and pulls the character of Sherlock and Watson, intact with their personalities and nuances and camaraderie and places them in current times. The magnifying glass gets replaced by microscopes, letters by phone call texts and emails and the diary of Watson get’s replaced by an online blog. You have paparazzi hounding the duo and twitter discussions about them, in the show itself.  All this makes the show more exciting as you see these iconic characters react to modern times, as if reborn.

 8) Tongue in cheek humor:


If you think Sherlock is only about murder, crime and gruesome deaths you are sadly mistaken. There is a lot of subtle humor to the show. The most obvious is the common misconception that all the characters seem to have about Watson and Sherlock dating, with their land lady convinced that they are dating. This is a subtle humor regarding the scores of theories that emerged with scholars arguing that Doyle subtly portrayed his characters to be gay. Often the titles names are similar to Doyle’s stories and if you’re familiar with them, you’ll catch the subtle referencing to parts of the stories in the episodes.

7)  Creativity:


As stated earlier, this show is a modern take on Sherlock and so the cases he deals with in the show are completely different and loosely based on the works of Sir Doyle. The cases, their complexities and the way they unfold and have been handled are surely with a touch of genius. Each episode is beautifully written and equally craftily directed. So much so that once you know the story and you go back and watch the episode again, you’ll find the hidden clues you had missed earlier. The creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are a force to reckon with.

6) Deductions:


Sherlock’s minute and detailed observation skill which helps him learn a lot about any person or situation, in the first instance itself are famously called his deductions. And the way that they are handled in the show are truly exhilarating. The camera focuses on each and every detail as Sherlock narrates the nuances and things he noticed to reach the conclusion he does. These moments in the show are purely adrenaline filled leaving you with a rush and admiration and a wanting for more such scenes.

5) Jim Moriarty:


Moriarty is Sherlock’s biggest nemesis, the one who can truly match up to Sherlock and his wits. The same antagonist has been maintained even in the series. For the first two seasons he fills in the role of the biggest villain. The character of Moriarty is played by Andrew Scott and he is truly spectacular. The character is smart, brilliant and also very creepy. His smartness and cunning will have you baffled as he goes after Sherlock with a vengeance. Andrew Scott is perfect for the role and lends the nuances needed for the modern portrayal of Moriarty. If not for anything else you definitely need to watch it for him.

4) Camaraderie:


The camaraderie between Sherlock and Watson is well known to everyone. They made bromance cool long before the term was even invented. The same bond can be seen in the show. Their friendly banter and their deep understanding of one another and the others ticks and nuances will make you wish you had a friend like Watson. The show is filled with many such moments all of which put a smile across your face. Both similar in some ways and different in many, they have an instant and loyal bond which is very strong and a faith in each other impossible to beat, no matter how hard anyone tries.

3) Martin Freeman:


He is the actor that portrays the role of Dr. John Watson in the show. Though he lacks the trademark mustache that Watson sports in the books; other than that he is perfect. His acting skills deserve applause as he neatly fits into the role of Watson. Calm, normal, with big puppy dog eyes and a fascination and awe regarding Sherlock’s work, Freeman is a perfect foil to Cumberbatch’s Sherlock. Watch him and you’ll be a fan.

2) Benedict Cumberbatch:


He is the actor that plays Sherlock Holmes. Once you watch him in this role, you’ll never imagine Sherlock as anyone else, guaranteed. He has picked each and every nuance of the character perfectly so much so that you forget he is an actor playing Sherlock and isn’t really the character himself. Be it the arrogance, or his ticks, or simply Sherlock’s faster than thought talking skills, Benedict manages each of it easily. The overnight increase in his fan following and the number of awards he is receiving is a testament to his acting skills.

1) Sherlock:


The iconic character of Sherlock Holmes himself is reason enough to watch the show. He is arrogant, narcissistic, and a high functioning sociopath. Though he can be irritating at times his wit and intelligence always blows you away. Though he seems uncaring, deep within he does have emotions and attachments and likes, if not everybody then surely his brother Mycroft and his only friend Watson. He is skillful, knowledgeable and has a charismatic and carefree attitude that will attract you to the character itself, irrespective of which actor is portraying him.

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