Top 10 Ridiculous things Women do to look Good

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Women and good looks seem to go simultaneously. Good looks are imperative for them. They are extremely conscious about their physical appearance. From tip to toe they want to look fabulous all the time. Wherever they go they want to be an eye catcher. They love being the center of attraction. Willing to look attractive is not an issue but when this makes you go all the way into doing ridiculous things is a serious problem. This issue mainly occurs with women as they want to look beautiful all the time. Being so conscious about themselves they are ready to do anything for their good looks. This makes them undergo really unfathomable things sometimes. Being naturally beautiful is different and straining yourself into looking good is unnecessary. It makes you look all the more stupid. In case you wondering what am I talking about, then scroll down, and here goes a list of some ridiculous things women do to look good.

10. Too much Makeup


Females and make up go hand in hand don’t they? Whatever it might be a party, marriage or any other occasion they are seen to get decked up. Often women wear extensive makeup which makes them look all the more artificial. They try all sorts of methods to hide their old age. They end up looking like an antique piece. Extensive use of makeup is obviously over the top. They use all kinds of products to look good. Painting your face like a piece of art certainly does not change you or make you look good.

9. Unnecessary diets


You want to wear a certain dress to a party but it doesn’t fit you right so you end up starving yourself. Well how much ever ridiculous it sounds women fall a prey to it. They go for unnecessary diets just to lose weight. Staying healthy is not their cup of tea. They prefer eating nothing just to look good. This even makes them cut short their meals to just half of what their appetite actually is. And how on earth can you look good when all the nutrition from your face has drained. This sure is a useless thing to do.

8. Surgery


Women go for surgeries for themselves when they are not satisfied with any body part of theirs. They want to look good to such a great extent that a single flaw found inclines them to get it replaced. They even go for Bot-ox injections in order to hide their wrinkles or any other symptoms of their going old. Isn’t this a ridiculous thing to do? They go for nose, lips and such other surgeries. Well when you have changed your own features then how is it you anymore? God has made you beautiful just the way you are so respect it. Do not go for unnecessary changes.

7.  Uncomfortable clothes


Clothes define your personality and so it is an agreed point that everyone likes to reflect a good one. But women seem to take it the other way around and go for clothes which do not even suit them. In the desire of looking good they go for uncomfortable dresses. They even go for short, revealing dresses. Things which do not suit you obviously will not make you look good. They will show a fake image of you. Wear what suits you and is right according to your body. Always wear what you are comfortable in.

6. Cigarettes and Alcohol


Surprisingly enough, many women are known to smoke and drink because they believe that it makes them slimmer. They feel they might lose a few pounds by lighting cigarettes. Many women who are addicted to such drugs find this as an easy way to lose weight. Well I don’t know about losing weight but it sure does choke your lungs. Why not eat a proper diet and look good rather than taking in harmful things for the same purpose.

5. Spending loads of money over expensive things

branded clothes

Women believe that anything expensive makes them look good. They feel buying branded clothes and accessories will give them a different look. Well, this is so not true. Spending a wad of cash over anything does not necessarily have to make you look good.  Branded stuff is sure good but not everything that’s branded is made for you. Money does not define your physical appearance. It is just a status symbol. Wearing expensive things and using expensive products cannot make you beautiful in an instant..

4. Funny facial expressions


Some women think that pouting their lips and fluttering their eyelashes is a cute thing to do and makes them look attractive. Well this is a reality check for you, they are annoying and childish. Trying to make such weird expressions is not your pick. A smile could work better than them. Making such expressions makes you look funny and nothing more than that. It would rather make you look desperate too.

3.  Going for all sorts of products

all sorts

Often women use a large number of products for their faces. Some are for a lighter skin tone, others are for clear skin and what not. A single pimple on their face gives way to a number of creams. They don’t even think of the side effects and just apply anything that they can get. They take risks with their skin. This sometimes may result in serious skin issues like acne or some lifetime after effect.

2. Lying about their age


With growing years women have a tendency to hide their age from people. They feel that telling themselves to be of a much younger age makes them attractive. Often when asked about their age they tell it to be much less than it actually is. They prefer keeping it a secret in order to look impressive. It is rightly said that you can never guess the age of a woman. Well keeping mum about your age sure does not change anything. It’s almost like telling a lie to your own self.

1. Wasteful consumption of money


Even though women are aware of the fact that with they are ageing with time but still they spend so much of money over stupid remedies for it. They should instead join yoga or gym which will prove to be effective for them. Instead they are ready to use just anything in order to look good. They prefer getting themselves injected for such purposes by spending such a lot of money. This is just a waste of money. They invest it in the wrong place. Things go according to nature. Everyone grows old with time and so you cannot make yourself an exception to it. So it’s better to act smartly and invest in the right place.

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