Top 10 Scariest Women Serial Killers

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We always keep talking about gender equality and the glories of women in every field possible. Whether it be space invading, or street-fights, women have been steadily making progress. And like all other fields, Serial killing also has its share of some infamous women from all around the world. It’s really shocking how the purported idol of patience, care and love can sometimes make you cringe with a dreadful show of completely antagonistic personality.

Now, we came across a long list of reported women killers where motives range from greed to pure sadistic evil. Here we have a (rather gruesome) list of top 10 scariest, most spine-chilling acts of evil which can put the graphics of Tarantino films to shame:

p.s- I must warn that this article has been marked as strictly forbidden for the weak-hearted, pregnant ladies and the under-aged kids who happened to venture here bypassing all the futile proxy-bans their parents put up .

10. Aileen Wuornos


Probably one of the most famous cases of women serial killers, Aileen Wuornos has a category of classification of serial killers named after her. She’s perhaps, one of the most melancholic story of having been turned into a monster by society. She had a terrible childhood, starting from sexual abuse by her own father to abandonment from family at the tender age of 15. She started working as a prostitute soon after physically torturing her 70-year old husband (who later got a restraining order against her) and used to pick up men from the highways of Florida. She killed 8 men before being arrested. There was also a 2003 movie called “Monster” played by Charlize Theron after her story. Before her execution, she lashed out for the first and last time on the media and the society for her fate.

09. Rosemary West


Rosemary, like the previous case, was a victim of an abusive childhood. She and her equally depraved husband used to seek out young and naive women from the streets of Gloucester (Britain) with the assuring promises of food, shelter and care. Then they used to brutally rape and torture them. Before killing their own daughter and stepdaughter, they had already 10 murders to their names.

08. Jane Toppan


This nurse used to be lovingly called “Jolly Jane” because she used to put in a lot of effort in her patients’ care. But little did they know that her primary motive used to be drugging them and bringing them to the brink of death, and appear to rescue them, and then again, poison them. She was classified as a Lust Killer, because, according to her records, she got immense sexual pleasure in watching people die. Sometimes, she used to molest unconscious, dying patients on their bed. She was disturbingly proud of her laurels of having killed 31 victims (possibly more), and wanted to go down in the history as “the person who killed the most helpless people than any other living man/woman“.

07.  Ivanova Tamarin


Ivanova Tamarin will most likely go down in history as the most murderous woman and mother. She was a filthily greedy woman with a lusty character. She grew her daughter to be equally depraved as she was. The duo gained notoriety in Kurdla, Estonia for murdering, looting, and mutilating around 27 corpses which was found in their storehouse during a raid in 1912. Apparently, their dining hall was accompanied by a secret trap door through which the victims were collected in the cellar. A lot of sharp weapons like knives and fetters found were testimony to their barbaric acts. The woman was actually the head of a gang which had claimed to murder 40 victims like that.

06. Belle Gunness


Belle was known to kill for greed. She started by murdering her husband and two kids and burning down the entire family business to claim insurance money. Soon afterwards, she’d lure middle-aged, rich men through love-letters and exaggerated personal ads, who would mysteriously die in accidents. Towards the end, when her estate was being raided, it was rumored that 42 bodies lay buried there and she had collected a quarter of millions of dollars during her stint. In an apt twist of fate, someone exacted revenge on this cruel woman, whose body was found beheaded and burned, but it was never confirmed whether the body was her’s or not.

05. Ida Schnell


Six infant murders at the age of thirteen is the awful record claimed by Ida Schnell, whose case was investigated at Munich, Germany. The girl used to work as a nursemaid and it wasn’t until her 6th murder in 1906 that suspicion led to the exhumation of the last baby she had murdered and arrested. She confessed that she had taken the lives of these infants by stabbing a hairpin into the lower part of the back of their heads till they ceased to cry. When inquired about her motive, she said that the crying of babies gave her an unexplained sexual “high” which led her to do anything just to make the crying baby stop.

 04. Enriqueta Martí


She was a Spanish child murderer and kidnapper of children. She was a self-styled serial killer who made her living through the sale of charms and potions made with human remains, and prostituting little children. She had multiple flats in Barcelona where she hid the remains of her victims or stored them alive to be later used in her potions. The police found several human remains, jars with greasy and coagulated blood, bones, skulls, legs, hands, hair and ribs ( which she would boil down for use as prime ingredients in her expensive “love potions,” or potions to treat tuberculosis, syphilis, and other diseases), an ancient book of potions, and a notebook written by her in Catalan with recipes and potions. As ultimately pieced together by authorities, her local crimes claimed at least twelve victims, but were possibly more. Interestingly, she was killed before her trail by her cellmates in 1912.

 03. Delphine LaLaurie


This royalty was a wife of a wealthy New Orleans physician in the early 1800s. She was quite popular for throwing glamorous parties. But she was really short-tempered. She was infamously known to subject her servants to inhuman punishments on their slightest mistakes. She has been charged to mercilessly beating a servant who pulled her hair during combing. During a 1984 fire which destroyed most of their estate, the firemen were harrowed to find several dead slaves chained to walls, a woman with her lips sewn, half-dead, skinned and eviscerated people, a man with forced sex-change and body parts lying around in the attic. She escaped the fire but a rumor has it that she continues to haunt the building.

02. Countess Elizabeth Bathory


This evil, dissipated, conceited woman used to think that applying young blood to her skin would keep her eternally beautiful and youthful. So she used to lure the prettiest girls of the village to her dungeons, promising them work in the castle where  she’d kill them. Popularly known in the history as “The Blood Countess” or the “Vampiress” for her love for blood, she used to sometimes make the victims lick the blood off her nude body as some sort of sadistic pleasure. The castle was a wedding gift from her husband where she used to bleed and torture her victims.

01. Unnamed Indonesian Cannibal


A 29-yr old, unnamed Indonesian Woman was arrested on the charges of killing and eating more than 30 young women in 2011. During the arrest, her house was raided where the officials found several human flesh stored in her refrigerator and shelves, including her husband’s. she also used to host parties where she would serve cooked human meat to unsuspecting guests. As to the motive behind her killing, she confessed that she had an unrestrained urge to eat her victims and shockingly, if given a chance, would do it again. Interestingly, Cannibalism was practiced in Indonesian regions even in the 20th century and many more women have been reported to be arrested for such gruesome acts.

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