Top 10 Most Stylish Cities in the World

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Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent are perhaps some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Their liaisons with the big stars in the Hollywood fraternity are well known. Worn at the red carpet and premieres of movies, these names are all time favorites when it comes to looking classy. World over haute couture is considered the benchmark for defining the ‘style’ quotient of the city.  However, the concept of style is not limited only to apparel now. It comprises a holistic definition which includes standard of living, structures, landscape etc.  All these are an important component of what makes a city stylish. Food too is an important aspect of style. The gastronomy of an area is a major factor in adding to the style quotient of the city. It lends colour and flavour to the street culture of a place. This street culture where you will be exposed the maximum to what a city is made of and what is its style quotient. The street is the heart of any city which showcases the various eccentricities of the place. We bring to you the top 10 stylish cities in the world which will make you want to live there.

10) Los Angeles:


Yes. Of course Los Angeles features on our list! How could it not. You did not think that we would leave out the hub of Hollywood, home to some of the world’s most stylish people and also a famous city in itself. Los Angeles is stylish not only because of the people that inhabit the place, but also because of the homes the line the streets of this fabulous city. The huge mansions and villas that sprawl across acres and acres of land are a sight for sore eyes. The cars which are zooming and zipping around these swanky streets are worth a million bucks. They are of course starry starry streets as well! So do not be surprised to bump into one or two celebrities as you go window shopping by those outrageously fantastic boutique shops showcasing those oh-to-die-for outfits.

9) Madrid:

The city is not only known for its famous football club, but also for its serene streets and its easy style. Madrid is the capital of Spain and also its largest city. The perfect combination of modern and old world charm, this city combines the best of both worlds. Its buildings and palaces stand astute and tall and add dynamism to the cityscape. The people too carry off the style statement of the city with ease and flamboyance. With various centres for expressive arts and literature, Madrid is a boiling pot of cultures. Bohemian influences are found all over the place which fuses colour and vibrancy into this stylish city with a strong retro streak.

8) Tokyo:


Eccentric is perhaps the best word that could describe the style of this city. With a generation growing up with the influence of anime and manga, the clothes and street attitude reflect them beautifully. With zigzagging hemlines and a unique mix of colours and textures, these clothes could easily inspire people to shed inhibitions and don the bold look that people flaunt in the place. The structures and monuments too reflect the modern contemporary style that its citizens like to wear. We love anime, and we love our manga! So Tokyo definitely makes place for itself on our list of stylish cities.

7) Singapore:

With a global cuisine of colourful and flavor some foods, Singapore has something for everyone. The modern and stylish couture is an integral part of the Singaporean culture. It’s a city whose nightlife is as vibrant as its people. With shopping centres spread across nooks and crannies throughout its nicely paved streets, it’s a shopper’s haven out there! Skyscrapers which touch the sky to lofty penthouses, some of the most stylish adobes and crash pads are found in this place. With a heavy cultural mix, Singapore has influences of various traditions and religious beliefs which makes this a place of tremendous influences which brings diversity to its style. The diversity in the aestheticism of this country will leave you spell bound for days on end.

6) Sydney:


The capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the one place to be to experience Australia to its fullest and finest. The testimony to this is the Sydney Opera House, the centre point of culture in Sydney. The Sydney Fashion Week is a sought after event with bold colours and style statements stealing the limelight. Sydney is trendy in a way no other city is, classy and chic in its own way, just like the cuisine that is served up there. With a style that complements anyone who wears, bold colours is what makes Sydney tick.

5) Sao Paulo:

Sao Paulo is located in the land of colours, festivities and music Brazil. Pretty sights and even prettier people in the land of perpetual party, Sao Paulo comes in 5th on our list of stylish cities. Bold colours and stripes dominate this city. A vibrant nightlife is what makes this city tick. Work hard, party harder is their motto. With a population of almost 31 million ranging from Arabs to Jews to Chinese and Koreans, the city has a unique style of its own. With no inhibitions, Sao Paulo is one place to be if you really and truly want to experience ‘cool’ in all its glory.

4) London:


The Brits love their hats, just like their tea! They wear it everywhere and anywhere and are uber cool to carry it off with the right amount of panache. With sleek coats and pencil skirts, the Lonodners are doing it just right when it comes to the style department. Who can forget Kate Middleton’s super classy gown worn at her wedding? It perfectly epitomized the style quotient of the masses. Less is more is the mantra at work here. With its old charming ways mingling with the new world attitude, the streets of Britain will give you the best of both worlds. Old villas interspersed with hard looking concrete walls are not an uncommon sight. The food too blends with the classic yet modern touch and will leave your mouth watering for more its treats.

3) New York:

The Big Apple of everyone’s eyes, New York has always maintained its casual style come what may. The who’s who of the fashion world throngs the New York Fashion Week. Casual, but not laid back is what is reflected on the NY streets. Buzzing with the sound of ringing cell phones and the incessant honking of cabs and the chatter of the street folk, New York is brimming with Activities. What makes it 3rd on our list is the flamboyance with which even the most everyday clothes are worn. Clothes are promptly spiced up with appropriate accessories so that they spell style and how!

2) Milan:


Milan is the second largest city and comes a close second in fashion, close on the heels of Paris. Big brands such as Valentino, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani and Dolce and Gabbana are headquartered in this city and hosts the Milan Fashion week twice a year, one of the most prestigious fashion shows the world over. Having many stylish and sleek buildings, Milan not only has stylish people, but also stylish architecture and is also one of the leading cities for cutting edge interior design.

1) Paris:

The Numero Uno in the fashion world, Paris has been able to maintain its position as most fashionable and stylish city for years on end. It is the Mecca of every designer and fashionista. The Paris fashion Week is considered to be the Holy Grail of the fashion industry and it is the dream and desire of every designer to be able to showcase his/her talent at the PFW. The fashion capital of the world, Paris trumps all other cities in this list to claim number one position for being able to dictate fashion trends of the world. With a mix of the conservative as well as all-out rebellious designs, Paris has a big enough runway to accommodate everyone. To see what I mean, see Rick Owens spring/summer 2014 presentation at PFW and have your minds blown.

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