Top 10 Things to Do When Alone

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In today’s pacing time of crazy schedules, deadly deadlines and multiplying stress levels, everybody complains of falling short of time. Everybody is in a mindless rush of chasing some or the other thing. In such distressing times, it is extremely important to spend some time all by yourself. Allot some “me” time and make sure there is no interference whatsoever during that time. There is no dearth of gadgets that help you stay connected to your loved ones, but unfortunately in the process of staying connected to the world, we tend to lose touch with our own self. Spend some time with yourself, get to know yourself, be your own friend. That makes you less dependent on others, by which you’ll automatically stop expecting much from others, in the end it’s you who will benefit. You’ll end up being a happier person. Love yourself, be with yourself, because if you don’t like doing it, nobody else will..
Here are 10 things you could do when alone.


10. Sleep

If you are somebody who loves doing nothing, then you could probably try sleeping. Rising stress levels, erratic work patterns and annoying colleagues might contribute in increasing your crankiness. Catch up on some sleep. That’ll help you feel fresh and rejuvenated. With nobody around to disturb you, you always have the luxury to be knocked out for hours. Whether you’re lazy, tired or are beauty conscious, sleeping is definitely ‘the thing’ for you when you are alone and have nothing else to do.

9. Call up a buddy

Call up a buddy
Most of us do this. We pick up our phones and call up friends who we haven’t spoken to since ages, whatever the reason maybe. It’s always nice to meet them, but sometimes circumstances just don’t permit us to do so. So it’s nice to catch up with your pals over the phone or the internet. Talk to them; tell them what’s happening in your life. It helps when you talk to somebody about your problems or feelings. If they’re low, cheer them up! You’ll feel good. Trust me.

8.  Watch a movie

Pick up a movie of your choice or a movie that you’ve wanted to watch. They say movies take your mind away from the rut of your routine life, it is absolutely true. There are ample numbers of genres that are available. Watching a movie is one of the best pass times ever. Inspirational, action packed, love story or parallel cinema, have your pick.

7. Exercise

The entire world is going gaga over fitness. Gear up! Exercise a little. Burn that stubborn fat.
When alone, you can exercise without getting too conscious about yourself. Also you feel so lively and energetic. No wealth without health they say. So what are you waiting for? Exercise a little. Lose some weight.  Everybody likes looking great, I’m sure you would too. Pick up a pair of running shoes and get going.
P.S I say exercise alone, because there are 100% chances that you’ll end up doing unnecessary chit-chat with the person who accompanies you resulting in distraction from your weight loss goals.

6. Dish out a meal

If you are somebody who likes cooking or is interested in cooking, then you always have the choice to cook a meal of your choice. You could try your mom’s recipe, if not try and invent something on your own.  Many celebrities claim that cooking is therapeutic. They say it relives them of the tension and stress they encounter because of their crazy schedules. The best part about cooking alone is that, nobody disturbs you and you have all the freedom in the world to come up with anything and everything you wish for. You could be a beginner or a pro, but cooking is something that you must try when you’re alone. Also you always have the liberty to dispose the food if it is err.. burnt without getting yelled at.

5. Dance like nobody’s watching

Another fun form of exercise. DANCE. Most of us shy away when were asked to dance. So the next time you’re alone pump up the music and dance. You don’t have to be a dancer to dance; all you need is the wish to dance. Whether you’ll get better at it or not is not known, but one thing is sure, you’ll feel happy. You’ll feel good, without any reason. No wonder they say dance is a form of expression. Go ahead, express yourself, dance your way through.

4. Meditate

This, whether or not you like it, needs to be done when alone. It is impossible to meditate in a crowded and a noisy place. To begin with, sit up straight, close your eyes and do a run-through of the day’s happenings just watch it like a scene of some movie then progress by calming the mind and arriving at a thought-less state. Browse through the net for meditation techniques, you’ll find plenty of them. Remember, this is a very tedious process, but it’s worth it.

3. Travel

It is a different feeling to travel alone, when you travel alone to a new place, it’s not just a new place that you discover, you also discover a new you. If it’s a bit too much for you to travel, you could always go on a long drive alone, if you are a person who is too used to having people around you, then the first few experiences could be harrowing, but once you learn to be alone, you will love it.
Even if this does not please you, then take a walk. Walking will rejuvenate you. Stroll around a park, admire nature and its beauty and I’m sure you’ll get back to it wanting for more.

2. Write

You don’t have to be an author or a story writer. Write about anything and everything. Write about something that makes you happy, something that makes you sad, about a holiday, a story or about your school days. Don’t stop at just that, continue writing. Writing is something that is blessed with a feel good factor. Needless to say, it improves your vocabulary and polishes your conversation skills. Go grab a pen and start writing.

1. Read

Books! They never disappoint you. They’re always with you. Whether you are happy or sad, you can always have a book for company and a book will never let you down no matter what. The most common thing people do when they’re alone is read a book. Again, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to the types of books available. People may ditch you; books will never leave your side. Pick up a book and start reading, there many books that are waiting to be read..

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