Top 10 things to do when you are Happy

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Diversified feelings and thoughts circumscribe our psyche when we are happy and in high spirit. There can be many reasons for that happiness be it ceremonious day, victory, emotional bliss, career up boost, family joy etc. That particular feeling instills optimistic vibes in our conscience and it eventually leads to a blissful day. We feel fortunate, blessed, loved and stepped on seventh heaven. This feeling is beyond any explanation and words. The situation is framed to facilitate the feeling of us being the luckiest person in this planet and whole universe is at our feet. We feel like singing, playing, dancing, enjoying and letting our whole heart and soul realize that this is our day and I am the fortuitous of the whole lot. So here, I present ten things to do when you are happy:-


10  Write it down

It is said, a diary is your best friend, as it never spills your secrets no matter what. In a dairy we express our thoughts with utmost clarity and pour our mind and heart, into words of reality. Since old time this thing is into practice and we are able to get the archival and consequently retrieve our age old history. Therefore we should imprison our day to day reminiscences, special instants in our diary. Many people are into a habit of keeping a diary with them 24*7. Most of us carry a diary while travelling and exploring new places. In this way they capture that moment in words and make it a memorable frame. Scribbling your moments in a diary makes it more memorable. Consequently all of us should write particulars about our euphoric moment, so that later whenever we feel low or under achieved we can read it and feel triumphant again.


9  Call your best friend

Friendship is an invisible string that binds two souls together irrespective of their ages, gender, class, creed and religion. Similar is the case with a best friend. A best friend is capable to extract genuineness/love from us even when we are pretending to be someone else. Celebrating your happiness undoubtedly engulfs your best friend for sure. We all have best friend cum special friend in our lives with whom we can discuss whatever we desire. That best friend can be your school mate, college friend, mother, your pet, sister and your favorite teacher. Whenever we are feeling low or high we do give a call to our best friend and share our instantaneous emotions with them. Our best friends are usually our reflection. They are like our siblings only and a famous phrase justifies my point better- Best friends are like siblings that god forgot to create. Whenever we are pleased and contended, we do inform our best friend to share that fraction of cheerfulness with them. Therefore letting your best friend know the reason of your happiness is a must thing to do when you are feeling triumphant.


8  Share your happiness with desolate and needy

Contribute a part of your happiness for needy ones. It is not necessary for you to donate handsome amount of money or expensive clothes. Instead you can distribute eatables, old slippers, and old clothes of yours to orphanages or similar places. This will inculcate the feeling amongst the needy ones that they are also a part of your happiness.


7  Go to a dance party

We must’ve observed a lot of people dancing to different tunes in discotheques etc. A lot of people are there to rejoice in their pleasure. Dancing is, I guess mandatory for all us, to celebrate success and happiness. Every time we are high in thoughts and feel privileged we do dance to our own beats. This is a very obvious fact and majority of us would agree that dancing is a must thing to do when we are feeling happy.


6  Cut a cake 

It is said that you should enjoy every special moment of your life. Be it any occasion whether birthdays, wedding anniversary, success party, our achievements etc we always cut a cake to commemorate our victory and reason of our joy. For that reason a very important thing to do, when we are over the moon is cutting a cake and eating a large piece of it to feel that we have succeeded.


5  Dinner with family

It is an age old tradition to ceremonialize our happiness with our families. Any time we are on top of the world we take pleasure in sharing that part of happiness with our family members. Dinner acts as cherry on the top of cake. A good dinner with your beloved family members (parents, grand-parents, cousins, and siblings) makes it a perfect evening. Whenever we dine with our family, we discuss various issues and the bond gets strengthened. I would advise that do take your siblings, cousins along with you for this because they add a humor to the evening and makes it unbeatable and impeccable.


4  Date with your partner

Spending time with your partner is cherished by every single individual. No matter it is any occasion or not we still enjoy and cherish the moments spent with our loved ones. So it becomes very much obvious to celebrate and mark that moment with a sense of euphoria.


3  Change the status of Facebook to feeling happy

Updating your status on Facebook is very much common in today’s social media hit era. In today’s teach savvy world we update our every moment in Facebook or other social media’s. Whether we are feeling low, sick, cheesy, meh etc we do update it in social media portals. So why not update feeling happy? Let the world know that you are in paradise and let your friends envy you for your contentment. So next time you are exhilarated or euphoric turn your Facebook status to feeling happy


2  Capture that moment in camera

We should capture every happy moment of our life in a camera. Imagine a situation that we are feeling low and disappointed, suddenly we look back in our old scrapbook and observe that how many beautiful moments are there-our success, triumph, victory is pasted in the form of pictures. This should be followed by everyone so that in late stages of our journey we can look to those snaps and enjoy that moment vicariously. Therefore capturing those moments will let us experience those moments whenever we want to.


1 Say thank you to god

Whether it is Bible, Koran or Geeta, every where It is written that show gratitude towards god for every pebble size success. Therefore this  should be practiced by every single one to thank almighty for showering his blessings on all of us. Every one of us should spare few minutes to pray and let god know that we are thankful to him.


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