Top 10 Things to see and experience in Hong Kong, the Asian Las Vegas

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Hong-Kong literally means the Fragrant Harbor. Flanked by the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea, this is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions of China. With entertainment, culture and beauty, it is one of the growing attractions in the world. Hong Kong was under the British rule for a long time, mainly from 1839-1997. The history of the land is terrible but the beauty established today is rich in tradition. Hong Kong has many sites to offer and here is a list of a few major attractions that shouldn’t be missed. Let’s check them out.

10.Happy Valley Racecourse

Happy valley Racecourse

Located in the happy valley region, the racecourse is among the two racecourses of the island. This is jockeys hot-spot and connoisseurs paradise.The inner field of the club has sporting facilities like football, hockey rugby etc. Enjoy the live action and trepidation of a race.The glorious and proud horses will put a beat in the vacation.

9. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

hong-kong heritage museum

Located in Sha Tin, by the Shing Mun River, The Hong Kong Heritage Museum opened in 2000 and since then, has the reputation of capturing the essence of Hong-Kong’s culture, arts and traditions. The interactive and educational tour of the museum has six fixed exhibits including the New territories Heritage Hall, Children’s Discovery Gallery, Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall etc. The museum has three branches out of which two are based in a Hakka village and one is a Railway museum. This is a perfect place to soak in the culture.

8. Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple


A silent place to worship and when the sanctuary itself promises, that here wishes come true, it’s no secret why tourists throng here. The temple was built in the memory of Wong Tai Sin of the 4th century. It is heaven for Feng-shui enthusiasts. It has the dual quality of being tranquil and beautiful all at once.

7. Dragon Garden

Dragon Garden, Hong Kong

Dragon Garden is one of the few privately owned gardens of Hong-Kong. Lee Iu-cheun, is the proud philanthropist who spent 20 years perfecting the garden. It is a beautiful escape from the city  into the green lungs. Eight Hectors of land has green, lush gardens with stone sculptures carved to perfection. The major eye candy here is the Chinese garden which has the whole package consisting of ornate pavilions, towering archways and adorable water features. Take a day out to this nature’s lap but be careful to schedule your trip for this beauty opens only once every month.

6.10,000 Buddha’s Temple

10,000 Buddha Temple

A devotee of Lord Buddha, Yuet Kai, created this masterpiece in the last years of his life. With a whopping 13,000 sculptures of Lord Buddha, all in different poses, this place has peace and tranquility. The soothing way up to the monastery, lined on both sides by Buddha himself, is what makes this a priceless experience. The temple covers 8 hectors of land and is one of the finest offering of Hong-Kong.

 5. Nathan road

nathan road

Nathan Road stretches in a north-south direction in the Kowloon area of Hong-Kong. The Kowloon is a peninsular area in Hong-Kong overlooking the bay. This is one of the most beautiful passages of the city. Nathan road is known for its Shops and restaurants which are thronged by tourists from everywhere. The region is known for the shopping options along with its culture with an urbane flavor. The length of the road is 3.6kms.

4. Disney Land


The magic of Disney doesn’t fail you be it Florida or California or Hong-Kong. The universal language of magic is understood everywhere. This fantasy land packs a power punch for the tourists of every age be it a child or man. There is something for everyone. From the Main Street USA to the Fantasy-land, the Adventure-land and Tomorrow-land all are a different world in themselves. One key attraction here is the diner buffet with an international theme. Eating with the beloved Disney characters is something you can’t say no to. The notorious Goofy has the reputation to take a dip into the hotel pool. It has the classic attractions of Disney namely the pace Mountain, Buzz Light-year or the ride in a boat at It’s a small world for a journey across the colorful globe featuring more than hundreds of dolls. The Characters will make you happy, wear you out and put you to sleep.

3. Temple Street Night Market


The culture of Honk Kong emerges in the night when traders shut their shops and fortune tellers emerge and with them they bring the flavor of the land. There is haggling over the wares with tourists enjoying trinkets, jade, tea-wares, watches etc. The light and the candor of the market served as the backdrop for many movies and you can picture Bruce Lee in these lanes making his way with kicks and punches. It is named after Tin Hau temple which is at the center of the area.

2. Casinos


The Vegas of the east has throngs of casinos which befits its title of being the Asian Las Vegas. Since 1977, gambling has been regulated here with the potential harms reduced and entertainment factors increased. With Macau in the vicinity, the land is one of the temples for gamblers. The casinos to see here include Wynn Macau, Casino Lisbo Galaxy, Rio Casino, Sands Casino etc. Along with Black jack and poker, Mahjong is also a popular game. So when in Hong-Kong, call on lady luck.

1. Avenue of stars

Avenue of Stars

This one is definitely on the do-not-miss list. it is made with the efforts of the film industry of Hong-Kong. Adorned by the beautiful Kung-Fu pose of Bruce-Lee, this is a spectacular sight. The skyline here is among the finest in the world. It gives a panoramic view of the city set against the highest structure of the city, The Peak. The light from the skyline is a treat and the city puts up a show every night called the Symphony of light which is a beautiful sight to say the least. Love the city, love the culture and to put a fitting end to the day, watch the city shimmer in a gorgeous display.

From all these places, we see that Hong Kong has a striking balance of old and new with temples and Disneyland. The culture is alive here with an accommodating attitude for global citizens. Try the richness and feel of the land with local cuisines and traditions, from the history to present, take a journey to connect with the land. This is one of the upcoming tourist spots of the world and the 10 reasons for development are right in front of you. While planning the next vacation keep this harbor in mind..


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