Top 10 Things a Woman’s bag must have

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A woman’s role is highly essential in this world. She is the being who not only looks after the house but also has now become an important part of the corporate world. Her role in the society has several nuances. The most heart wrenching truth of a woman’s existence is the fact that she is the caretaker of not only her family and dear ones but also of her own self. While she is at her place, it is easy for her to take care of herself because it is her domain, her own house – everything is within her reach and knowledge. But when she steps out, it is a deal that she carries herself off well and good. A woman has to not only look after her elegance but also her health, safety and hygiene when she is away from home. What lets her carry all the tools for her self-care is her bag. So, they often fumble and jumble over a list of haves and have notes for this purpose. Some of the things are essential not only for a woman but also for a man (though they don’t have the privilege to carry fancy handbags).

Below is a list of Ten Things a Woman’s Bag Must Have –

10. A small food box and Gums/ Mouth Freshener

small lunch box and gums '

It is not easy for a woman to wear those shoes of multiple responsibilities. Especially the responsibilities of a working woman is too much. She is not only the one responsible to look after her house but also has to take care of her office work equally well. In this rush often she overlooks her health. That must not be the case. So, every woman must carry a small box of food with her to work/ college, so that she does not remain hungry or eat too much outside and consequent not become unhealthy.

9. Sanitary Napkins

sanitary napkins

How crucial a Sanitary Napkin is only a woman can understand. She must keep an extra with her. It may or may not be her days, but she must keep it with her, may be a fellow woman needs it someday. It is an emergency and therefore she must have it in her bag, easiest to reach.

8.  Wallet/Clutch

wallet or clutch

A woman’s wallet/ clutch of course should be in her bag. Keeping money loose is not really elegant. Moreover, she must have her Credit/Debit card and some extra cash in her wallet. It is essential from the point of safety, necessity as well as style.

7. Handkerchief


A woman must have a handkerchief in her bag. It helps when she is sweaty, or has wipe her hands , cough/sneeze hygienically etc. It is ofcourse not something that exclusively a woman requires, carrying a handkerchief is part of a person’s basic hygiene. It must be there in her bag as an essential item. Also, for a woman who has to go out daily shall keep a check to wash, change and replace the handkerchief in her bag regularly.

6. Sanitizer


A hand sanitizer is also like the handkerchief, an essential part of hygiene. It is one quick way to keep clean and fresh. For women especially involved in jobs like hospitality or medicine, must carry it. Otherwise too it should be there in her bag, for it helps her be neat, fresh and appealing.

5. Deodorant


What can be worse than a sweaty body? Of course a woman can understand it better than anyone else. Deodorant is one of the most common items found in ladies’ handbag. She will always carry her deo. Women are naturally conscious of how she smells. They all of course want to smell pleasant, not only for others but also for her own self. After a tiring travel, or long working day, she is naturally prone to get sweaty and unpleasant, so a deodorant is essentially required. Her handbag must have it. It helps her remain pleasant, presentable and attractive all day long.

4. Lip Gloss/ Color

lip color or lip gloss

 A woman’s smile should look bright, it is the most beautiful accessories she can wear. Chapped and dull lips can really spoil her mood as well as her appearance, so a lip color/gloss should surely be there in her bag. It is one more essential item she should carry always. A little touch up to her lips in a while adds a lot to her regular charm and overall looks.

3. Safety Pin/ Hair pin/ hair band and other such little essentials

hair pins safety pins hair clips and other essentials

Her hair can get fussy and wishes to tie it up, or she may just want to change her hair style and need clips, her saree’s pleats may get awful or a button may fall off her shirt and she can immediately require a safety pin. So, there should always be hair pins, hair clips, clutcher, hair bands and safety pins in her bags. These are small items that surely are very essential for a woman to carry. They can be kept in the little pockets of her bag or maybe her wallet too. They make a wonderful companion for the urgent requirements that women are most likely to have.

2.  Painkillers


A woman’s role is extensive, variant, vast and crucial, so it is essential that she stays fit. Living a woman’s life is not easy. She has many roles to play all day long and and scientifically proven, they are more regular victims of severe headache and body pain. The essentially of he roles and the importance of her personal health must not be overlooked. Her bag therefore must have remedies to these little health issues, like painkiller, headache pills etc.

1. Water Bottle


Water is the most essential requirement of every human being. For living a life as powerful as that of a woman, one must have this lifeline with her all the time. A small water bottle shall always get a place in her bag. She should carry it with her since it is essential and irreplaceable. It is not only the primary thing on the must be in a woman’s bag list but generally what every person’s bad must have. Water’s requirement has no substitutes and its need does not need an explanation. A woman’s bag must have a bottle full of water in it.

The best thing about a woman’s bag is that it is not solely her own tool but just like her role in the society her bag too is a bucket of care and love. There can be found certain items in her bag that may not be of her use but can help another woman for sometimes too, like a sanitary napkin, hair pins, water, food, painkillers and handkerchief. Also, she must carry all the necessities she may have since she deserves to give herself the best treatment.

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