Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

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A woman is a special part of a man’s life. Without a woman, a man’s life seems to be incomplete and lacks fruitfulness. Every man should always respect every woman in this world irrespective of their age. Women often become uncomfortable and sad by the routine habits of men. Though some of them involve their own fault but many of the manly habits actually need to be worked upon. Women often prefer men as their soul mates who are trustworthy, nonalcoholic, caring, unpredictable and romantic. Thus the Top 10 things that women hate about men are:

10. Alcohol

Almost 60 – 70 percent of adults are alcoholic in nature. Almost every woman’s dream is to have a non – alcoholic and non – smoking life partner. If one’s partner is an alcoholic drinker then they should be within their limits and should not cross them. A person being alcoholic in nature often loses control and ends up hurting their family members. This causes a woman to become uncomfortable and insecure with their own life partner.

9. Mobile issues during office hours

Office has been developed for the purpose of doing more and more work to achieve a considerable business profit. An employee is not allowed to have frequent personal phone calls and for a long duration. A woman feels lonely at home and without thinking they usually call their husband, but due to restrictions on phone calls in the office, the man disconnects the phone call or calls her back very late and then an argument between them could occur. To make a woman happy, instant replies and responses must be made during message texting and phone calls irrespective of how important work you are involved into. In all fairness, the woman should understand her partners schedule and responsibility to their employer.

8. Needs

This is very apt and true that women are demanding in nature. Demanding from a man above his status level makes man uncomfortable and unhappy but sometimes not fulfilling even small demands of a woman which can be completed very easily makes a woman sad. So men must show care regarding the small and possible needs of their wives to make them happy and comfortable.

7. Predictable

Women often want to be surprised and keep things unpredictable and as such they seek men that are often unpredictable as their life partners. A woman hates predictable guys because a predictable guy forces bounds on the woman and often stops his girlfriend for doing what she wants to do. While dating, both persons want to know each other’s character so that a happy future is established. But at the same time, a woman feels inconsistent and unhappy when a man tries to predict her and pre – judge her and thus women often try to ignore predictable guys.

6. Commit

A man often hesitates while committing to something in front of a woman. A commitment can be anything from proposing to her, going out on a date, or accomplishing a goal they have both discussed. This makes women unhappy, inconsistent and they think to themselves that they are being treated like a revolving door. Sometimes these situations become serious enough to a scene of a break up. So, whether a man is correct or not, he should discuss with his wife the commitment agreed upon before things get out of hand.

5. Argument

No men on this Earth have the ability and experience to have victory in the competition of arguing with women. A woman dislikes if any man tries to lead while arguing with her. Women have those capabilities of converting any normal conversation into a drastic environment of argument and finally to stop that argument, a man has to be quiet irrespective of whether he is correct or not. So, a woman dislikes if any man argues with her and makes herself defensive.

4. Romantic

Women want men as their life partners who are romantic. In order to make a woman happy, a man should be romantic throughout his life. If you desire to have physical relations with your wife, you will have greater chances in doing so by being romantic and emotionally connected with her. Whether a man is in the romantic mood or not, most women desire their men to frequently have romance on their minds.

3. Lying

First and foremost we should not lie to our significant other, especially with women. Women hate men that lie and make excuses. Whatever situation a man faces, he must always be truthful to the woman and should not make any silly excuses, else a huge misunderstanding may occur. A man should always respect the trust of his wife or girlfriend and never ever try to play with her trust. Once you lose her trust then it would be very difficult for her to believe you again.

2. Overly Dominant

Every woman wants that man who will be her soul mate who is caring, lovable, and romantic. But at the same time they also want their  soul mate not to be over caring or more specifically overly dominant. He should be protecting but should not be a dictator who forces bounds on her life by ordering not to go there, not to do this thing, at every instant of time. This overly domination factor mainly occurs during the pre – marriage life. Women feel that their life is their own and nobody has the right to take her decisions, which is absolutely true. When such situations occur, the girl often feels bound and often results in a break up.

1. Flirting with other women

Men will always be men and their habit of flirting with other women is common and due to this habit the woman with that man often feels ill-cherished in that environment. A woman hates such a man. Often when men are caught by their girlfriend during flirting with some other woman or by looking at other women, she feels embarrassed and jealous. Due to this jealousy, some discrepancies and issues occur between them which sometimes are hard to solve and finally a relationship ends.

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