Top 10 Tips to Become Happy After Bad Breakups

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 Top Ten Tips To Become Happy After Bad Breakups

In this world relationships matters a lot. Today every person is either in a relation or is in a search of someone with whom they can spend some special moments. But you cannot guarantee about these relationships. One can even not predict whether a certain relationship is long term or not. Breaking up of these relationships are very common these days. These break ups brings a very bad impact on our lives. But as it is said that the ‘show must go on’, and in a same way we too have to move on. So here we have the list of top 10 tips to become happy after bad breakup.

10. Try to change your schedule

6. Time Issues

If you have gone through a bad breakup then the first thing you need to do is, change your schedule. Changing your schedule will make you busy and will help you in forgetting your relationship. This change in your schedule will give you a new technique to concentrate. It happens that when people are in a relationship then they get use to their regular schedule. And if they continue with the same schedule after their breakup then it becomes difficult for them to forget their breakup. So to recover from your breakup, you should first change your daily schedule.

9.  Socialize with other people

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When you are in a relationship then sometimes you get restricted to that relationship itself. You don’t find much time to talk to other people as your relationship keeps you busy. You can socialise to recover from a bad breakup. Friends are the one who can help you in any of your problem. You can share you problems with your friends. Friends can even help you in forgetting your bad breakup. To recover from break up try to hang out more with your friends. Your hangouts will keep you busy and hence will reduce your pain for breakup.

8. Try to be positive

be positive

Optimism is the key to success. If you want to achieve anything then you should be positive. Positive thinking is always a boon. It helps you in achieving things without creating any sort of pressure on you. If you had a bad breakup then you should not lose hope rather you should take it positively. Positive thinking will help you in recovering all the depression. Also you can improve your mistake with the help of positive thinking. So always try to be an optimistic.

7. Be confident


Many times people tend to lose their confidence when they face a bad breakup. They even face personality issues in such cases. To regain your old self confidence you should choose some other work. This work will help you in regaining you confidence and will help you in keeping yourself busy. This new field work will even give you the opportunity to prove yourself. So if you are going through a trauma because of your bad breakup then just pick up a new work and do it in a proper manner. For example if you are working in an office then indulges yourself in a new project and concentrate on it.

6. Start writing


Writing is the best way to express your emotions. You should try to utilize you energy in writing during your bad breakup. For example if you are angry about you breakup then you should convert your anger in your energy. Writing is the best way to utilise your energy. Writing in a notebook is like sharing your emotions with the notebook. This way you will get someone to share your problems and even your energy will not be wasted. Additionally if you write really well then you can even built your career in this profession.

5.  Don’t think about your past

ask them about their past

When people go through a bad breakup, they tend to think about their past only. They get to recall things again and again. This makes them more depressed. In this case people should avoid thinking about their past rather they should take care of their present. We all know that our future is dependent on our present. So to make our future bright we need to concentrate on what we are doing in present. So take a good care of your present. Just forget about the past because you cannot change the things which were happened in your past

4. Give a break to yourself


There are people who get themselves indulge in a new relationship to forget the previous one. But this is something which is wrong. People should not enter in a new relationship until they get over the previous one. If the person is not through with his previous relationship then he will find many problems in continuing with his new relationship. So if you had a bad breakup then give yourself a break and just try to overcome with your previous relationship before entering into another.

3. Throw away all the related memories


In case of a bad breakup up just get rid of all the memories. When people are in relationship they tend to have many memories. They exchange cards, gifts and many other things. When you are going through a breakup these are the only things which makes you remember your relationship again and again. So in this case just throw away all these cards and gifts. This will help you in recovering with your bad break up.

2. Let your emotions come out

6. Learn to accept your emotions

It happens many times that people tend to bottle up things within them. This bottling up can have dangerous effects like depression. So you should not bottle up your feeling rather let them come out. If you are feeling like crying or shouting then you should do it. This practise will help you in recovering soon.

1. Love yourself

Get a loved one flowers or little goodies

Generally people tend to harm themselves when they had a breakup. This is a very wrong practise. You should rather love yourself. Just take a good care of yourself and stay away from things which remind you about your breakup. Because harming yourself is a loss to you and your family. Before you harm yourself just think about your family.

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