Top 10 Ways to Cheat during an Exam

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Have you ever cheated during an examination? Well if it is a ‘yes’ then keep it up and you might like to enhance your skills through this article and if it is a ‘no’ from your side then here are tricks which can help you learn soon! When we talk of morals and values, then I agree to the fact that yes cheating is a “crime” (in the words of our parents and teachers who might also have/have not cheated during their days) but if we look at the practical aspect then you’ll surely develop a different perception. Frankly speaking what I personally believe is that cheating might help you gain a few marks but it can never defeat the true potential be it in academics, games or any professional sphere so it is better to acquire good skills rather than cheat because the former pays you in the long run and the latter for just a time being. But sometimes cheating does make a difference, when you are at verge of failing, may be one mark can be a life savior or maybe at times all you need is a little help to get that one question right which you know but not being able to remember at that point of time. And no doubt most of us will find it quite relatable since we all have been through it. Well these are some dilemmas and tragedies of a student’s life where cheating becomes a “boon” and here we have ten innovative ways to act smart in such situations.


This is an evergreen way of cheating widely practiced by students. Behind collars, inside the socks, under the belt, within the sleeves of the shirt and god knows what other places people keep chits. All you need to make sure is to carry your baggage of treasure with great safety because though they look small, once it is exposed it surely brings big trouble.


exchanging question papers

Yes, a quite easier and wiser method than exchanging answer sheets. You have lesser chances of being caught and even if you are caught there are choices of excuses that you can make but exchanging answer sheets let me tell you, is a direct indicator of the big trouble as it makes a vivid picture of what you were doing and leaves you with no excuses and answers. True, isn’t it? Well yes of course and also it keeps you at a ‘safer’ side.


distracting the teacher

This requires skills of great team work and cooperation. Distract the teacher in the sense that you need to engage him/her in something till the time your friends do the cheating stuff and the vice versa should be done by them when you need to do your work. A proper planned execution should be done and the task no doubt becomes easier. After all it has been rightly said, “Unity is strength”.


You urgently need to ‘pee’ or you are suffering from loose motions. Of course the teacher won’t ask you to shit in your pants. So go ahead. If you are too nervous to open your chits inside the classroom then what can be a better place than this and also you can flush them off once you have seen it properly. Yes, what you need to be careful about is your expressions. Try to be normal. Don’t make an expression like; oh yes I have conquered the world. Trust me, this will bring a thought of suspicion and the invigilator might keep an eye on you. So, “Beware”!!



Symbols and gestures have always been a blessing especially during optional exams. It becomes so easy to cheat. All you need to do is make a small gesture in a casual way. A B C D or 1, 2, 3, 4. All optional papers generally have four options. So make it something like, forehead, nose, lips and forehead for A B C D respectively. Quite simple and easier. Make a relaxed body posture and let the gestures do the game. Stay calm and not even an iota of doubt would lurk in the teacher’s mind.


sharp eyes

A hawk’s eye is what you should have if you are planning to look into your neighbor’s answer sheet. A proper vision is always a blessing. But many a times people tend to do some stupidity like, they are so engrossed in copying that they forget to use their brains. This helps the examiner figure out whether you have copied or not. Hence copy but smartly and try using your brain as well. In case you don’t have one, then that’s a different issue.


resourceful people

Well, yes this is very important. If you have an option of choosing seats, make sure you have all those intelligent and helpful people around you. Though generally we don’t have such an option but in some situations like in a class test you can try this out. Just make sure you don’t piss off people around you by questioning them again and again and eventually  try to make proper utilization of resources around you.


skin as paper

Writing on your hands and palm is quite a common way to copy formulas, terminologies to give you a slight hint of the concept. All because you cannot use it to write long answers. After all it’s your skin not an A4 size paper. Well all depends on how you utilize your skin. But writing too much might increase the risk of being caught as well. So ensure that your ‘skin-writing’ does not become too much prominent or else it might bring trouble.


mobile camera

If you aspire to be a self independent cheater, then this option might work for you. All you need to rely upon is your mobile camera. Click pictures of those precious pages and then in the real battlefield open your gallery, zoom it and there you are. You need not beg and plead people to help you by looking left and right. You can be self reliant and simply focus on yourself. Just act calm and don’t get too nervous.



The most latest and advanced way of cheating through mobile apps is ‘whats-app’. And no doubt it is quite popular as well as an interactive platform to share all kinds of stuff. So why not share knowledge? If you cannot narrate a long answer just click and pass it to your friends. So, a better and faster mode than Google, but I am not sure how reliable it is!

Well we are done with all our techniques and agendas but in the end I would still not encourage people to cheat because in the end you are cheating nobody but your own self. I know I am talking too moral but after all your morals define you as a person and gives you an identity so doing it once or twice is fine but try not to make it a habit and never forget that the real essence of success lies in true hard work and not cheating.

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