Top 10 Ways to Cure Hangover

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Indulging in alcohol parties can be fun. But, when you are unable to get over its hangover the next morning, it can be frustrating. At times you may not realize when you have exceeded your body’s capacity to handle alcohol. If you do not control your alcohol intake beyond certain limits, the hangover may prove to be nasty. Here are top 10 ways to get over a hangover:

10. The old Asparagus:


Very few people know about the hangover curing ability of Asparagus. Recent studies have proved that Asparagus can be beneficial in curing some symptoms of hangover. Asparagus is rich in minerals and amino acids that help get over hangover quickly. It is diuretic in nature and help remove alcohol along with other fluids from the body. It also reduces the toxicity of alcohol. The effect of asparagus on alcohol can be witnessed quickly and it is thus a good remedy for hangovers.

9. Vitamins:


Vitamin intake is a very common solution to cure hangover. You may take vitamins naturally or may take them via pills. Fruits like oranges are rich in vitamin C. You may also drink lime water as lemons are a great source of vitamin C. Several vitamin supplements are also available in the market. But there is no research which proves the effect of a particular vitamin in curing hangovers. Also, one night of intoxication will not throw away the vitamin levels of your body.

8. Pain medication:


Some hangovers are really nasty and won’t go away no matter how hard you try. You tend to have prolonged headache, fatigue and dizziness which might get on your nerves. You are then left with no alternative but pain medication as the last resort. You can consult a doctor for pills that cure headache or take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, mind it not acetaminophen. But you must use these pills carefully because regularly taking these medicines may be bad for your liver.  It can damage the liver to a great extent or may even be deadly. Thus, only go for medicines when nothing else can cure your hangover.

7. Greasy food:


People are generally unaware that what they eat before alcohol is more important than what they eat after it. Food helps to slow the absorption of alcohol in the blood. The longer this process takes, the better it is as the intoxicating effects of alcohol are delayed. Eating makes sure that the metabolic activities are properly carried out which helps to get rid of alcohol easily. The liver works properly and the blood sugar is taken care of along with the hangover. So, the next time you have a hangover, eat a lot!

6. Sports drink:


If the normal drinking water or coffee is not helping you get rid over a hangover, a sports drink definitely will. Since alcohol induces rapid metabolic activities, the body lose electrolytes too along with water. This causes hangovers. Though the lost electrolytes need not be replenished immediately, but when you drink a sports drink, the body regains these electrolytes slowly. This can help you cure hangover. It is a simple solution as you simply need to open a bottle and drink it.

5. Exercise:


You may not like to get up from your bed and exercise, when under the influence of alcohol. But it is an efficient and sure shot way to cure hangover. Exercising helps you burn some calories and make you feel lighter and energized. It will help you get back to your senses faster. You may indulge in Cardio exercises or light yoga, as rigorous exercises may dehydrate you and also you may be too tired to undertake rigorous exercise. It would be better to carry a water bottle so that you are not dehydrated.

4. Eat Toasts:


When your hangover is not letting you keep anything down, eat toast. Toasts are rich in carbohydrates which compromises for a reduction in the blood sugar level due to alcohol. The reduced level of blood sugar makes you feel dizzy and tired which causes hangovers. Normally, when the blood sugar level dips, the liver works on stored carbohydrates to produce glucose which increases the blood sugar. But when alcohol is present in the system, liver is busy in metabolizing it. Therefore, you should involve yourself in carbohydrate rich food like toasts.

3. Sleep well:

Woman Sleeping

When you have partied all night and want to get to work the next morning, maybe you should ease on your alcohol intake. Under the influence of alcohol, either you won’t be able to go to work or won’t be able to work if you reach there. But if you have a day off from work, sleeping is one of the best ways to cure hangover. During sleep, the body relaxes and liver and heart function calmly. This helps you get alcohol out of your system quickly. Also, the body recovers from the activities of last night and regains the lost energy. So, let yourself loose to alcohol only when you can sleep well the next day.

2. Have a cup of coffee:


Coffee is a very popular solution to get over a hangover. Caffeine present in coffee helps you stay awake and alert as it energizes your nervous system. But it also causes dehydration and may give you headache and migraine too. Thus, coffee may or may not work for you as an efficient solution. But in most of the cases, people are able to cure their hangover with a cup of espresso.

1. Drink enough water:   


Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes dehydration. That is the body’s natural way of metabolizing alcohol out of the system. Dehydration causes dizziness and headache causing hangover. So you should drink water in adequate amounts to ensure that your body is hydrated. It is recommended to order a glass of water with every beer and drink both the fluids alternatively. This ensures that alcohol is metabolized effectively and does not remain in the blood stream for long. It is a very natural manner to get over a hangover and does not take much toll.

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