Top 10 Ways to Dress for a Cocktail Party

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Besides the massive wedding preparations there is often one more reason surrounding weddings that puts a lot of people through anxiety. That is how to dress up for a cocktail party. Should you go all fancy and stylized or keep it a bit simple? There are many ways to get dressed and it often depends upon the type of cocktail party you are going to attend. Daytime cocktail parties are a bit laid back and you should not go too over the top whereas while going for a night one, make sure you are dressed to kill. And if you are confused while setting out a balance between sober and sexy, then remember if it’s a cocktail party, being overdressed will be better than being under-dressed. Here are 10 ways that can prove to be your ultimate guide while dressing up for a cocktail party.

10. Casual yet classy

the casual yet classy

A crisp white shirt teamed up with a pair of formal trousers sounds like a perfect outfit for a day time cocktail party. This works well for guys who don’t want to look very formal but still need that classy edge to their outfit. One can go for trousers in any dark hue and even a pair of jeans can do the trick but only if being formal is not a mandatory dress code, otherwise ditch the jeans and go for trousers.

9. The color diva

the colour diva
All the girls out there, you do not need to wear only boring dark colors when it comes to dressing up for a party. A bright pop of color can make you look so much more fun and spontaneous. Get a flowy dress that hits a little above the knees and adds a perfect dash of color. One must pick a color that goes well with their complexion and keep the makeup free of color so that the dress can steal the show for you.

8. Waist-coats

waist it up
No matter what your physique is, a formal or a semi formal waist coat can always get you a smarter look. It can cover up excessive fat if you happen to have any or it can give volume to your attire if you are one skinny guy. Pair a waist coat in a color similar to your pants but in contrast with your shirt and it will give you a cocktail party look within seconds.

7. Flowy gowns

flow with the gown
Every time I see a beach wedding over television I get bowled by their attire. You do not have to get the same look with flowery head bands and stuff but if you’re going for a cocktail party during the day, you can pick a light colored flowy gown that will give a Greek Goddess like look making you all the more beautiful and desirable. Or get a solid color one to rock the party.

6. Upscale casual

upscale casual
Upscale casual is a code for saying a little nicer than usual. It is not completely casual, which means no jackets or jeans allowed, but it also does not contain any flashy or dressy piece of clothing. You just need to play around with some stuff to furnish a look better than normal.. Men can attain the upscale casual look by wearing a button down shirt with a pair of well fitted pants which should not be anyways near to tight. Add a blazer to get an extra element in your look and team it all up with a decent pair of loafers. Your upscale casual is ready.

5. Structured dresses

structured dress
Structured dresses are a great option for girls who feel they are too curvy or have gained fat on unwanted areas. A structured dress can set your posture right through the entire party along with giving you an edgier and a sexier look. These work well in darker colors like grey or purple but you may find your beloved structured dress in a color as bright as yellow or turquoise and you can totally rock the cocktail party in it.

4. The tuxedo

the tuxedo
This is often the first thing that is sure to pop in your mind while thinking about getting ready for a cocktail party. Be it your regular business suit that you have already wore a couple of times for official meetings or a newly stitched tuxedo specially made for this very event, one can never go wrong with a tuxedo. You might want to add a decent pair of cuff-links to look more enticing and appealing.

3. Style it with a skirt

style it with a skirt
It is no where written in the rule book of style that while getting ready for a cocktail party you have to stick to a dress or a gown. You can very much flaunt a skirt and look extremely sexy in it. Pencil skirts are the best while talking about cocktail parties and getting one in that shimmery fabric will give you an ultra glam look that is sure to turn heads while you walk through the door. Make sure that if your skirt is shimmery you tone the top because you do not want to add too much bling to your attire but you sure can add a statement neck-piece to complete the look.

2. Black tie

the black tie
Black tie is often the most popular code for parties and social events but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it unless you are supposed to. A complete black tie attire consists of a jacket with silk facings, trousers with a satin or a silk braid covering the outer seams, a low cut waist coat and a white dress shirt. Besides these, cuff-links and shirt studs are also an integral part of the outfit and obviously you got to add a black silk bow tie, the term black tie refers to. The shoes have to be leather court shoes for a strict black tie outfit. But unless there is a theme, you can always do alterations according to your personal style.

1. LBD’s


Talking about parties and not mentioning the very famous LBD or the Little Black Dress will be so unfair on so many levels. A little black dress is pretty and sophisticated at the same time. It is often considered as a must have in any woman’s wardrobe looking at its versatility but originally an LBD is a cocktail dress. It can be a glamorous black dress with lace, ribbon, embroidery or embellishments or one can pick up a simplest of simple black dress and accessorize it the way they want. Belts, neck-pieces, earrings or jackets, there are just too many options how one can rock the cocktail party in a very fashionable LBD.

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