Top 10 Ways To Enjoy The Rainy Season

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Top Ten Ways To Enjoy The Rainy Season

Rainy season is the most romantic and fun loving season. There are a variety of ways to enjoy this season. You can enjoy this season either with your friends or with your partner. This rainy season if you do not have much work to do then you can plan to enjoy this season.  These are the ways to enjoy rainy season.

10. Chatting


Chatting with friends is another great stuff to enjoy rainy season. You can chat with your friends along with sightseeing. This would be a great time pass. You can even go for a group chat.  Gossiping will be more fun loving during this time. So if it’s raining outside just poke your friends on their chat boxes.

9. Getting out


Some people just love to get wet in rain. So getting out in rainy season is the best way to enjoy for such people. So if it’s raining outside don’t stop, just go outside and enjoy the touch of cold droplets of the rain. You can even make it more exciting by calling up your friends along. You can do rain dance by playing exciting and hard rock music during rain. This would be a complete package for this rainy season. Without going out you will have the whole fun of rain dance at your place itself, moreover you will have a group get-together and you will get to meet and enjoy with all your friends.

8. Reading a book

5. Read Dreamy Novels

This is for the people who just love to read books. There are a variety of novels which people can read like romantic, fictional, philosophy. One can choose according to his taste. Lying on the bed and reading your favorite novel would be a great time pass. On top of that the beautiful music of rain droplets will enhance your immense pleasure. People generally prefer to read romantic novels during this season.  This is the most common way to enjoy rainy season. People who are much fond of reading books generally choose this option in rainy season.  If raining season is approaching then start collecting your favorite books since you will need them in rainy season

7. Long Walks


People who love rain can go for this option.  If it’s raining outside and you do not have any work to do then you can opt this option.  This option is especially recommendable for couples. Walking along the roads during rain would be quite romantic. So if you are sitting all alone in a raining weather then just call your partner and go for a long walk. Make sure your partner also love this season because if he doesn’t then this is not recommendable. This is the most romantic way to enjoy this season along with your partner.

6. Music


Music is all time favorite time pass for most of the people.  But listening to music especially in the rainy season will always be very relaxing.  Everyone has a particular set of favourite music and people tend to enjoy a lot when they listen their favourite music. So this can be good option to enjoy rainy season. Just pick up your headphones and start playing your favorite tracks. Different people have different taste so people can choose the tracks according to their taste. Like some people love to listen old and romantic music while some love hard rock.

5. Go for a movie

watch a movie with friends

Another innovative way to enjoy this season is to go for a movie. Plan out for a movie if you do not have any other stuff to do. Watching a movie with friends would be a great time pass.  Hot and sizzling cheese popcorns along with the movie will be like icing on the cake. You can also watch a movie at your home along with your friends if you cannot go out.  You can even create a theatre view at your home. Just switch off all the lights and cook hot popcorns along with cold drinks.

4. Sleep

Woman Sleeping

You might have heard that during cool weather people tend to sleep a lot. During rainy season the weather becomes quite cool and taking a nap at this time will be very relaxing. So if it is rainy season and you really do not have any important stuff to do then just get down to your bed and take a long sleep. This is the most relaxing way to enjoy rainy season.  People who do not get ample of time to sleep can utilize this time since sleeping at this time will make them more relaxed.

3. Cook something


This is especially for those people who love to cook.  In rainy season people love to eat a lot and the people who are very fond of eating, also love cooking. There are many things which you can cook. Baked stuffs are very famous during this season. People who are not fond of cooking can also give cooking a try. This is a very innovative way to enjoy rainy season.  People who do not know how to cook can search for recipes on internet and can give cooking a try.

2. Arrange a get-together

Family Eating Lunch Together

Rainy season is the most beautiful and romantic season among all the seasons. People should not spend this season alone. Rain is something gives more fun when enjoyed with many people. So if you are alone and it’s raining outside then just pick up phone and call your friends so that you can enjoy the rainy season with your friends. This would be the great way to enjoy rainy season. You can do many things in get-together to make it more interesting like you can plan for variety of outdoor games.

1.Go for a drive


Going for a drive would be the best option when it comes to rainy days. Usually people do not find much time to go on long drives. But in rainy season when you do not have much work to do, you can opt for long drive. Long drive in rainy weather will give you immense pleasure. So this rainy season if you do not have much work to do then catch upon your loved one and go for a long drive. This would be the best way to enjoy rainy season.

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