Top 10 Ways to forget the One who Ditched you

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Are you still not able to get over the person who has dumped you? What could be the hidden possibilities? Is it because you were very close to that person and loved him/her? Well, that is quite tragic but ironically normal. Human relationships are one of the complex things one can fathom and to make that work, it needs all your effort. You can be ditched not only by your love partner but even by your friends, siblings at times and also colleagues. Furthermore, surely you give your best to keep the thread alive and reach the pinnacle of whatever relationship you are sharing but what if the other person just ditches you and walks out leaving you all disheartened? You feel all lonely, paranoia fills you in and you slosh over your agony by doing something as reckless as cutting your wrist or jumping off of a cliff!!

But ask yourself if this really helps you get over that person. If you ask my opinion, I would say NO. No doubt, it is little difficult to forget the one whom we once adored and were intimate with, but the wise owl knows what best to do and getting over that person seems to be sticking out. So ready to find out certain useful ways to forget the one who ditched you and move on with your life without any further pang of sadness? Give a glance below.

10. Go on a vacation-

go on vacation

Oftentimes, a change of scene helps speed up the healing process of your wretchedness during the period of your coping up with the loss. There is someplace that you might have wanted to visit but could not get a chance, just go for it now. This is the perfect time for you to relinquish and experience a better life by visiting new places and trying out new cuisine and meeting new people. In the process, you get to learn their way of life and realize that the world is vast and life is too short to brood over your past. So what are you waiting for?!

9. Accept the situation-

accept situation

You got to make yourself believe that the person who has ditched you is not coming back to you. Accepting this harsh reality is really not a cakewalk but unless you help yourself into accepting the fact, you cannot think of forgetting him and trying to move forward. It is necessary for you to be realistic at this stage and this will help you organize your mind so that it becomes easy for you to sort things out and see things from a new perspective and in a more clear and pragmatic manner. It’s time you start off from a clean slate.

8. Negative thoughts-

negative thoughts

So your friends keep talking about their loved ones in front of you and you, in the process, start missing him bad? It is pretty common for you to suddenly remember the person you are no longer with now while doing any work or talking something relative and you start brooding over him/her and a pall of sadness touches you. I bet you don’t want to live a life like that! So the best way to forget them and their thoughts from invading you is to recall all the bad times that you have had. Start focusing on the fights and disputes which you have had with them, recollect their misbehaviour and ill habits and all those things that make can invoke a sense of hatred toward them. That way, it will be easier to get over them soon. It is like taking a cold shower!


7. Cut off all ties-

cut off ties

Are you planning on to make him a call or leave him a text? Stop right there! Break off all contacts with him. Being in contact even after being ditched and staying friends will not help you get through your misery. If you are one of those who plan on to do a normal friendly chit-chat, then I am afraid your feelings will start seeping in! Just make sure to avoid him and break off all ties even through an electronic media. Delete his number, remove him from Facebook or any other social networking site, burn his pictures and never receive their calls. This will help you forget him soon.


6. Discard things that rings a bell-

Teddy bear lying on back

Oh, that cute teddy bear and that beautiful dress over there!! Just flush them out instantly! Keeping those things which reminds you of him is like placing a thorn inside your shoe. The sooner you get away with those things, the better. It’s difficult to concentrate on your chores while having those things with you which were valuable to you once upon a time since it constantly gives you a reminder of the golden times you shared. Just throw them all out and in the process, you feel that you have thrown that person out of your memory as well.

5. Be positive-

be positive

How about you start thinking and acting in an optimistic way? Grasp the power of positivity. Try to think of the advantages of being no longer with that person. If it was your boyfriend or your girlfriend who ditched you, just enjoy your new found freedom which you could not do in their presence. Stay awake the whole night, grab a pizza anywhere with anyone you want at any time of the day, take a flight to Australia and do all the crazy stuffs!! There would no one you would have to care for or nobody to hesitate before doing something.

4. Make out and move on-

move on make out

A heartbroken and betrayed you, you go over to your friend seeking advice and most likely you will get to hear is, “Check in on someone new!” Now you might find it a little absurd to get over the one who dumped you and see someone new but trust me there are dozens of people who have recuperated from their loss. Build your self-esteem and do not let yourself pull down thinking that you cannot meet any new person again. Seeing someone else would definitely not replace your ex-partner but surely it can bring in some happiness within you and give you ways to think of something new and different even if it is for a single day since it is one of the best ways to counter your self-defeating thoughts.

3. Keep away from specific songs-

keep away from songs

There is a tendency for most of the people to listen to songs which reminds them of that particular person. Just stop it. Do not tune in to those songs that remind you of him and evoke lost feelings all over again. Delete such depressing music and rather fit yourself into something which perhaps is not of your genre. But that should not matter to you until and unless it keeps you at bay from the old memories of him.

2. Distract yourself-

distract urself

You would surely want yourself distracted from the thoughts of him hovering all inside your mind. And the easiest possible ways to do that is by indulging yourself into things of your taste and interest. Just pick out any of your hobby and start getting engrossed. You can, for example, go for a movie, read any intriguing book, switch yourself to gardening or helping your mother in cooking, etc helps you cope up with the old sharp memories which seems to haunt you day in and day out. Just avert your focus into anything constructive and see the positive results!!

1. Hang out with friends-

hang out

What do usually do after getting ditched? Cry alone at a corner of your room being curled up like a ball or shut yourself from the rest of the world? Let me tell you straight, if this is what you are doing then you are like that frog inside a pot of water who wishes to get out of water sitting deep at its bottom doing nothing. Get out of your tomb and start socializing with people. Hang out with your friends frequently, expand your social circle and spend as much time you can with them. Go out for a movie or play out with them. Get your mood right. This way, your mind will not linger back on to your past.

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