Top 10 Ways to Impress your Boss

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If you think losing weight is difficult and quitting on smoking is next to impossible, then try to impress your boss. This is the most difficult thing to do. A boss is the “hardest to please person” on this Earth. He controls the fate of your professional life and therefore being in his good books or at least not being in his bad books is very important. If you are privileged to have a good boss, dealing with your work life is not at all difficult. But in case you get to have a bad boss, trust me you office can become a nightmare. Still, with a little bit of smart work, you can definitely prove your worth in front of your boss. The following are the 10 simplest and most effective way to impress your boss.

10. Come early.


There is nothing more pleasing than dedication for an employer. The best way to please your boss is to let him know that you are always there. Make a note of things like when your boss arrives and when he leaves for the day. Do your best and make sure that you are there at the office before your boss. Greet him every morning, as he enters in. Your boss will start believing that you love your job and are eager to share responsibilities. This will definitely impress him. Next time when he needs to assign important tasks, he will definitely think of you.

9. Read relevant stuff.


We all know how hectic office life is and we don’t have time or energy for some extra work. But if you want to impress your boss and prove your worth then you have to develop a habit of reading. That does not mean you start reading Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. Read relevant things like business news paper, magazines, updates on share market etc. Keep the monthly issues of such magazines at your work desk. To make it more prominent cut out clippings from the newspaper or magazine which is talking something relevant about your field and post it on the company notice board or at least on your desk. This shows your dedication and this will surely impress your boss.

8. Clean work desk.


I mentioned above that it is important to have reading stuff on your work table. But at the same time it is important to know the limit. Do not have too many of this readable on your desk. It will give the impression that you not focused on your assigned work. It is very important that your work table looks organized. Keep the files nicely stacked. Keep a separate corner for the magazines. Have a neat corner for the other stuff. Keep your pens and pencils in one place. You can have those small shelves on your work desk. Keep your desk free of dust and see that there is not much of pending work. Cleanliness is very important.

7. Share information.


In order to impress your boss, you have to make him realize that you know what you are doing. If you know about an upcoming company meeting then familiarize yourself with the main issues that will be highlighted at the meeting. Do your own little research and gather some additional information on those topics. When the meeting is being addressed, volunteer to share what you have gathered. If you know that your boss is working on some project then you also research on it and share some useful piece with him. If you don’t feel like saying that face to face, mail it to him. He will definitely appreciate your effort. Even if he does not utilize your opinion or info, he will surely remember your readiness.

6. Team work.


One of the most important things that drive any business to success is its man power. The working force decides the fate of the industry. Hence unity among them is very crucial. If you are leading a group of people, then make sure you give equal importance to all. Familiarize yourself with their problems and strong points. When you are being praised or awarded for some achievement, make sure that you give your team the credit and share the reward with them. This shows your leadership skills and proves that you can drive the man power in the correct direction. This will surely set a good impression.

5. Meet your deadlines.


No matter in which field you are, certain rules never change. One of the most important rules is that “Time is Money”. Make sure that you never make your boss wait from something. Whenever any work is assigned to you, see that you complete and submit it well before time or at least on time. Make sure that you cross check all the details. Be quick with your work but also be accurate. After you have submitted your work, send a confirmation mail to your superior. This records that you have completed the work and also brings it to your boss’s notice that you did it well before time.

4.  Sense of humor


In order to be noticed and to create an impression a smart sense of humor is very important. Have a cheerful attitude and keep the atmosphere around you cheerful as well. Have a jolly way of approaching things. Whenever you are in a tensed situation, share a little laughter with your subordinates as well as your boss. This positive attitude will surely make you noteworthy. A person with a positive attitude is always considered as a strong candidate in the business world. If you attending any office party, don’t be scared of sharing a few jokes. Just make sure that they are good ones.

3. Have contacts.


A business needs strong links and contacts to survive the hostile trends of the markets. While your company financial advisors are working on it, you also take the initiative. If you know of dealers who can offer services at lower rates then readily share it with your superiors. Let them decide whether they want to go ahead with it or not. If you know some officials and you can bag a discount for your company then talk to your boss about it. Once he realizes that you trying to save the company money, you will become the most important person for him.

2. Correct approach


 Yes, it is advisable that you should share information with your boss, give him suggestions, offer help etc. But in doing so you have to make sure that you are not going overboard. Have a correct tone while talking. Be modest and talk as if you suggesting, never make it sound like your boss does not have any other options. Be humble and follow the policy that “Boss is always correct.” Never interrupt him, wait for him to finish. Before suggesting a change, talk about his positive points. Have a correct approach while trying to impress him.

1. Participate.


 In order to impress your boss you have to first make yourself visible. The best way of doing so is by volunteering. Whenever there is a new activity being planned, go ahead and participate. If the company is organizing any event, volunteer for help. If your boss is looking for some help, readily offer a helping hand. Be always available for the company. If the company needs some over time, then offer to work. The boss will never forget that you give first priority to the company. This will surely impress him.

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