Top 10 Ways to Make your House Theft Proof

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Are you afraid of burglars? It is true that the numbers of thefts are increasing in recent years. No matter how many safety precautions people take, their house still gets robbed.  Robbers are becoming more intelligent and advanced. So it has become more difficult to prevent robberies. As we are moving towards a modernized world and as unemployment has increased, people are choosing the wrong path to survive. They find it easier to rob a house and live their life than earning the money by doing work. If you want to protect all your hard-earned money from such people here are a few steps that may help you.

10. Pick your location carefully.


When it comes to buying a house, you should be careful about the location. Location plays a major role in saving your house from burglars and thefts. Buying a house in a busy locality is a better option than choosing a house in a lonely place. Busy localities are less invaded by the thieves as there are chances of getting caught up by the neighbours. Thieves prefer to rob houses with less people or fewer houses are present. Stats show that localities that are not busy are robbed more.

9. Correct doors are a necessity


If you see the statistics you will find that burglars prefer to enter the house either through the back door or through the front door. Around twenty seven percent of houses that were subjected to robberies were due to weak doors. Keeping the doors latched up while leaving the house is the most important way to protect your house. Not only while leaving the house but also if you are alone in the house it is important to latch up the doors. Get the hollow doors of your houses replaced by either metal doors or strong wood doors. Apart from having a lock in the door knob consider putting a deadbolt lock on the front and back doors of your house.

8. Make it hard to rob


Even if they have spotted your house to be an ideal place to rob you can still make it very hard for the burglars to get inside your house. Thorny shrubs and bushes planted around the house can prevent burglars from getting in. Be sure the bushes are not too thick and tall for the burglars to hide inside them. Remember burglars don’t want to stay for long in the house so make it impossible for them to search your valuables. Get a safe that is hard to break to keep your valuables and you can even get some identifying marks on your valuables so that the thief cannot sell it easily.

7. Create an illusion that someone is always present:


Be sure that you do not make it obvious that no one is at home. As for the burglars the easy and ideal target is a vacant house. It is important that when you leave the house turn down the telephone ringer and keep the lights on. If you are going on a long vacation you can ask someone to clean your mailbox so that thieves could not know that you are not at home. There are timers which help to switch lights on and off at particular intervals of time giving a delusion that someone is at home.

6. Proper locks should be installed:


The most obvious answer to how to protect the house from thefts is installing proper locks. As technology has advanced different types of locks are invented that can make your house more secure. Lock the doors as well as windows to keep your house safe. But some cheap locks can easily be broken and hence proper locks should be bought. More than 27% of the burglaries in the USA were no force robberies i.e. thieves easily got into the house without breaking the locks. Get a deadbolt lock which should be a double cylinder lock which can only be opened from inside the house or using a key.

5. Install door viewers

door viewer

Installing viewers can also prevent your house from getting robbed. Sometimes robbers enter the house faking to be someone else and rob the house even when you are present. They can hurt the people in the house or threaten them to give away their precious belongings. Such robberies are common when only one person is present in the house. Be careful if there is no one else except you in the house. Do not open the door without knowing the other person. Door viewers help you to see the person outside the gate without opening it.

4. Dogs are helpful


The easiest way to prevent the thieves from getting into your house is to have a trained dog. Dogs are not only the most adorable pet but they are good at keeping the house safe. Burglars do not want to create any noise so you do not need a big attack dog but a small dog that can make noise is enough to keep your house from getting robbed. Specially trained dogs that do not allow the strangers from getting inside the house are also available. Trained dogs do not easily get lured by the things a thief can give in order to shush the dog.

3. Lights:


The best time for the thieves to rob your house is at night. Darkness is what they require to carry out their bad deeds. Keep your porch lights and your garage lights always turned on. Motion sensitive lights can also be installed in the veranda so that when someone tries to break in the lights get turned on. Thieves will choose the easiest path to get into your house. If due to his motion some activity will happen he won’t choose to stay there in fear of being caught.

2. Alarms are a must


Installing burglar alarms in the house can protect your house. As already mention a thief will never want to make noise when he is carrying out his task. It keeps your house from getting robbed even when you are busy with your work at home. Motion alarms with sirens can help you to detect any unwanted person trying to enter into your house.

1. Routine check of your house:

check house

Think like a burglar and check all the weak entry points in your house. Make sure to lock all the gates and windows before sleeping. If the doors and windows do not have bars put on they make sure to put bars so that even after breaking the door or the window the burglar can’t get in. Be smart and think smartly if you do not want your house to be robbed.


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