Top 10 Ways to Make Kids Summer Vacations Interesting

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The regular chant that you will hear from your children on vacations is “I am getting bored”. You might be puzzled as what to do to make the vacations interesting and productive. The easiest way is to schedule the day and the coming days before the vacations come. This will give children something to look forward to and be excited that they have something to do all summer. Now the problem arrives as to what should be the schedule to make their vacations interesting. We have mentioned some interesting ways to help your kids learn and be playful all through their vacations. These ways help children to learn things in an entertaining way, so read on.

10. Make meals with them


Cooking is what children are very much fond of. They find occasions to enter into the kitchen and try their cooking talent. So why not teach them something they would love to learn during their vacations. Have fun with your children in the kitchen and teach them some basic and easy things to cook. This may require careful planning and a lot of attention as kids can hurt themselves in the kitchen. Assign your kids different task like blending, chopping and fetching. This not only helps them to learn cooking but also have fun. Play games like who blend first or who chops first so that kids can also enjoy themselves.

9. Gardening


Wondering how to occupy your children for the three months of their vacations? Gardening can be a fun and bonding activity to do with children. Teach your kids to plant a tree. Not only teaching them to plant the tree would be fun but to teach them to take care of their plants will teach them to take care of their things. Teach them to grow vegetables or fruits that grow faster. Do not forget to incorporate the vegetables and fruits after they have grown into your meals to make your children happy.

8. Teach them painting


When it comes to art children just know about painting. Playing with colours and drawing their imagination makes them happy. Painting can occupy your children and teaching them to paint properly will help to develop the painting talent in them. You can teach them the magical paintings with magnet or you can teach them to paint using fingers or blocks. Select the good painting work and get them laminated to hang them on the wall. Appreciating them for their work will encourage them to learn more.

7. Summer camps are helpful

summer camp

A summer camp can give a memorable and joyful experience. Spending time with other children can teach them many things. They not only learn to cooperate with others but also have fun at the same time. Many summer camps teach children sport activities and art work which help them to be good at sports and at art. So search for a good summer camp so that you need not hear again from your children that they are getting bored.

6. Plan a day trip

day trip

Going on a trip once in a week will be rejuvenating not only for your children but it can give you a break from your busy life. You can plan a day trip to a zoo, aquarium, gardens, and farms and even to dairies. Taking them to museums will help them to learn things about the history. Going on a trip with family and kids will help to bond better. Interesting day trips can help will make their vacations enjoyable and entertaining.

5. Watch movies together


On the weekends you can watch movies with your kids. You can either plan a movie at a theatre or change into your pyjamas and watch a movie at home with the entire family. Make tents at home, make some popcorn and enjoy at home watching some interesting movie that your kids prefer to watch. Turn the lights off and tell everyone to be quiet and watch the movie with the children. After the movie end ask your kids what they learnt from the movie.

4. Encourage them to write

kids write

Encouraging them to write a journal or letters to their friends can also keep them busy. Ask them to keep a diary and write what they did daily at the end of the day. It helps the children to keep memories. It will also help them to improve on their writing skills and be in contact with their friends. Though writing letters seem to be outdated but children can find it a fun activity to do. Receiving and writing letters keep them busy and occupied.

3. Reading


Ask your children to visit the library once in a week and get a book of their choice to read during the week. Many library workers also suggest good books for the children to read. Reading helps to enhance their communication skills. They will spend time in the library searching for their favourite book and will also spend time reading the book. You can also read them something interesting to nurture them with new ideas and new words. Set some time for yourself to read too because children learn from their parents. Give them a quiet place to read and let them absorb into the book.

2. Organize a kid’s party once a week


Organize small parties and invite their friends at home. Ask them to help you to organize the party. This will help them to spend time with their friends even when the school is over. You can assemble at different houses every week and take your turn to organize the party. This will keep them engaged.

1. Play games:


There are many games which can not only entertain children but they can also make them learn logical things. Family games like card games can be fun and it can teach the child mathematics and can increase his or her analytic reasoning power. Choose games considering your child’s age. You can play games like hide and seek or arranging blocks to keep children busy. These games are really entertaining and you do not have to pay much attention to your children while they are playing these games.

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