Top 10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last

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Marriage is considered as a ritual in which two people bond together for a lifetime. It is a joyful journey. Stats show that rate of divorce has increased in recent years. Marriages end not because of lack of love but because of lack of friendship, kindness and respect. These are the basic requirements for a successful marriage, but people these days have forgotten them. If you are married to the right person spending your life with your spouse is not a difficult task. Every relationship has its own problems but, a mixture of little patience and dedication can help work through it. Here is some help to make your marriage travel a long distance.

1. Not niceness but kindness will help

Every girl loves compliments

You must have learnt many lessons from your parents and teachers during your childhood which will help you to handle problems in your relationship when you grow old. Some people will suggest you to be nice to make your relationship last. But sometimes niceness can be taken in a wrong way and can trouble your marriage further. Niceness can be taken as weakness and it is sometimes considered to be insincere. As children we tend to be nice to people we don’t like just to avoid problems with them. So don’t be nice, be truly kind to your other half. Kindness helps you to understand the issues in a better way and respond accordingly.

2. Flirt and be sexually generous.

3. Off the record flirtations

Flirting can keep your marriage a fun even when you are old. Flirting is a natural and fun way to keep your marriage lively. If you are married, it is no excuse to be a sexual shirker. If you want your sexual needs to be considered by your partner, you have to pay attention and respect to his/her needs first. If you are not in the mood, communication will help rather than being noisy or ignorant about it. Show your love to your partner and help him/her to understand what makes you happy.

3. Communicate:

communication gap

Not only marriage, but for any other relationship also, communication is the basic need. It is the cornerstone that makes any kind of relationship successful and happy. A marriage can land into problems when the partners do not have anything to talk about. A good conversation can help you to know more about your partner, understand the other side of the story and keep both the partner connected. If you are having troubles in your marriage, instead of keeping quiet it is better to talk and clear the misunderstandings and doubts. Don’t pretend that everything is working fine as this will only lead to failure of your marriage.

4. Spend time together

7. Spend some Quality Time with Beloved ones

It is important to put your partner on the top of the list at least once in a day. It is necessary to show your love towards your partner whenever possible. Most of the marriages fail because people are too busy with their work or with their friends. You should not let your work, friends and even your kids interfere with the time you are supposed to devote to your partner. If both of you keep busy you should still devote time by meeting during lunch hours or by planning a weekend with your partner. All you need is a little commitment and your marriage would last forever.

5. Forgive:


The most important thing in a relationship is forgiveness. As humans we are bound to commit mistakes. Be generous and forgive each other. Clinging on to the past mistakes and keeping the past burden hanging on will just create problems in your marriage. You should be willing to forget things and move on to spend a better and happy life with your partner. Forgiveness helps you to be physically and emotionally fit. Do not waste your energy and time in thinking about the past and rather spend this time in thinking how to make your marriage happier. Don’t use the past mistake of your partner as a weapon in future arguments.

6. Be friends:

make new friends

It is important to be friends with your spouse. Don’t play the game ‘you will get when you will give’. Selfless love is what a true marital friendship is. Friends help you to solve your problems and understand you rather than making your life difficult. Make the life better for your partner because that is what a true friend does. Help your partner with his/her work and listen to his/her problems carefully. Don’t be selfish as it may seem to make your life happier but in actual it erodes the happiness of your life.

7. Compromise


When we say compromise we are not suggesting you to let your partner dominate you and to lose your dignity. Compromise means to give in for your partner’s happiness until it is not harming you in an emotional, mental or physical way.  Some people believe that a healthy relationship is full of compromises while others believe that mutual agreements make your relationship healthy.  No relationship is a perfect one so instead of choosing the route where you think is correct, sometimes you should choose a route your partner think is correct.

8. Give compliments:


There is no one in the world who does not like to be praised. Do not forget to compliment your partner once in a while. You should always find new things that you can compliment your partner on. It not only enhances your partner’s self confidence but assure him/her that you are paying attention. This makes them feel important and loved. Complementing each other also strengthens the bond of friendship between two people. It is rightly said that “sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much”. Sincerely complimenting your partner will make them happy throughout the day and increase the love between you both.

9. Keep arguments respectful


Every marriage will have conflicts and arguments. They are an inevitable part of a relationship. When talking or arguing about a topic it is important not to make personal comments and rather talk about the issue. There are times we get upset and blurt out things which may pinch the other person. So think before you say something which can make your relationship fall into pieces.

10. Say no to negativity:

negative thoughts

Negativity tends to push people apart from each other. It can come in many ways like discontent, criticism or even due to perfectionism. Don’t be critical of your partner and be quick in saying a yes rather than a no. These small things can bring positivity into your marriage and help it to survive.

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