Top 10 Ways to Prepare yourself for an Interview

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It is one of the most dreaded things in the world. People lose their sweat over the slightest thought of it. Some consider it the worst experience of their life. But for others, it is as easy as a breeze. What am I talking about? JOB INTERVIEWS!! Everyone, at some or the other point in the life, has to face the horrors of going for an interview. It is the mere idea of ‘being grilled’ by an interviewer that scares nervous people; And for some, it the fear of losing out on a job due to some terrible mistake. People get super intimidated by the professional interviewers sitting on the other side of the table and end up making some silly errors while speaking. But one should not let such a mishap discourage them. One should go in prepared to one’s best abilities so that they can avoid any errors. An interview these days can also happen over the phone or over Skype. Thus, it is of utmost importance to give special attention to your speaking abilities. If you speak clearly and with confidence, half your work is done there itself. But apart from that, here are 10 ways to prepare yourself for an interview –

10.Anticipate the obvious questions

anticipate obvious questions

What kinds of questions you will be asked during an interview depend largely on what kind of a job you apply for. A person who has applied for a marketing job will not be asked questions about his knowledge of finance/economics etc. A person who has applied for a job in the military will be asked all sorts of tricky questions. So one must learn and anticipate the obvious questions. We can do this by getting in touch with people who have applied for the same job previously at some company and gotten the job, or by researching a bit on the internet.

9.Know your company’s background

know your employer's literature

The last thing you would want to do while appearing for the job interview is look clueless about the company. You must read as much information you can and gather the information from various sources. Be it the internet, magazines, newspapers or people who have worked or are working in the company. You should know the company history so that you can promptly answer the questions. If the interviewer asks about a new project or a development of the company, you must know at least some information so as to answer them correctly.

8.Work out your clothes the night before

work out your formal clothes

An interview is the first formal meeting you have with the officials from a company, so your first impression definitely counts. Work out what clothes you are going to wear the night before the actual interview so that you don’t scavenge through your cupboard in the morning at the last minute. Your attire should be strictly formal and professional. Do not wear flashy, revealing or loud clothes for your first meeting. Restrict the colors of the clothes to warm hues. Dress comfortably. Do not go overboard with your jewelry and make-up as well. Look well-presented.

7.Be punctual

be punctual

It is your interview. Your selection in the company will depend on how good or bad you perform in your interview. If you turn up late here, what chance do you even stand? Why will a company hire a person who doesn’t turn up on time for such an important meeting? A company does not value a person who does not value time. In our fast-paced world, time is everything. Be punctual. Reach at least 20 minutes prior to your given interview time. Make sure you visit the place or the office where your interview is going to take place a day or two before the interview so you don’t end up getting lost and waste time in searching  the place and getting late for the interview.

6.Keep all your documents ready

keep documents ready

If your resume asserts something, you should have a document or some evidence to back it up. You cannot put anything false on your resume. If you do put something false and the interviewer asks for some proof and you don’t have it, it leaves you in a bad spot. Make sure that all your documents are ready and arranged properly. Make sure that you have taken at least 2 photocopies of your certificates, letters of recommendations, etc just in case your employer asks one to keep for the company records. You should also keep 2 copies of your resume.

5.Making an entrance

making an entrance

Your entrance and the first 5 or 10 minutes following the entrance tells a lot about you. This becomes a very crucial stage of the interview. Always knock before entering the cabin where the interview is taking place. After you are inside the cabin, offer a firm handshake and maintain eye-contact. Be polite and wait till your employers ask you to take a seat. Don’t be nervous and sweaty. A nervous demeanor will immediately catch the attention of the employers. Your body language should be confident.

4.Feedback and follow up

follow up and feeback

After your interview, always ask for feedback from your employers. If not immediately, do email them asking about how you could have done better in the interview. Also, send a thank you email in which reinstate your eagerness for the position in the company. Tell them that you are indeed honored that they gave you an opportunity to present yourself at the interview stage. Follow up with an email or a phone call at the office if they do not revert within the time they told you they would. This shows your interest and enthusiasm.

3.Prepare good answers for key questions

prepare answer to key-questions

No matter what job you apply for, some questions are a staple. Know these questions and take time beforehand to sit and prepare an answer for these questions. Some of these questions can be- Why should we hire you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why are you looking for a new job? What do you expect from this job etc. Be clear in your answers and don’t hesitate to ask them to repeat the question if you don’t understand it. Take your time in thinking before answering these important questions. Be precise and don’t beat around the bush. Never ever ever, speak badly about your previous employers as it shows bad manners.



Your attitude towards this interview, the job, and in general your professional life, is extremely important. Be positive and show some enthusiasm but do not go overboard with it. Do not make your salary or your remuneration the focus of your interview. Do not keep asking about when the salary will increase and how much. Show a sense of humor and show them that you can take a joke or two in its right sense. Do not get offensive. But most importantly, take criticism well. Take a pen and paper with you and write down whatever they’re telling you to improve. It will only help you in the future.

1.Speak confidently

speak confidently

It’s no surprise that this point is the number one point to get thoroughly prepared for an interview. Practice speaking as much as you can. Be it in front of mirrors, in front of your friends or family or whatever. Just practice speaking out loud. Build up all your confidence and speak everything truthfully. This will give an impression that you are confident and you are an achiever. Give it your best shot. Appear happy and positive and show enthusiasm in your speech. The employers will always lean towards the selection of those who are more enthusiastic about the job. Try not to fumble as you speak. No not play with the things on the table. Do not fidget. Maintain eye-contact. This will relieve you of the stress and it will show in your speech.

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