Top 10 Ways to Surprise your Mom

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Mothers are truly angels in disguise. All of us love our moms. And why should not we? They are compassionate and benevolent to the extents that no one else can be. They are patient and tolerant when we are going through our rough times. They are strict and firm when they need us to get disciplined. They are compromising and sacrificing when our happiness suffers. But most importantly and likely of all moms, they love their children unconditionally. All mothers are special and it is our responsibility to make them feel so. Surprises have always added brightness to the eyes and smiles of the people who receive them and they will work on your mom too. Whether it’s her birthday, her marriage anniversary, mother’s day or just any other day when your mom deserves that special treatment, you can surprise her with some amazing surprise ideas as listed below:

10. A nice holiday


Many times it may happen that you become too engrossed and engaged in your work to bother about spending time with your mom. This may make your mom feel a bit lonely, especially if she spends the whole day home. All she would want out of you is your time. The best thing would be to take her out on a holiday, to a nice place that suits both your mood and budget. And to surprise her, just wake her up with a cup of morning tea, a refreshing bunch of her favorite flowers and your holiday tickets. You can even place a “Thank you for being such a wonderful mother” note along with the flowers. She will be all surprised and excited. Once she believes that you’re actually going out on a holiday (it may take a bit of time), just help her in packing your stuffs.


9. Write her a letter

letter to mom

Now imagine this. You are in your office, while your mother is at home. The house bell rings up and it is the postman standing at the door with a letter addressed to your mother in his hand. Your mom feels surprised and unusual receiving this letter as it is written by you. Then your letter tells her how special she is and how special she has been for all these years. She might shed a tear or two while reading it – all moms are emotional you see! What next? Your angel will call you up and will express her joy to you. Sounds great, right? So just get hold of a pretty paper, pour out your gratitude and sentiments, pen down your own address in the receiver section and put it in the letter box. This is one of the cheapest, most effective and most reliable idea to surprise your mom.


8. A surprise get-together

get together

Does your mother grumble about not having seen her relatives for quite some time now? Or does she find joy and peace in talking and spending time with her sister/mother/in-laws? Well, if the answer is yes, working out a surprise get-together will be great fun. But you should plan it well. Invite only those people with whom she is comfortable. Inform them that it is meant to be a surprise so that no one spoils the fun. Make proper arrangements when it comes to food, lighting and accommodation without letting your mother know. You may ask a friend or relative to take her out while you make the arrangements back home. Such get-together are great if you want to surprise your mom on some special occasion, like her anniversary or mother’s day.


7. Tell her to buy 5 things with your credit card


Remember, your mom is a woman, and women love to shop. If she has the same attachment with home decor items or personal luxury items like other mothers do, then you may shell out some money to treat her with some surprise shopping. All you need to do is take her to her favorite mall/shopping complex and tell her she can buy any 5 items with your credit card. And yes, tell her you are serious about it. She will be all amazed and will have a great time ahead shopping her favorite items. Just make sure you have a healthy financial condition for the month and you do not repent later while you pay your credit card bill.


6. Decorate your home

decorate home

Every lady’s most prized possession is her house. She manages, cleans and decorates each corner of the house with a purpose in her mind. Her house is just a reflection of her personal tastes. There are times when your mom frowns at you when you litter around the house, when you don’t keep your shelves clean or when you accidentally damage her living room artifact. Surprise her this time by cleaning and decorating the entire house according to her tastes. Clean all corners, get the lighting correct, put fresh flowers in the vase, light some scented candles and put some decorative items in the living room area. You can even surprise her by getting new curtains, paintings, shelves or even by getting a wall textured.


5. Little surprises throughout the day

little surprises

Consider giving your mom little surprises throughout the day rather than planning a big surprise which gets over within minutes. These little surprises can be little favors to your mom which you don’t consider every other day. This surprise idea is great when you want to appreciate your mother on some special day, like mother’s day. Start by getting her a morning bed tea. Place some luxury products in her bathroom. Make her favorite breakfast. Place “thank you mum” sticky notes everywhere around the house. Get her a new scarf. Play her favorite movie in the afternoon. Cook for her, Let her get a day off from cleaning. Click pictures with her. Dedicate a poem to her. Arrange a candle light dinner for her and your dad. It will be a day that your mom will cherish and certainly remember for a long time.


4. Let her get the royal treatment


Your mom truly is the queen of the house. So just let her feel like one on that special day. Take a prior appointment at the spa and delight your mom when she surprisingly lands up in the spa. Make sure she feels royal and luxurious. Let the staff treat her with some exotic oils and scents. She will be relieved of all the stress and will be left rejuvenated. Hire some professionals to give her manicure, pedicure, massage, facial and a total groom up. In the end, you can gift her beautiful outfit so that she keeps feeling pampered for the rest of the day as well.


3. Make a tribute video/movie for her

tribute video

We humans are visual creatures. What we see affects us the most. In today’s world of animation, graphic design, Photoshop, editors, video makers and clippers, a tribute movie is a perfect way to express your thankfulness and appreciation towards your mother. Collect yours and your mum’s old and new pictures (if you have only hard copies, you can scan them), select portions from old video tapes (your parents’ marriage or your birth or even birthday celebrations), add your favorite music, add on text which you want to dedicate to your mom and create a video/movie out of it. You can take professional help and make it an even better one. Then just hug your mom and watch it together with her on your big screen.


2. Customized photo wall designs

custom wall designs

Wallpapers of all textures and patterns have found liking among customers in the past days. Custom wall designs created from photo collages or large sized photos have become very popular. A very unique and interesting surprise idea for your mom would be to get a wall of your house adorned with a photo wallpaper of you and your mom. It is not very costly and is trendy at the same time. You can even opt for a collage if you are doubtful about the quality of an enlarged photo. You can thereafter proudly show it to your mom and it is sure to bring a smile on your mom’s face.


1. Travel down memory lane

memory lanes

Childhood is the most amazing phase of one’s life, even your mother’s. Believe it or not, she still misses the games she played when she was a kid, the school she went to, the teachers she had and of course her friends. There can be no better a surprise than bringing those sweet memories back to her, especially if it’s her birthday. Take her to the town/village she spent her childhood in. You can request the school authorities and let your mom revisit the classrooms, the canteen and the playground of her school. Record messages from your grandmother, grandfather, granduncles, grandaunts, your mom’s teachers and childhood friends and play them in front of your mother. This is definitely a surprise that your mom will never forget in her lifetime.

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