Top 10 Ways to Survive in a Desert

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What would you do if one day all of a sudden your worst nightmare comes to life, and what if that nightmare is being stuck in a desert, under the scorching sun, with limited resources and absolutely no idea about directions and all you can do is pray for some miracle to happen or wish that a superhuman saves you? Though it all sounds unrealistic but it might actually happen. What would you do then? So here are some tips that will help you survive in a desert, in case you get stuck in one.

10. Find a water source


In case you are lost in a big, burning desert the first thing you should do is to search for a water source. Water can be obtained from an oasis, cactus and even moist soil among which an oasis would be the best option. The best way to find an oasis is to search for greenery and if that is hard to do one can always find a highland and look around for any hint. A highland will help increase your view. Do not hallucinate or fall for a mirage. Oasis will not suddenly appear from thin air, it will always be surrounded by green. Cactus is considered a good water source too but it should come as a last option as it can cause diarrhea if consumed on an empty stomach.

 9. Give your body a well deserved rest


Remember you are doing no good in over-exhausting your body. Your body will need rest from time to time. Take a rest; give your body time to make up for the energy it lost. Take a nap even if you think you don’t require one. Do not forget that the sun is your enemy here, draining you of all your energy, so cover yourself up and rest in a shady area. Try to find a suitable place for your rest or else anywhere with some shade will do.

8. Don’t consume all the water you have at once


Utilize whatever little resources you posses with proper strategy. If you think you are thirsty, do not just drain you water-bottle empty, take a sip or two. Analyze the quantity of water you should consume on the basis of how dehydrated you are. Use your resources in such a way that it lasts longer because the water you find in the desert may not be drinkable.

7. Find some shade, avoid the sun!


And if possible, travel at night. As I stated earlier, the sun is our biggest enemy in the desert, so try and avoid any contact with it. Cover yourself up with whatever you have or whatever you can find. Find some shade; boulders, pointed rocks or any such thing will do, and rest. If you are exposed to the sun for a long time, you will lose your energy rapidly and thus the ability to go any farther. Try avoiding travelling at daytime and reserve it mostly for the night-time. But in doing so keep around you, do not let any deadly desert animals (snakes, scorpions, lizards, etc.) surround you!

6. Cover up your mouth

cover mouth

Do not breathe with your mouth open. The more you do that, the more you dehydrate and perspire. Therefore try and concentrate on your breathing techniques while you are walking. Cover up your face or mouth in order to avoid dehydration and survive longer.

5. Be Smart!

be smart

Use whatever you might find along the way. It can be anything, even a small piece of cloth lying around, or a bottle, or even a stick that may seem useless but can prove to be worthy in times of need. Everything that you might have ignored along the way would have been useful at some time, maybe for scaring away poisonous scorpions, or storing water, or maybe even covering your body. Try to look all around you, you will have to save yourself by using your brains and any spare material you find along your way.

4. Try fasting!


Your body can survive much longer without food than you think. Therefore try and eat less because the more you eat the thirstier you become and that is the signal of your water source vanishing, very quickly. Remember your body can survive without food for some days but not without water. Therefore if you are hungry and you have food eat a very small portion to calm your hunger.

3. Stop panicking

stop panicking

You are in a middle of a desert. Panicking and losing your mind won’t help you, it will worsen the case. While you are panicking you will rush to foolish decisions which won’t help you survive and in that rush of decisions you may land yourself into a much bigger trouble. So don’t make any hasty decisions. Stay calm and think. Do not wander off until you have a plan, a well thought plan. You wouldn’t want to waste your energy wandering without any idea or sense of directions, or where you are going.

2. Use the “Hansel and Gretel” method


Yes, leave behind bread crumbs. If you are thinking of finding help than mark the areas you have covered using anything that is available at the time. If by any chance you are in possession of any stationary item, mark the rocks that you pass by. If you don’t, mark the cactus you just passed by, scratch it with the help of a rock or a stick, anything that comes in handy. By doing this you will ensure that you are not getting farther lost in your already lost situation or that you are not wasting your energy by travelling into circles. If you don’t have anything take a very good look around you and keep in mind the objects you just passed by. Make good use of your memory.

1. Have faith


Do not lose hope. Do not stop believing. Whatever you do, whatever happens, your will power will be the greatest strength of yours. No superhuman will actually come flying just to save you. There is no such thing. But your will to survive and to live is the most real thing you will ever experience. Whatever you do, do not let it go. If you think nothing could help you and you are on the verge of losing all hopes, keep your faith in the higher Power. But do not leave everything on fate. After all it is rightly said ‘God helps those who help themselves’. And last of all, always remember, miracles do happen; and you might be just the miracle you need.

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