Top 10 Ways to tackle Teenage Obesity

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Obesity! this is  a major problem nowadays. After conducting a study, the scientists concluded that this problem is common in teenagers nowadays. Major part of people suffering from obesity problem belong to the age group of 15 to 25 years. We can see that this problem most commonly originates in teenage and continues throughout life if not taken proper care. There are various reasons for obesity. The most common reason is over eating and lack of proper exercise to balance the energy consumed. The various other reasons include, Hereditary, getting stressed for minor things, bad eating habits like eating too much of oily food, sweets, chocolates , etc.. which have high fat and carbohydrate content but low proteins and vitamins. So, proper care should be taken and a BALANCED diet should be followed in order to avoid obesity, as we say PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Because obesity is not a single problem, it brings with it major problems which threaten our lives, like heart problems, Joint pains, etc.. which seem to be minor IN TEENAGE but may take away lives . As we know, all the habits we follow get cultivated in our teenage, our teenage influences us a lot. So, even proper food habits and measures to prevent obesity should be designed and followed in teenage itself, to avoid this problem in future. That discipline should be cultivated in the early teens itself to avoid obesity. But teenagers do not know the impact of obesity on them and generally do not follow the tips until and unless we insist upon them and be strict. So, it becomes the duty of the parents to take care of the health of their children and help them stay fit. Some things which parents as well as teenagers should do to avoid obesity  in teenagers are as follows

10.  Eat Breakfast like a king

There is a famous saying, which goes this way.. “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper.” This means that whatever we eat in the morning will add to our energy, so we should have a healthy break-fast. Whereas, for supper we should eat light food which will not contain fat and has only fibre content in it. We can eat lunch which satisfies our hunger and not more than that. Ultimately this means that overeating should be avoided to a great extent and if you want to eat much, and then eat it for breakfast. Because we have an entire day to digest whatever we had for breakfast and we get the required energy to work from breakfast. Also, our body metabolism rate is maintained when we have our breakfast for the correct time. Whereas, our digestive system has limited time to digest supper, so limit your supper.So, parents should see that  fruits, cereals, food which has fibre content are included in their breakfast to get energy which lasts longer and allows them to stay without hunger for a longer time. And , teenagers! Do not skip the breakfast saying you are late for your morning class!! Have sufficient time to eat and then leave for your class. So, keep in mind that you should have something or the other for breakfast, so that your metabolism rate is maintained and you get minimum energy to carry out your work.

9. Don’t get stressed over minor issues

Stress is also a very important factor which causes obesity. Because, when we are stressed we eat a lot. We eat a lot of food which contains fat. This may be called emotional eating. This is how some get relieved when they are stressed out. So, avoid getting stressed for simple issues, as stress paves way to heart troubles even at a tender age. Also, when we are excessively stressed, we do not feel like eating good food which would add to a balanced diet. People just eat a lot of chocolates, a lot of snacks like pizzas, burgers, bakery items etc. And that is all. They do not eat anything other than that. Then how would the cholesterol content decrease or at-least be maintained? There should be some food in our diet which would not allow the effect of high fat food on our body by burning the fat content. So, be cool, have a healthy mind which thinks properly and which allows you to have a proper diet. When your mind is in your control, so will be your body… As a famous quote goes, Healthy mind gives a healthy body. So, being fit and free from obesity has something to do with our mental stress also.There is also another tip that you can follow to relax yourself and be stress free, that is meditate for minutes which are equal to your age, that is if you are 18 years old, meditate for 18 minutes .. See the change in your thoughts which balance your mind and hence your eating habits. It is the duty of the parents to see that these small tips are followed by their teens and also, parents should act like friends once their children enter teens. Only then will their children be able to share their minor problems with them and be stress free and avoid emotional breakouts.

8. Utilize your vacation

You will be given holidays for over two months in summer and one month in winter . Utilise these holidays to learn a new sport like tennis, cricket, basketball, swimming, volley ball and make them your hobbies. This way , even after your vacation ends, you will not stop playing them. This relaxes your muscles and makes you fit. As teenage is the time children grow, playing these games will help in their growth also. Teenage is a crucial stage , so parents should take all the possible care even if they are working to make sure that their children are active. Going to summer camps helps children learn many things and ultimately makes them active

7. Avoid eating late nights

Digestion requires certain minimum time. So, if you eat late at night and sleep as soon as you eat, then what is the point of eating? You eat to gain energy for daily activities. But, to gain energy, the food should get digested. If you sleep as soon as you eat, then how will the food be digested? Metabolism process would slow down when we are in sleep. This means that all the food we eat, just becomes junk if we eat late night. It is better to sleep without eating anything, instead of consuming something and sleeping as soon as we eat. This will add up to our weight. Moreover, people who eat at late nights, generally tend to eat more of junk food, snacks or something really heavy. And, as soon as their appetite is satisfied, they just sleep happily. But have we all forgotten that the primary purpose of consuming food is to gain energy? If we still remember it, then we all must make sure that we eat food at-least 2 hours before we sleep and also that after we eat, we walk for a span of ten minutes and relax our muscles such that the  speed of the digestion process is increased  . So, if you want to sleep at 10, make sure you eat before 8.

6.Check your weight once in a week

Another measure to make sure that we do not get fat is to check our weight regularly, like once in a week. If we keep track of our body , then , we can stay fit. It is better to know and check our weight very often , than to find out suddenly that you have gained weight. When we keep track of our weekly activity, even if we gain weight, we can take immediate measures to cut down some calories and weigh normal. Parents need to keep track of their child’s health as well.It is completely their duty as children are generally lazy and do not worry much about how they look, their health and what they eat. You should also be aware of the concept of body mass index. Because, that plays a major role in determining whether your child is obese or are tending to be obese. For example, the generalized B.M.I for a girl of age 18 should be 24.The other factors taken into account while calculating BMI are height and gender. So, having knowledge about BMI will be beneficial and help you  know whether your teens are obese or not. It will also help in  planning a diet depending on the weight and height of your children. Hence, this is one more way of trying to prevent obesity.

5. Avoid sitting at one place for too long

It is always good to terminate your inertia of staying stuck to a place for hours on some work. Nowadays, teenagers get stuck to studying something or the other and the gadgets have increased this inertia to a greater extent. Students are found playing games on their play-station or studying for hours sitting in the same place without movement. This would restrict the movement of limbs and we start panting the next time, even if we have to run for a short time. So, have some hobbies like playing cricket, dancing, gardening, going on a walk with your pet, etc. which will relax your mind and simultaneously your body. When everything is in our hands, why should we neglect minor things and repent later? Another point is that, staying fit gives people a lot of confidence. We can now understand that obesity has something to do with our thoughts also. If you are fit you think positively and are confident, whereas, if you are obese, ultimately this means that you are lazy. When you are lazy, where is the point of achieving something? Think about it!!

4. Have a diet plan

Here is another way parents can take care of what their teens eat. As it is good to keep track of the calorie intake and the food your children consume, it is better to make them follow a diet meant for them. You may include the food which gives strength and limit the fat content to minimum. This way , having a diet plan will help you in serving what is good for them. To prepare a diet plan, you can consult a nutritionalist periodically and get to know what all to include in their diet. As we have taken so much pain in preparing a diet plan, we feel that we should insist them on following it even when they are away from us. An ideal diet plan should consist of the food which supply our body with all the nutrients, carbohydrates, required amount of fat, vitamins and proteins and has zero trans fat content .Eating 5 times a day and eating small quantity  for 5 times will satisfy our hunger , provide sufficient energy and stop us from running for snacks which containing nothing but fat! So, Parents!, inculcate in them an order in which they should eat and cultivate a discipline of time in them. So that the next time when they feel like eating chocolates or any other snack which is not good for health ,everyday, they will stick to  a diet  which includes eating  5 times a day and which makes their  stomach full .Also make sure that you change their diet plan once in a week , so that they will not get bored of the diet and again start eating junk food.! Always cook something delicious as well as nutritious for your children so that they will not eat junk food outside to satisfy their appetite.!  One more important thing which we all need to do and insist that our children do is to  always refer to the “WHAT IT CONTAINS?” chart available on the cover of food items we eat and get to know what they consume.. This way we can make sure that we are putting our minimum effort to get fit. For example, if you want to eat snickers, then you may refer to the nutrition chart on the chocolate cover,  you get to know if you have consumed excess fat, then you can  go for a walk for 20 minutes or go to play some outdoor game so that  you maintain your health and stay fit.

3. Avoid partying very often

One time when we lose count of what we eat and drink is when we are in a party. So, make sure that you avoid doing that or stop going to parties very often because, consuming alcohol will also add to obesity problem if you do not take proper care. So, as health is our first preference, promise to yourself that you will not party very often and lose track of your fat consumption. If at all you want to party, make sure that you will just dance and sing and have fun, instead of sitting in a corner and eating whatever is available.

2. Consume foods which reduce Cholesterol

Another thing which parents should help in is, serving  something which reduces the fat content as well as the cholesterol content in our body. For example, Green tea, Barley water, Yogurt, Brochelle, etc.. all these are rich in fibre and have zero fat. They will help increase our metabolism rate and reduce the cholesterol content in our body, if we consume them regularly. Just add two cups of green tea and one glass of barley water into your children’s diet plan and serve it to  them  everyday and see the miracles happen. One more advantage is that, these food make sure that they will not feel hungry for a longer time. If consuming these kind of food becomes a routine to your children ,then, they will never be affected by obesity and many other health problems

1.Have a recreational way to burn fat

Yes! the most important tip to be followed is working out regularly. See that you exercise for a span of 30 minutes a day. Do Power yoga, walk for an hour in a park , try skipping, swim for a while, play tennis , do aerobics ,Play games like basketball, cricket etc.. which you like with your friends or try what ever you feel like, but see that you include physical exercise in your daily routine. This will help you stay fit and free from obesity. There are several video clippings of the exercise plans many celebrities follow, grab one and follow the same and see the difference. So, this is how teenagers and adults can see that they stay fit and free from obesity throughout their life. Being free from obesity adds days to our life and rejuvenates our skin . Having healthy habits from our teenage helps us look younger and stay fit. So, never lose a chance of staying fit when everything is in our hands !

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