Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

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If you are in a low mood or stressed out, then it is time for you to think about yourself. An uncaring attitude towards oneself further increases stress and can even lead to depression. Don’t criticize yourself; feel good about what you are. People spend their life without even knowing how to take care of themselves. Instead of keeping busy and ignoring your inner self you should sit and think about what you need. Taking care of oneself not only means outward physical care, but it also means taking care of your emotions. Don’t think you do not deserve to be happy or you do not deserve to spend time on yourself and try these ways to take care of yourself.

1. Take some ‘me time’


With family time, work time, partner time you have to take some ‘me time’. Don’t be a people pleaser and spend all your time in pleasing and helping people. Take some time for pleasing yourself which is a must to live a happy and healthy life. Don’t keep yourself so engrossed into the work that you do not have time to breathe. Do things that make you feel relaxed or doing nothing and just having a cup of tea will be a good idea of spending some time on yourself. When you take out some time for yourself it helps you to be at peace and more energetic. Don’t become so in demand for others that you won’t be able to give time for yourself.

2.  Eat nutritional diet

Top ten most bizarre diets of the world

Top ten most bizarre diets of the world

The types of food we eat affect the total health, including mental and physical health. Nutritional diet is a must for taking good care of the body. It helps to keep the heart healthy, blood pressure in control and brings a glow on your face. Nutritional diet includes the proper balance of food containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats that are healthy for heart, minerals and most importantly water. It won’t take time for you to order the packed food and gulp it down into your stomach, but cooking and eating nutritious food is really a necessity to live a good life.

3. Go to spa or take a relaxing bath


Go to spa to take a good massage and relax your body. Massaging increases the flow of feel good hormones in the body which will help you get relieved from the stress. You can also spend time in the hot shower; pour your favourite bubble soap, light up some candles to feel relaxed.  Be gentle while scrubbing and soaping your body. Giving yourself regular pamper sessions while bathing will make you feel good about yourself.

4. Listen to songs

keep away from songs

If you are gripped by the stress than to relax yourself you should listen to good music. If you love to listen to soothing and calm music which helps you to settle down then turn on the music. If upbeat music makes you high and happy then some rocking music is all you need. Don’t listen to music that you cannot understand and which needs brain to understand it. Listen to music in a language you understand. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, a good music can always keep you relaxed.

5. Visit doctor for regular checkups

Regular check ups

Regular check ups

No matter how busy you are, visiting a doctor for regular checkups is the best you can do for yourself. If you do not pay attention to yourself it is more likely that some health problems can develop which can be very serious. Even when you are not sick, you should visit a doctor yearly for overall examination. Apart from the yearly checkups, you need to get your blood pressure checked regularly, and blood test should be done in two months.

6. Say no to unimportant things

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When you are too busy it becomes difficult to take care of yourself. At this time it is not important to become responsible, nice and caring towards everyone. Say no to unimportant things like a date with your partner, calling your mom or getting the clothes clean. There are times when too much of work is keeping us busy. And it happens that when we are too busy more people scream for you to pay attention to them. Close your ears and just pay attention to yourself. You are allowed to be selfish and you do not have to feel guilty about it.

7. Look pretty

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Maybe your work is keeping you busy which is not giving you time to go for shopping. Studies say that when you wear something pretty and you feel pretty, your stress reduces. If you want to keep yourself busier than keep yourself busy with fashion. Spend some time in the morning to dress up yourself into pretty clothes and feel beautiful the entire day.

8. Exercise regularly


Exercising daily for 10 minutes in the morning can be beneficial for you. Go for jogging in a park, do some stretching exercises and your body will thank you for it. As you know, when you exercise your body will release endorphins, which will keep you energized throughout the day. Doing yoga at home can also be helpful for your body. Even walking briskly after dinner can be a lot helpful after a long tiring day.

9. Get a good sleep


An old technique to feel relaxed is sleeping. Taking a good sleep is important to keep your body calm down and it helps to loosen up. If you want to do your best it is important to follow this old advice. Getting a good sleep is more important when you have been working too hard.

10. Get out into natural surroundings

6. Head out into the arms of Nature

If you are keeping yourself locked up in your house or at the workplace, then you are missing some of the most beautiful things nature has given us. Watching a sunset or a sunrise can be very relaxing. Starting a day doing some stressing work will make all your day filled with stress. Start a day by going for a morning walk, breathe in the natural fresh air and take a look around you and have an amazing day.

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