Top 10 World Brands that India needs

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There is no escaping the fact that we live in a super materialistic world. We want to be up to date with the latest trends with the latest fashions in clothing, shoes, accessories and lifestyle. Life has become comfortable but we pay a big price for it. India used to be a closed economy, meaning that we didn‘t allow foreign retailers and investors into the economy. But with the liberalization of the economy in 1991, we saw a great surge in the number of brands that flooded our local markets. Nike, Adidas, Pepe, United Colors of Benetton and what not brands entered our country to a brand-hungry market. Over the years, more and more brands were seen emerging in the country and yet, the market or audience also grew. Even though a lot of brands sell the same kind of stuff at a very astronomical price, day after day, people go in and buy. But we have reached a saturation point with the same brands and we need some change. There are many brands out there which are not in India yet. These brands have their own style and have carved their own niche in the world of fashion. Here are 10 brands that India needs-

10. Banana Republic


Started in 1978 as a safari and travel themed store, Banana Republic soon grew to become a posh, up-scale store. It was then bought by the multinational corporation Gap Inc. Now the store has expanded and has outlets about 600 outlets all over the world. The store has upped it’s ante and now is a leading seller of high-quality and fashionable clothes for men, women and children. This is the most expensive and on the top of the Gap Inc pyramid with GAP and Old Navy below it. One can compare the fashion of Banana Republic with that of the top Runway brands but without having to shell a lot of money. This would be a good store to open in the high-end mall of the cities.

9. GAP


GAP was founded in 1969 and soon became a multi-national brand. Known for it’s affordability, GAP sells trendy clothes for men, women and children. While GAP sells all clothes- casuals, formals, summer, winter essentials etc, it is world famous for it’s comfortable jackets, pullovers and other winter clothes. These winters clothes were usually made in a boring manner but GAP added a hint of fashion to it and it fast became a number one seller. As it has expanded all over the world, realizing great market potential in India, Gap Inc is planning to open their first store next year in India. It would be a good break from the done to death with brands.

8. Abercrombie & Fitch


Abercrombie & Fitch, better known as A&F is an American brand of clothing. It was started as early as 1892. This brand is extremely famous with college going students. It’s main focus is college-going crowd of the age group of 18 to 22 years. It basically focuses on shirts, t-shirts, shorts and dresses. Although, they also have a section for men, women and children. You will see college going students sporting their t-shirts and shorts with their trademark sign. They have a lot of variety in the the clothes they manufacture. But, the downside is that even though they focus on clothing for college students, the clothes are priced pretty high. But it’s okay to splurge once in a while.

7. Ralph Lauren


This one is for those who like to splurge on their style. No one needs a description for Ralph Lauren. Founded in 1967 by Ralph Lauren himself, it was a brand that mastered in designing polo t-shirts. It is a luxury and a comfort brand and extremely expensive. It makes shirts and pants too and also designs clothes for women and children. And in spite of it’s high price, people flock in to buy the clothes because of it’s quality. It’s more like an investment, buying a Ralph Lauren product, as it will last you for years together. Presently, it also manufactures shoes and accessories.

6. Urban Outfitters


If you’re not the one who opts for mainstream fashion, then Urban Outfitters is your dream come true. A Philadelphia based retail company, it is known for catering the needs of the “hipsters”. It is very trendy, bizarre and kitschy. It doesn’t always come up with designs that are everyone’s cup of tea. It manufactures tees. shirts, dresses, shorts and denims for men and women. Apart from that, it also sells household furniture, bed-sheets, wall art, music records etc. It is very popular with the youth as it is a fresh breath of air from the boring and the monotonous designs of the other brands. It tends to be on the expensive side but quirk always comes with a price.

5. Next


Not all big retailers are from the USA. And we have Next to prove that. Started in 1864 in United Kingdom under another name, Next only designed ladies clothes at first. With the ever so expanding retail market, it’s owners then decided to spread it’s wings. Now, Next is one of the top brands in UK, Ireland and Europe. It then started with the manufacturing of men’s clothing, children’s wear and even home-ware. It’s clothes range from affordable to very expensive so it is a place that everyone can buy at.

4. New Look


New Look is again a British global retailer which has an expertise in clothing for college students. It was started in 1969 in the UK but it now has stores all around the world. It makes uber cool and fashionable clothes for girls and boys. It is up to date with the biggest fashion advances and recreates the Runway fashion in a cheaper and and daily-wear way. It’s clothes are a great buy for daily-wear as well as party wear. It also sells accessories.

3. Aeropostale


If its casual wear and college wear, it has got to be Aeropostale. This brand is very famous with the college going-crowd of India, although is not in India yet. It’s clothes are comfortable, fashionable and very affordable. It’s target audience is between the age of 14 to 17 year old. It makes apparels and accessories. Even if you’re not to keen on their clothes, they have a wide range of shows and bags which are affordable and great. It is a perfect place to go shopping before you leave for your college endeavors.

2. Bershka


One does not need to be told about the chaos the ensues every time we hear the words ‘Zara sale’. The Zara sales are so popular because without sale, the clothes are priced too high. But Bershka is a sister-company of Zara, from the Inditex group which manufactures clothes with Zara’s style but less price. The clothes are of course, trendy and fashionable. They make clothes for girls, boys and kids. If Bershka makes an appearance in India,it’s sure to act as a perennial Zara sale!

1. H&M


it is only recently that India is seeing a wave of all-in-one shops. Shops were you get bags, shoes and jewelry along with clothes. With the success of Forever 21, we can only wait for it’s biggest contender- H&M. Everything fashion is available at H&M and it is super affordable. It has many sub-brands and hence, you have something for everyone- the stylish one, the casual lover, the rocker chick and the geek. It also has a men’s section and kids section. It’s biggest forte is definitely it’s affordability and also variety. You can never have enough of H&M. And we can only wait patiently until we get our first H&M store.

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