Top 10 Worst Animal Attacks

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Animals, be it tamed or domestic, are born wild. You may find them amusing, friendly, domesticating, but they can unexpectedly display their true nature when they are aggressive or scared. Even the experts, who tame them from their early age, have fallen prey to their severe attacks. Here are top 10 shocking instances that will astound you and make your tongues click.

10. Alligator Attack

There have been many alligator attacks on humans. Most of the time, it is the human intervention in their habitat that increases the risk of being attacked. Either they are hungry or aggressive; you are nothing but food to them or may be some intruder. Something similar happened in a Florida river where a 12 year old boy had gone for swimming at night while his friends stayed ashore. When they spotted few alligators, they screamed to him but it turned out to be too late. The boy was dragged under water and thrashed all around for around 20 minutes. All this happened right before his friends’ eyes while they called for help and could do nothing but watch him getting killed. He was rescued by the local police but was declared dead at the hospital.

9. Strangulated to death

A mere two year old girl named Shaiunna, was strangled to death, by an eight-foot pet python at their home.The child was asphyxiated by the python, kept as a pet by the Charles Darnell, who was her mother’s boyfriend. This happened in the early hours of a Florida morning, when Charles went to the girl’s bedroom, when he realized the python was missing from its dwelling. To his surprise, he found the girl, tightly grasped by the snake, with bite marks on her head. He stabbed the python until it released its grip, but the child had succumbed to its injuries until the emergency services arrived. It turned out to be a human fault to keep dangerous pets out of pleasing oneself and then unable to control them when they are big enough.

8. Brutal Dog Attack

Taylor Hubbard, beautiful teenage, who was a finalist in the girl Teen USA pageant was enjoying a post-prom house party when she encountered a husky. The next moment she was lovingly rubbing her hands on his fur when the dog attacked unexpectedly. The dog dug its sharp teeth deep into her skin and started shaking her head like a toy. Was not until one of her friends, who punched the dog; she would have bled to death. She was taken to the hospital and received over 200 stitches. The attack was so intense that it broke her teeth and jaw bone. Nevertheless she recovered but with deep scars on her once spotless face. Though she underwent a treatment, pink marks still appear on face as a reminder of the brutal attack.

7. Pet owner mauled to death

In this strangle incident in California, an owner was attacked by her own pet pit bull. Ironically she was a member of a group that does its best to convince people that pit bulls aren’t really that dangerous. The lady was pregnant at that time. It was her husband who found her lying on floor bruised and unconscious with their dog hovering over her. Police shot the dog dead when it tried to escape from the back garden and only then the officers conducted their investigation. The owner owned two pit bulls, of which only one was responsible for her death, investigators said.

6. The Travis Tragedy

A chimp, which had been a part of a human family, ever since he was three years old, brutally attacked his owner’s friend causing devastating injuries to her arms and legs. Travis, as the chimpanzee was called, was quite accustomed to human environment and behavior. Nasha, the victim was not unknown to him. On February 16, 2009, he injured her to a level where her face deformed beyond the extent of repairing. She underwent seven hours of surgery, by four surgeons. She lost her hands, nose and lips, broke her jaw bone, received brain tissue injuries and even lost her eyesight completely. The chimp was stabbed by the astonished owner and was later shot by the emergency crew.

5. The Killer Whale

Tilikum, a famous killer whale, at Sea World, Orlando, Florida, has killed three humans till date, two of them were his trainers while the third was a visitor. The third incident, made the spectators jump from their seats when he killed Dawn Brancheau, his 40-year-old trainer. The trainer was pulled deep into the water by her ponytail, which authorities claimed got caught in his teeth. The autopsy reports showed drowning and injuries caused to her ribs, jawbone and neck. Tilikum returned to performance a year after the incident but no trainer goes near him and he is being kept alone in the pools.

4. Johannesburg Zoo Tragedy

A lioness killed a 63-year old zoo worker in Johannesburg. Joe was feeding the lioness and cleaning her enclosure during that time. It so occurred that the gates the cage of 11 year old lioness were left open by mistake. Joe endured a fatal attack when lioness bit his throat. His cries and shrills were heard by his colleagues and rushed to his rescue but he was declared dead on arrival to the hospital. This was supposedly caused by a human error as the gates were routinely closed.

3. Grizzly attack

In another incident of horrendous animal attack, Timothy Treadwell, a well known environmentalist, naturalist, bear enthusiast and a documentary film maker was killed and partially eaten, by a grizzly bear in Alaska. It was in October 2003, when the bears are desperately finding their diminishing prey , for their long hibernation. Treadwell and his girlfriend had camped near a salmon stream where grizzlies would often come to feed. When the air taxi pilot had arrived on the camp to pick them, he found nothing but remains of the two beings. Treadwell’s disfigured head, partial spine and a hand, with his wrist watch still on, were spotted a little distance away from the camp and so were his girlfriend’s. The duo had unknowingly recorded an audio their own incident of death, which is filled with screams and cries of the duo, during this horrifying bear attack.

2. Steve and the Stingray

Steve Irwin died a tragic and sudden death in 2006 when he was attacked by a sting-ray. He was an Australian wildlife expert and was known worldwide for the television series of ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. As said by the onlookers, Irwin was filming a stingray for a documentary called Ocean’s deadliest. He decided to take some under water shots and approached it. The fish suddenly turned and pierced his tail right into his chest. Though the crew members rushed him ashore for medical aid, he was pronounced dead on the scene.

1. From the jaws of death

Shark attacks have been doing rounds, on and off across the globe, but the story of this professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, in near death experience, escaping from the shark jaws is truly intriguing. On the morning of October 31, 2003, Hamilton had gone for surfing. She was lying on the surf board with her arm dangling in water, when a tiger shark, came from the depths and severed her arm, though she did not feel much pain. She was rushed to the hospital, in due course she had lost about 60% of her blood. After spending about a week in hospital, she was back to surfing, learning to master the art with only her right arm.

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