Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

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Top 10 Worst Dictators in History

If we look at the history there are so many people who had hunger to rule. A ruler is the one who looks after the welfare his citizen and works for the betterment of the place where he rules. But the dictators are the ones who have used their power in the wrong manner and have acted against the will of the society. Some of the dictators were even ruthless and they were responsible for the mass murder on different occasions. Just to maintain a state of fear among the people, they use the measures which are not at all used in a civilized society. All the dictators which we are going to name here have been involved in spreading terror, killing of innocent people and megalomania. Just to maintain their rule, they fought many wars which in turn affected the social and the economic condition of the country they lived in. Following is an article mentioning top ten worst dictators in history.

10. Augusto Pinochet


Augusto Pinochet was the dictator of Chile. Although it is said that he is person behind the rise of the economy of Chile but the methods that he used, and his actions resulted into unhappiness among the people living in that country. He has been involved in several cases which are related to human right abuses and corruptions. Before becoming the dictator, he was the Commander in Chief of the Chile armed forces. A military coup resulted into his rise and he overthrew Allende who was the president then to overtake the ultimate position. This was the beginning of his reign. Going by the official figure as many as 29000 people lost their life because of his ruthless decisions.

9. Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein is the next dictator here. He is known to most of the people as he was in news for almost a decade before United States hunted him down and gave a life sentence. This man ruled Iraq. He is said to be among the cruellest persons in the whole history who took decisions that were biased and resulted into many human massacres. Every single person who raised voice against him was killed on his orders. Not only this he and his sons were involved in many kidnapping, sexual harassment and rape of several women in Iraq. He was the self-proclaimed king of Iraq. About 2 million people were tortured and finally killed in his reign which ended with the United States capturing him.

8. Pol Pot


Pol Pot was the ruler of Cambodia. He changed the definition of a ruler by becoming one of the bloodiest dictators which the world has seen up till now. He army was called by the name of Khmer Rouge. He came into power in the year 1975. He had the dream of establishing the Maoist rule in the state of Cambodia. He was the great follower of the teachings of Agrarian. After becoming the prime minister of Cambodia in the year 1976, he began to spread terror and used violent reforms. He abolished all the systems that were followed in the country and managed to create an agrarian society. About 2 million people were killed. People finally got relieved when Vietnam invaded Cambodia in the year 1979.

7. Hideki Tojo


Hideki Tojo was the dictator of Japan. He was born and brought up in the city of Hong Kong. During the Second World War, he acts as the General of the Japan army and the prime minister of the state. He was against the United States and because of which Japan had to pay. He was the person responsible for the attack on US Naval Forces who were based in Hawaii. This stared a series of counter attacks between the two countries. He treated people like insects and tortured them unnecessarily. He was finally executed on the decision of a military tribunal in the year 1948.

6. Kim Jong II


Kim Jong II was the dictator of North Korea and he succeeded his father Kim II-sung after his death in the year 1994. His government maintained a secrecy regarding him and his decisions. Unlike many dictators, he abused his own people. He would starve them for days and later kill them by drowning. He also maintained the system of concentration camps where people going against him and his government were kept and tortured. 15 to 20 million people were killed brutally in his tenure as a dictator. He is one of the major reasons for the strained relation between North and South Korea.

5.  Idi Amin


Idi Amin with his brutal ideas and attack on the innocent people is at number fifth position in this list. He played a major role in degrading the standard of the people living in Uganda. Because of him Uganda faced the worst phase in history. He was not at all educated and with the help of some of the rebellions he managed to overthrow the government in the year 1971 and became the ruler of the country. The Prestigious Time magazine gave him the tag of the wild man of Africa. He killed about 500000. He managed to gain economically and built a huge bank balance for his family. When he finally left Uganda, the country was under huge debt and the condition of the people living there was miserable.

4. Bashar al-Assad


Bashar al-Assad belonged to one of the most reputed family in Syria and had all the luxuries in life. Despite of this he was more interested in ruling and terrorizing people with his power. He is said to be a cold hearted tyrant who forced his own people to enter into civil wars because of the circumstances he created among the different sections of the society. With his policies and decision, people suffered. More than twenty thousand people in Syria were left homeless and they finally died because they had nothing to eat and nowhere to stay.

3. Joseph Stalin


Joseph Stalin who spread the concept of socialism in the world is at the number third place. He was the dictator of the USSR and under his rule; 23 million people lost their lives. He was born in the year 1879 in a small village in Russia. He later joined the Bolsheviks and from here his rise in USSR started. He was one of the sole reasons behind the October Revolution. After the death of Lenin, he came into power. His brutal policies in every field lead to many deaths. He introduced the concept of Great Purge in which many innocent people became his victim.

2. Adolf Hitler

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Counted as the cruelest dictator in the history, Adolf Hitler is next in this list. Almost everybody who has a little knowledge about history is aware of his wrong doings. He was born in Austria and was the founder leader of the Nazi Party which ruled over Germany. He started the Second World War which led to countless innocent deaths all over the world. He wanted to rule the world. His prime targets were the Jews, he wanted to finish their existence and so they were tortured in the concentration camps. He committed suicide after Germany lost the war with his family.

1. Mao Zedong


The biggest and the worst dictator in the history is none other than Mao Zedong. He ruled over China for almost a decade and is accountable for about 70 million deaths during his regime. He was born in a small town in China in the year 1893. The system of Maoism followed in China was introduced by this man. He remained the Chairman of China for ten years ranging from 1949 to 1959 and also led the Chinese communist Party from the year 1935 till 1976 when he finally died. His policies had devastating effects on the common man and they suffered the most in his struggle to remain at the top most position in China.

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