Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Temp Workers

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Hiring temporary workers has many benefits and is a great option to solve the problems related to staffing. A company often faces a shortage of staff during certain peak months of work or when its permanent employees are on vacation or medical leave. In any such situation, temporary staffing is the best solution.

Not only employers look for hiring temporary or contractual workers to fill vacancies, but people also finding part-time work and temporary positions as a great option for the first job.

Unlike full-time workers, the temporary workers may not be with your company for a number of years, but this doesn’t mean that they are of little significance for the success of the company. Job seekers, especially fresher with little or no work experience are finding temporary positions as a great opportunity for integration into any company. As an employer, you will need to find the best fit for your company to get the best value out of your temp workers.

The first step in hiring an ideal temp worker is finding a reliable and reputable temporary staffing agency. A temp staffing agency is the best resource for companies to expedite their process of temp staff recruitment. The following six temporary staffing tips will help you in finding the best temps.


1.    Start thinking in advance

Often businesses require additional workforce during any particular season. If your company also needs more employees during a particular period of the year then make sure to plan this in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute if you want to get the best temp workers because chances are that many other companies will also require more employees during this time.

2.    A clear job description

Whether you’re hiring full-time employees or temps, a clear job description is a must. The job market is changing and your old job descriptions may need some revamping to stay up to date. It is essential that the description gives an accurate summary of what the role entails. Remember, your job description is going to attract the best candidates and help them in making a decision about where they want to work and in what capacity. Moreover, it is better to mention overnight shifts or swing shifts.

3.    Tell about your company

Your job posting should also give information about your company so that candidates can better understand where they are applying. Moreover, you should provide additional information about your business to the staffing agency you’re working with. It should include details about your company structured, its operations, and work culture. Such additional details can be used by the temp agency to find the right fit for the role.

4.    Work with the right Staffing Agency

To find an ideal candidate, it is best to seek services of a temp staffing agency. A well-known and reputable staffing agency has a wide network which will help your job posting to reach the best talent. In addition to this, they also offer services like pre-screening candidates, administering tests, and conducting initial interviews to assist you in finding the best temporary workers. However, it is crucial to select the right temp employment agency that has experience placing temp workers in your industry. The best agencies deal with almost all industries and fulfill the needs of companies of different sizes.

5.    Improve your interview method

When you want to hire the best candidate, think about improving your interview process. One of the best ways to screen potential temporary workers is by conducting a two-step interview. This includes a phone or video conferencing interview followed by an in-office interview. In addition to this, you may think of some pre-screening measures which enable employers to look over candidates’ credentials and applications before reading them over and deciding who you should call in for an interview.

6.    Offer training to Temps

Any employee, in the beginning, needs to understand how your company works. The same goes for temp workers who are new to your company. By giving them a little training and some mentorship about your operations they can better understand and adjust to their new workplace.

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