Useful Tips for Dance Students

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If you are new at learning dance and need tips to make sure you do your best in your dance class, keep reading further.


The first and the foremost thing to take care of is ensuring that you show up for your dance class in a proper regulated uniform and appropriate shoes. Check to see that all your dance clothes are neat and clean. Also, do not forget to carry any supplies that you might be required to carry along with you.


Put a label on everything that you own to make sure that it doesn’t get lost or stolen. You can keep your things safe just by putting your name on it with a permanent bold marker.

  • HAIR

For ballet classes, it is well known that a girls’ hair should be made in a nice, tight bun. For boy, if they have long hair, they will be required to wear a headband to pull their hair away from the face.


Wearing jewellery in a dance class is quite inappropriate. The jewellery that you should not wear to your dance class includes watches, anklets, necklaces, rings and earrings that hang below the ears. Even if by chance, you wear any jewellery to your class, make sure that you put it away in your bag or hand it over to your dance teacher.

  • DIET

You can pack a snack for after school and before your dance classes and lessons. However, you should try to avoid sugary snacks as much as you could. You should instead fill up on protein and healthy items which will not only help you to sustain energy but will also help you to concentrate.


Punctuality speaks a lot about a dancer’s etiquettes. A dancer requires a lot of hard work and hours of practice to master their moves. To get into the habit of being punctual, try to arrive 5-10 minutes early in the class. In case you case are planning to take a leave from class/lessons, you should always give a courtesy call to the front desk so they can communicate appropriately with the teacher for convenience. One of the unsaid rule is to always remember to not enter the classroom while music is playing. It distracts other dancers. Wait until you get a break in the music or exercise before entering mid-class. Also, always check in with your teacher before joining a class after it has formally begun. Let them know about why you could not arrive on time for the class.


Do not let tiresome and never-ending practice sessions to make you feel over-stressed. Keep reminding yourself from time to time about why you began taking a dance class in the first place. Enjoy and take your time in learning the moves. Do not hesitate in approaching your teacher in case you face any difficulties. And most importantly, do not let the opinion of others hold you back. Remember that you joined a dance class because of your passion for learning dance and not for them.


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